Free-Roam, Multiplayer, Epic scale Virtual Reality (2024)


100+ Venues · 4 Million players


Brace yourself for a mind-bending VR experience and get ready to awaken what's within.

play together

Enjoy the world's most advanced VR experience for 2-8 players.

Freedom to explore

Move around the largest VR arena in Amsterdam.


Experience lifelike adventures in our groundbreaking VR worlds


What to expect

One moment you’re living in your world, the next you’re lost in ours. You know you’re just visiting, but your mind is convinced otherwise. Your heart is pounding, the adrenaline is flowing, you try to remind yourself that these worlds aren’t real… but the feelings definitely are. One moment is all it takes to be consumed in a VR experience that will blow your mind forever.

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zero lateny vr amsterdam


watch others play

Grab a drink, kick back, and revel in the hilarious spectacle as you watch others dive into the virtual world. Entertainment guaranteed! 🍹🎮

Free-Roam, Multiplayer, Epic scale Virtual Reality (2)

Free-Roam, Multiplayer, Epic scale Virtual Reality (3)



Embark on your VR adventure fully equipped with a comprehensive briefing on the game and VR gear. We ensure you’re well-prepared to step into our captivating VR world. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of excitement! 🌐🎮



Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Zero Latency VR Amsterdam, where action takes center stage.

This is an active experience so please make sure you wear comfortable clothes. It will have the feel of a workout! 😅👟

Free-Roam, Multiplayer, Epic scale Virtual Reality (4)

This surreal multiple player experience is the world's most advanced, free-roaming VR experience in Amsterdam.


If you've ever wondered how you'd act in a real-life zombie apocalypse, Zero Latency will let you (happily or unhappily) find out.

- Mashable

Zero Latency is the best, most captivating, immersive and present virtual reality experience that I have ever tried.

- Gizmodo

I’m a mom of 3 who has no interest in playing computer games not knowing what the abbreviation VR stood for. All this being said my ‘Zombie Outbreak’ VR experience was AMAZING!

- Jenny K

It's the best virtual reality experience I have ever had. And I have tried them all


Epic and unique virtual reality experience and personally the best freetime activity in Amsterdam!

- Tom (Google review)

I've done this twice now, it's epic. F*king awesome really! Worth every dollar

- Kristoffer T.

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free-roam vr

immersive vr experience

Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. Explore huge virtual worlds and travel up to 3 km thanks to free-roaming and clever designs. You will be literally inside the game, wandering freely together with your friends. This is now your only real world.


  • Zero Latency VR Amsterdam
    Meeuwenlaan 122
    1021 JN Amsterdam
  • 085 822 3579 (option 2)


  • Public Transport
    Zero Latency VR Amsterdam is conveniently reachable via public transport. You can opt for Metro 51 heading to Noord and disembark at Noorderpark, which is a mere 5-minute stroll away.
  • Bike
    Zero Latency VR Amsterdam is bike-friendly, with ample space available for bike parking right in front of our venue.
  • Car
    For those arriving by car, there's is a parking lot directly in front of our location. Please note that parking is not free of charge (€1.60 per hour).


Zombies, Sabotage. A stolen cure. Do you have what it takes to outwit and outlast hordes of zombies as you fight for survival? .



Fight to the death against killer robots as you explore narrow corridors, treacherous lifts and zero-gravity environments. You will need to work together with your squad to get out alive and find the answers you’re looking for.



Form your crew and prepare for blistering, team-based combat across 3 diverse maps, complete with unique objectives. The ultimate competitive virtual reality experience for up to 8 players.



While on holiday your group is captured and imprisoned by Vaas, and his small army of henchmen. Fight your way across Rook Islands’ vast environments. Come face-to-face with Vaas as you and your group dive deeper and deeper into the jungle. You’re about to discover the definition of insanity.



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The vr experience in amsterdam

Boek nu!


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Free-Roam, Multiplayer, Epic scale Virtual Reality (2024)


What is free roam virtual reality? ›

With a free roaming VR, players can move freely wherever they want within a big open room and you can truly immerse yourself in the experience. This allows you and your friends to dive right into the game and feel like you're sharing an adventure.

What does room scale virtual reality VR allow? ›

In room-scale VR, users can physically walk within a specified physical area and make real-world motions while experiencing the virtual environment. In seated 360-degree VR, users are surrounded by animations, videos, games or slides on all sides.

Does virtual reality have multiplayer? ›

Unlike single-player games, once you put on your VR headset to enjoy a multiplayer experience, you will find yourself communicating, competing, and cooperating with people beyond the confines of your living room. Do you really need VR to have a social gaming experience? Yes, you do!

What is the difference between virtual reality and virtual world? ›

Virtual world is a persistent and open virtual place that connects users to their 3D virtual environments, solutions, and experiences. Meanwhile, virtual reality is a technology that allows you to create three-dimensional virtual environments with customized features.

What is free roam mode? ›

free roam (plural free roams) (video games) A game mode where players can explore the game environment at will, rather than following a fixed story line. The right to move without restrictions throughout a specific locale.

Who should not use virtual reality? ›

If you are pregnant, elderly, have vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffer from a heart condition or other serious medical condition, we strongly recommend seeing a doctor before using the VR headset.

How does room scale mode of virtual reality work? ›

Using 360 degree tracking equipment such as infrared sensors, the VR system monitors the user's movement in all directions, and translates this into the virtual world in real-time. This allows the player to perform tasks, such as walking across a room and picking up a key from a table, using natural movements.

Can two people play virtual reality together? ›

In order to watch VR together you need a device that allows for 360 video playback. This is not difficult, any smartphone or tablet will suffice. However, a flat touchscreen does not display 3D video, and looking around is far from immersive.

Can VR and non VR players play together? ›

Cross-Platform Support Across Oculus, Steam And More

No matter if you're on Quest, Steam, Rift - or even non-VR PC (Demeo) or mobile (Acron), you can enjoy friendly collaborative or competitive matches with players everywhere.

Can someone watch you play VR? ›

How to cast your Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 to any screen. It's VR game night, and you only have one headset. Spare your friends from having to watch you play Resident Evil® solo. Instead, include them in the action by casting your Oculus® (now known as the Meta Quest) to your TV.

What is free roaming? ›

When you travel outside your home country to another EU country, you don't have to pay any additional charges to use your mobile phone. This is known as "roaming" or "roam like at home".

What does free roaming mean game? ›

A game mode where players can explore the game environment at will , rather than following a fixed story line. Wiktionary. The right to move without restrictions throughout a specific locale.

What is free roam in video games? ›

Games with open or free-roaming worlds typically lack level structures like walls and locked doors, or the invisible walls in more open areas that prevent the player from venturing beyond them; only at the bounds of an open-world game will players be limited by geographic features like vast oceans or impassable ...


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