Haikuu x reader: Options - CleverNeko (2024)

Chapter 1

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A notification sounded on your phone, interrupting the silence around you as you pondered on how to start the day. Living alone isn't all its cracked up to be... Walking from the living room to where you left your phone on the kitchen counter, you picked it up and read the following message from your two friends.

'Hello, did you get the email yet? Yachi is too nervous to type.'

'I haven't checked, i'm afraid I won't get in for some reason >~<'

'That's what she's been saying, at least do it for her, she's been holding her head and pacing for the last twenty minutes.'

'Fine, give me time.'

'Hope to see you there Y/n.'

Switching from the group chat to your email, you held your breath as it loaded, you didn't really sort through it that often so it had to load quite a lot. Several colleges of a higher caliber had given you offers, which you denied, academically you were gifted, socially not so much. This mattered when trying to pick a college, the more prestigious the prissier the people. You had only met Yachi and Kiyoko because your number was added to a group text on accident since your number is similar to Yachi's, even if it was an accident you got along with them, which is even odder since they're ladies. The email you were waiting for pulled up, taking a screenshot you sent it to them, not reading it yet.

'Attachment sent: I didn't read it, tell me.'

'You got accepted, really you shouldn't have been worried, it's a rather public college with many students.'

'If it's so basic why are you joining then?'

'Many of my highschool friends will be there, you should meet them.'

'I agree, they're really nice when you get to know them! Well most of them.'

'Male or female?'

'Male unless they've decided otherwise.'

'A bunch of guys, just the way you like it!'

'That sounded so wrong Yachi...'

'I see that now... I'm going to get offline now...'

'Shygal is offline'

'Did you have to point that out...?'

'Yeah, I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't~'

'You're rather close to the campus right?'


'Lucky, we have to take the bus or train, it's not much of a ride but still.'


'Anyway I have to go now, Yachi is still having an existential crisis.'

'Tell her to calm down, it's not as bad as the first time she met me~'

'Goddess is offline'

Setting the phone down you got dressed, your apparel could be considered lazy or overly casual but it's not cutesy or skimpy, elegance is rather costly and gives off the wrong impression of your personality. You're not elegant, you deny that you're cute even though you are five foot two inches, and skimpy isn't an option because you give a damn! Having hyped yourself up, it was time to throw on your loose jacket, plain tee-shirt, and semi-ripped jeans. Your sneakers were athletic and the only part of your outfit that costed anything in excess. They're not top of the line but they are expensive and effective in helping you run and jump a little faster. By running and jumping you mean away from people you bothered a little more than you should've. Needless to say you've taken a few self defense classes since then... Now that you were dressed you tied your hair up in a bun and pulled a beanie over it, you're not trans, nor did you identify as a male but if you let your hair down wearing these clothes then you'd get a million questions. Leaving people in the dark about your gender, at least while in public, spared you. If anyone you didn't like asked you'd act offended, if you didn't know them but liked their vibe then you'd tell them. Once you knew them you'd explain why. Besides your features were feminine, you had breasts but your loose fitting clothing hid them well. Heading towards a local cafe, you stopped to pet a stray cat it hung around your house quite often and knew to avoid the street. You'd keep it in the house but were worried it would get too lonely so you let it remain outside. Today the cat you assumed was female was extra clingy, hoisting her up on your shoulder you kept walking.


Luckily there wasn't a line, walking in you gave your usual order.

"A hot chocolate and a slice of red velvet to go, please~" Since it wouldn't take long you remained standing, not that there was anyone else coming in, it's a weekday a lot slower than the weekend. The lady behind the counter brought your items.

"I'll let the cat stay since you're leaving soon but please refrain from bring it back, it could irritate someone's allergies." The woman said this in a cheerful tone, not wanting to come across as rude or demanding

"I understand, she's been clingy today is all. Sorry for the bother."

"It's alright. Um- By the way, you've been coming for awhile now and i've always been curious. Are you a guy or a lady? If it's too personal I apologize!"

"I am a female, but don't get along with most other females so I normally hang out with guys or no one at all... It's complicated." Taking your beanie off you revealed the neat hair bun underneath before putting it back on. As well as fitting your shirt a little to reveal C cup boobs.

"A-Ah, I see! Sorry if I offended you at all!"

"It's okay, i've been through worse critiques~ Don't worry about it."

"Okay, have a nice day." She's still flustered about it, in a weird way it was a pleasant reaction, not disgust or unwarranted criticism, just an honest shocked reaction. Returning to your house you set the cat down on the back porch, getting her food from the nearby food bin and feeding her. Going in through the back door you hoped she'd lose your trail. Taking a moment you ate the red velvet cake, heading back out soon after, since you'd be attending the college in a day or two, it should be fine to tour the place.


It's a huge building, there are beautiful trees and flower beds to the distant sides, people prefer this place over the fancier ones given its relaxed atmosphere and less stuck up staff & students. It's name might not get you into a head honcho company but you didn't plan on becoming something like that anyway. You're here to become a therapist, or psychologist, not the main classes people attend here since they have a large sports program, another course you're taking is sports medicine. Should be simple enough since you studied normal medicine on your own while still in highschool. A problem you do have with a building this size is directions... Really you could get lost in a hallway. A man with odd hair seemed to realize this.

"Are you new here?" His tone felt light and airy, kind.

"Sort of, i'll be starting in a few days and wanted to look around. What is your name?"

"Koganegawa, and you are?" That's too many syllables!

"Y/n." Your voice was a little deeper for a ladies voice but not entirely impossible to be a guys either, adding another layer of confusion~

"Well where are you trying to go? I'm headed to the gym if you wanna come."

"Guess i'll go with you then, what's your main reason for attending?" You feel the need to be formal with people until you get to know them better, it's polite.

"Volleyball, a lot of people I knew from highschool are here too."

"This might be a stupid question but are they tall...?" He glanced over at you, to be specific, glanced down at you.

"Monstrously tall, even a few of the shorter guys grew a few inches, I think the minimum height out of all of us is five foot six inches."

"Great..." The thought alone might give you a crick in the neck.

"Don't sweat it little dude, they're all pretty chill guys." He put his hand on your head, not expecting to touch a hair bun underneath the hat.

"Eh? What is that?"

"Hehe, my hair. What else would it be?"

"I dunno, a bomb or a weird growth?" He's not the sharpest knife in the crayon box is he?

"Well sorry to disappoint you, but it's my hair." Continuing your trek to the gym you stepped into the other half of the building, seemingly an entire half of the massive place was dedicated to sports.

"Welp, here it is. Some of the guys are practicing right now, but if you wanna watch it's fine. Ever played before?"

"Yeah, I was decent but there's a different problem... I kept accidently hitting people with the ball, even if I barely touched it someone would get hit."

"Like a curse?"

"Yep." A tall and broad man with his hair tied back in a small bun heard you two.

"A c-curse? Don't speak of things like that so lightly!"

"Calm down Asahi it's a sports curse not a real one." There's a difference?

"A curse is a curse, now shoo, no curses around here." He walked over, towering over you but at the same time the fact he was terrified made any fear dissolve rather quick.

"Chill, I said they could stay, and it's only if they touch the ball right?"


"So keep the ball away from them and we'll be fine."

"Asahi, you switching in or what?!" A shorter man, thank gosh, with white spiked hair came up to him. The slam of volley balls on the ground soon became white noise, at first you were flinching with each harsh sound.

"Oh, who is this Gawa?" You smiled at the nickname.

"Newbie to the place, not really interested in playing but I figured they could stick around until they got their sense of direction. I gotta go do something now Y/n so stick with Hoshiumi for now if you wanna."

"I know we just met, but can you stick around here more often, or at least when i'm here?"

"Why?" Did he know you were a lady, or does he already like you?

"I won't be the shortest one anymore~"

"-Sigh- Sure, if it makes you happy or more confident then why not." Showing him a bright smile you think it finally clicked in his mind.

"You're a girl aren't you?"

"Yup, is that a problem?" He looks like he's having a mental crisis now.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just, processing."

"Do you think it's safe to let my hair down around here? Is anyone going to judge the way I dress?" Since he talked about his insecurity with his height it would only make sense to discuss your style choices.

"I mean, they'd probably like to know you're a female ahead of time or they might get rough with you."

"I don't really mind as long as it's not inappropriate."

"Well, you won't know if you don't try. I'm going to go find Gawa and have a mental lapse."

"Have fun with that." Pulling the beanie off and letting your hair down, you quickly put it back on as it completed the look hiding your mid-back length hair or not. Sitting on the bleachers you observed the players forms, watching how they landed and if they pushed their arm muscles too much, sticking around here would be good for your sports medicine studies. If more of them have emotional issues then it fits with psychology as well. While watching closely you failed to notice something rather important, you weren't the only person in the bleachers.

"Who are-?"

"Ahh-!" The unknown person covered your mouth before you could scream any louder.

"So noisy... I just woke up you know. You look new, try not to assume the seats are always empty, either me Suna or one of the other guys might be taking a nap. Try not to scream next time." How can he sleep in these stands?! They're harder than the floor!

"Oi! Akira! What are you doing?!" The hold on your face got tighter, not too painful but not comfortable by any means.

"What? The new guy got scared and yelled so I stopped him. He's got hair longer than Asahi's."

"Wake up before you go putting your hands on people! Let go of-" Glancing to the side you could make out that this mystery person had black hair.

"No, I don't think I will~ You have a thing for this newbie?" His chest is against your back now! It's hard to tell if your face is hot from his hand or the amount in which you're blushing.

"Oh my gosh! Gawa!" It only took a few minutes for Koganegawa to show up but in that time, the once sleeping man rested his head on yours, adjusting the grip and position of his hand at random.

Hoshiumi's POV

I don't want to be the one to expose Y/n, not that it's a secret but i'd feel better if it wasn't me that has to yell at Akira. When I told Koganegawa he immediately started to panic like I did, worried that him touching her head made him seem weird, then you got this guy, half asleep, borderline assaulting her! If I try to pry him off she could get hurt, Gawa is a bulldozer in terms of strength.

"Kunimi! That's not a dude!" He finally put his damn tongue in his own mouth!

"Eh?" He blinked a few times, unhanding Y/n, she's a blushing mess...

"I think she passed out... So much for first impressions Kunimi! She's going to think we're all creeps now!"

"Gawa, calm down! She told me she's used to guys roughhousing with her, but she doesn't know any of us and it probably spooked her to the point she's like this."

"Don't blame me for not knowing she's... A she! I just woke up and tried to ask her a question, she screamed and here we are!"

"Could you guys keep it down?" We collectively flinched.

"Hiroo, I forgot you were here too."

"Now do you see how she could have gotten scared?"

"-Sigh- I get it, I f*cked up."

"What happened over here? Isn't that the guy that said he was cursed?!"

"Not now Asahi- Actually you get scared a lot how long does it take you to wake up if you faint?" I've seen him get scared a bunch of times but to be honest i'm not sure if i've seen him faint in person.

"Uh- Anywhere from five minutes to an hour... Why did he faint?"

"That's a 'she' and because Akira scared them, then got too touchy, she fainted." He looked towards him judgmentally, deserved.

"Someone go ask Suga what to do if someone passes out."

"No way! You do it!"

"Akira is the one who caused this, so he can go get Suga."

"Get me for what?" How the hell does he do that?!


"Don't faint on us too!"

While Asahi sat down, we explained the situation to Suga who grew more and more quiet as we spoke. He's about to snap and we haven't even told him the worst part...

"Well you need to prop his feet up, and take off his jacket so he'll cool down faster since you said he looked flush." Gawa picked her up her legs... Way too high.

"Not that high! Okay, now for the jacket-" Now that she's on her back there's a problem.

"Akira Kunimi... It was bad enough when I thought you were hazing a new player. Now you mean to tell me, you couldn't tell that she's a woman?!"

"She looked different with the jacket on! Where did her hat go?!" Good question.

"Hiroo! That isn't yours!"


"How can he sleep when we're shouting and panicking right next to him?" He's lying there like he's in a coffin, except his arms are straight up.

"Well he is using the beanie to cover his eyes, that probably helps. Worry about that later though, is the little dudette alright?!"

"She's fine, you however-" He pointed to Akira.

"-Are not going to be, so I suggest you start running laps!" Even though we're in college, high-school punishments still apply, only if we're all in agreement.

"Don't even question it, get going." Not having the energy to complain he left towards the track.

"Hoshiumi, Kogane, you both know, actually what's her name?"


"You both know Y/n the best, even if it's by a few minutes so take them to the medical room nearby while I discuss the situation with Daichi and the others." As I said, high-school positions carried over, the former captains still have more say so.

Meanwhile with Kiyoko (Kiyoko's POV)

My phone went off, maybe Y/n has questions, or Yachi is still embarrassed about earlier.

'Hey Kiyoko, didn't you say your friend would be attending our Uni soon?'

It's Daichi.

'Yeah, is she there?'

'Yes. I suggest you come pick them up.'

'Did she make someone angry?'

'What? No, is that something we'll have to worry about?'

'Possibly, why do I need to get her then? She lives nearby.'

'Kunimi scared her and got a little too close, thinking she's a guy, and she passed out.'

'That's a first, probably since she doesn't know anyone. It's fine, not the first time someone made assumptions. She won't blame him, but depending on how close we're talking then she might be a bit distant for awhile.'


'On my way.'

Getting my bag I sighed, I understand why she does this but she needs to be more careful around new guys... I did vouch for them though, guess me coming to get her is a way of making it up to her. It wouldn't hurt to buy her some dinner later either, she doesn't hold grudges but she can get a little down and out.

Hoshiumi's POV

"Would you calm down. Treating Y/n differently now that you know she's a girl is going to make her upset." Since we laid her down he's been pacing through the room.

"She's not just a girl though, dude! She's pretty... What if she starts avoiding all of us now?!"

"I doubt she'd shun all of us for Akira's mistake, plus she seems to be the laid back type, i'm sure once we get to know her it'll smooth out." Y/n is attractive but neither of us should be thinking about that right now!

"Hey, is there any spare cleaning products in there, Kiyoomi is freaking out."

"The cupboards are locked and the med kit doesn't have a lot of rubbing alcohol in it."

"Sakusa knows medical stuff right?"

"I mean, yeah, why?"

"Y/n passed out and hasn't woken up yet, so Gawa is also freaking out right now." Peeking into the room Sakusa's dark eyes darted from me to Gawa to Y/n, then back to Gawa. He murmered something to Komori.

"He says he'll help if you get out Kogane, as far you guys know she's not sick right?"

"It's complicated and i'm tired of explaining but no she's not sick. I think she might have sanitizer in her jacket actually, Suga found it when looking for an ID."

"No wonder Kogane's so worried you guys are treating this like a murder..."

"Not helping Komori!"


Sakusa's POV

I'll buy her a replacement bottle, I needed it. Bobata nearly ran into me and I stopped him with my hands, i'm not touching my bag with dirty hands. Before I started checking her I had to have Motoya help me disinfect.

"Alright, you said she just fainted?"

"Akira put his hand over her mouth because she screamed when he popped up out of nowhere, since he thought she was a guy he got closer to her then she passed out when he let go." Idiot, jacket or not he should be able to tell from her features and overall stature.

"Her pulse is steady, her breathing is fine, there's nothing here to check blood pressure or blood sugar so we'll have to hope that those are alright too. It probably a mix of her getting nervous and not being able to breathe properly. How hard was he holding onto her?"

"I don't know, you have to remember he thought she was guy so however hard he'd hold a guy I guess?"

"I ask because the side of her face has slight bruising..."

Hoshiumi's POV

Sakusa's normally intimidating on his own, but as he said that a whole new sense of dread came out of him, considering Y/n saved him from his crisis, awake or not, he may be protective of her now.

"Don't do anything drastic, I don't like the vibe you're putting out. If she wakes up you'll scare her and we'll be back to square one."

"Fine. Is someone coming to pick her up? A roommate or parent?" She didn't even get to talk long enough to tell us about herself, if she has a strict dad we're screwed.

"I think Daichi and Suga got ahold of someone not sure if they're here or not, i'll go check, stop being so damn menacing!"


Suga is talking to a dark haired woman with glasses.

"Are you here for Y/n?" She turned to face me... Even she's a couple inches taller than I am...

"Yes, can you take me to her?"

"Yep, follow me before Tanaka and Noya finally show up." They still freak out when they see Kiyoko, not sure if it's creepy or a sign of true dedication.

"Just to warn you she's with Sakusa since he happened to come by and he's the closest thing to a real doctor we have."

"I've been around him before, he seems to tolerate my presence, so why the warning?"

"I dunno, he seems to be upset over what happened, do they know each other?"

"No, i'm certain they don't. Maybe since she's so small he's extra protective~" Now I know why I get along with Y/n, we both get teased because of our height. Noya and Hinata are roughly the same height as I am now. Slowly opening the door I saw him in the same position I left him in, standing like a statue and staring with an intense look in his eyes.

"I said to stop being scary!"

"He's right, you are being more protective~"

"Kiyoko, i've not seen you around lately, this is your friend?"

"Yep, how long has she been passed out?"

"Roughly thirty to fourty-five minutes. Asahi said when he's fainted from fear it can take up to an hour, if he's right it shouldn't be long before she wakes up."

"She didn't hit her head did she?"


"Why are you saying it like that Hoshiumi?" The room feels colder while he's in this scary mood!

"She kinda fell back onto Akira, since he was holding her so close..."

"-Sigh- I've warned her about this sort of thing, she said the guys at her high-school did similar things but she knew them for a long time."

"Why does she hang around males so often?"

"That's not for me to answer, and aside from that I believe she's awake and faking it~"

Back to your POV

Hearing a familiar voice you awoke, not opening your eyes more than a sliver as they continued their discussion for a moment. Until you were outted.

"In their defense it wasn't as intimate, did you bring Yachi?" Hiding your face on the mattress, you refused to face anyone.

"No, I probably should've if I had known you'd be this shy~"

"You just got here and you're teasing me?!"

"Well you deserve it for being reckless, what if it was one of the stronger guys!?"

"I've been punched before, that i'm used to!" You've had countless bruises from playful jabs from friends that didn't know their own strength.

"No offense but I don't think you could take a punch from our stronger players..."

"That's not the point, where is Kunimi?" The deeper voice caught you off guard, you had heard it while half asleep but now that it's clear the pitch is threatening.

"Um- Who-?"

"I told you, you would freak her out! This is Sakusa, our makeshift doctor and a total germaphobe that may or may not have used your sanitizer before making sure you were okay."

"How tall is he because I may or may not panic, I haven't been around this many tall people in awhile!"

"She's like Yachi in this department, at least at first, but Yachi is actually a couple inches taller than her now~"


"Okay, i'll stop and yes he's tall. Get used to it, besides I want to know what Kunimi did to you specifically so I can tell Suga, Daichi and the other captains how harshly to punish him."

"It's technically my fault..."

"Even if you were a guy that would be unacceptable." Sitting up and taking a peak you could feel yourself go a shade paler looking up the tall dark haired man with a medical mask on.

"I think he's the most intimidating classmate I have so if you're okay around him you'll be fine around the rest. Personality wise he's quite tame, but if we expose you to the twins and you can handle them, then you can handle everyone else."


"That can be another day, Sakusa come with me to bring some of the captains here." He looked at you again, his aggression isn't towards you rather the situation you're in. He left with Hoshiumi without another word.

"I thought you'd be comfortable around these guys but I guess I made too quick of an assumption. Sorry."

"It's no ones fault, don't apologize... Where's my beanie?"

"Maybe one of the guys has it? I'll ask once they're in here. So i've noticed something interesting, you're not entirely afraid of these guys are you~?"

"Can you stop scheming for a minute! I know you've been trying to set me up with someone since you first met me, slow down." Your voice ended in a higher pitched whine, she and Yachi are sneakier than anyone would suspect.

"Okay, i'll stop for now, I mean it. Come to think of it I should've specified which former captains to bring, a few of them are-"

"Sakusa, you didn't tell us she'd be a cutie~"

"Not now Kuroo."

"I agree, this could be a serious matter."

"Maybe we should stop Oikawa from-" Just then another guy came in and got way too close, way too fast, at least the bed head guy kept a distance while calling you c-cute.

"Trashykawa, give her space I don't think she's a fan of yours!"

"How can you be so sure~? Maybe she's too awestruck to say anything~" Is he always like this?

"You haven't shut up yet. I don't like talking over people, especially if I don't know them." He visibly deflated, ego damaged with one sentence.

"Not every woman is going to be a fan of yours."

"How about you introduce yourselves to Y/n before she ends up fainting again." The room is way too crowded now, not to mention they keep staring!

"-Sigh- You idiots still haven't changed since high-school. Anyways i'm Dachi Sawamura." He elbowed the guy next to him.

"Oww! T-Tetsuro Kuroo." The black haired guy who called you cute, and kept smirking.

"Shinsuke Kita." A mix of black and white hair, hazel eyes and a calm demeanor.

"Wakatoshi Ushijima." Easily the second most intimidating guy you've met!

"Toru Oikawa~" The pretty boy that doesn't understand personal space.

"I don't even have to ask about Bokuto do I? Knowing him he'd probably hug her too tightly."

"Eh? Kiyokooo, what have you gotten me into?"

"Introductions are done, now can you demonstrate what happened?" Sawamura seems to be rather zealous with this investigation, maybe he's taking a course in law.

"Who am I demonstrating on? If I do it her you guys might get the wrong idea about us."


"Guess you're right Y/n, i'm disappointed." Looking at the man who introduced himself as Oikawa you got a smirk on your face.

"Since you don't have a problem with getting up close and personal with strangers why don't I use you as an example~ I get the feeling I won't regret using the same amount of pressure on you, that was used on me~ My hands aren't big enough to have the exact same effect unfortunately." Having him sit in front of you, you stayed seated on the bed, copying what had happened you slowly witnessed the entire group of guys either blush, or look away. While Oikawa had frozen. You had let him go a solid minute and he still didn't move.

"I think your friend is broken."

"Y/n I think all of them are broken, I can see now why you fainted, that is a very intimate position, and assuming Kunimi's hands are roughly the size of Oikawa's then that adds another layer to your shock."

"So where is Kunimi?" Sakusa's deep voice startled all of them, you had seen his lurking frame through the crack in the door but figured it'd be better not to mention that he was there.

"We're actually not too sure, Suga told him to do laps and he hasn't been back, either he's still running or he bailed." That sounded more likely, you didn't know him that well but he was literally sleeping on the bleachers like it's a normal occurrence.

"You don't have to do anything, it's not the first time something like this has happened, I don't want to cause more trouble than I have already. Plus I think Sakusa plans to murder him."

"... I'm not confirming or denying your suspicions." Is this guy serious?

"Is he normally like this?"

"Not at all, I think he's getting ahead of himself~"

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, c'mon Y/n before the other guys figure out you're here. I'm not saying they're bad people but you could easily get overwhelmed again."

"My hat?"

"Right, do you guys have any idea where that is?"

"Hoshiumi might know, he and Kogan- Koganegawa, hope I said that right, were around me when that happened, pretty sure one of them stopped the situation." They nodded in unison, funneling out of the room in a line.

"Finally..." The attention being on you didn't help your nervousness. Keeping to the outskirts of the large gymnasium you looked around more, getting used to the loud sounds and chaos again. Paying more mind to the bleachers this time around. Leaning against the wall you waited for things to be sorted out, putting your hair back up in a loose bun. When wearing the beanie it kinda flattened out in a weird squished cabbage type of way. Horrible analogy but it makes sense.

"Looks like Suga found it, have you properly been introduced?" A man with ash brown hair that bordered grey came over, handing you your hat.

"Thank you...?"

"Right, Koshi Sugawara, sorry about what happened." He was about to bow but you stopped him.

"It's alright! I don't want anyone to change how they act around me because of it, however you act around each other is how you should act around me."

"You might regret that... Some of the others can be a bit harsh." Tilting your head you waited for an explanation, that never came as you heard a bunch of young women enter the gym and crowd around Oikawa. Fervently putting the beanie back on, you retreated into the hallway a little more. Earning a confused glance from Sugawara.

"Well she's already seen how flirty a few of them could be, I doubt they'll act like you're one of them Y/n. Maybe a few of the more innocent ones like Hinata or Yamaguchi but anyone else is probably going to pursue you in a romantic sense~"

"I'm telling Yachi that you've been teasing me this whole time!" Not much of a threat but enough to make her back off for the time being. From a side door Koganegawa, still a long a*s name, and Hoshiumi came back in with a who you can assume is Kunimi. He looks unbothered and irritated.

"You really don't have to make him apologize, he already looks annoyed."

"That's his normal face, i'm actually surprised it was him and not Suna or Hiroo, then again Hiroo would've pulled you down to sleep with him after he was sure he could."


"You're not helping your guys case Suga, but yeah he tried that with one of the twins once, never again without proper assessment." By this time they had made their way to you.


"Apologize to little cutie~"

"Do you have to add 'little' to that...?" Kuroo, you think? Stood closer to you to emphasise the height difference.

"I think I do, cutie on its own isn't enough of a pet-name."

"Slow down on the height jokes, once she's used to you she'll start getting aggressive about it."

"Another Yaku?"

"Worse." Those present visibly shuddered, aside from Kuroo.

"I look forward to it~ Oh, our resident owl might mention your height a lot but he doesn't mean to, so don't be too hard on him." Owl?

"You'll know him when you see him, now, say you're sorry Kunimi!" Sawamura jabbed at him.


"Mean it or we'll let Sakusa get to you." Kita looked somewhere in the gym towards what you could assume is a still very pissed off germaphobe.

"Why is he so mad?"

"Because he clearly is worried for little cutie here~ I mean you guys have a soft spot for her too, whether you admit it or not. If you don't mind me asking, why were you here anyway?" So he isn't a walking hormone, noted.

"I got lost, and i'm also taking a course in sports medicine, figured when i'm between courses or have free time I could study how you guys play and try to point out any hazardous landings or slides. Plus if one of you breaks or dislocates something it would be good to have someone not afraid of contact to help out." They nodded, but a couple of them looked unsure of your capabilities to aid in urgent medical matters.

"Shouldn't you be studying a different sport for that sort of thing?"

"Nope, I can tell you've dislocated fingers before given that they're slightly crooked, if they were set quicker and you rested properly you wouldn't have that slight deviation. Don't doubt my abilities, the only thing i'd need help with is if one of you dislocates a hip. I can't set it myself." Sugawara looks grossed out now. Kuroo nudged Kunumi this time.

"Fine. I am sorry Y/n, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or make you pass out."

"I've been telling everyone that you don't need to say sorry. I've already forgiven you since it's partially my fault."

"I told you so." Did he stick his tongue out?

"Let's get going Y/n, I feel like I owe you a night out since I didn't warn you properly."


Goodbyes took longer than you expected, leaving the building you stretched, thankful to be outside after being in a stuffy room for hours. Not saying much you idly followed Kiyoko, not sure where you were going for food and not really caring. After a block or two you arrived at what appeared to be a ramen restaurant, traditional décor lead to a cozy atmosphere. Sitting down at a free table you looked at her for an explanation again.

"So, the guys seem to really like you, and I can tell you're shocked."

"Ya think!"

"Hehe~ I told you before there was a high chance of this happening, a few might seem shallow but they really aren't."

"Why would they be attracted to me? I'm plain, boring, look at my clothes! I don't understand..."

"Y/n... Stop beating yourself up, you could dress in a clown suit and you'd still draw in a romantic partner. It's your personality, your heart... I saw you get scared when Oikawa's fangirls came in. You shouldn't have to worry about them as long as you're around the others okay? They've dealt with that drama for years." Kiyoko and Yachi had brought this up many times before, that your looks don't matter, but you've been told otherwise by so many others that your mind wouldn't let you believe them. A heavy silence hung over the table until your waiter came and took your orders, when he left you remembered something.

"Who is Bokuto and why do I keep getting warned about him?"

"Right, well, he gets overly excited, and if he find you cute chances are he's going to hug you to death. Which is a studied reaction that the brain can't comprehend cute things so the response is the squeeze them. Basically you'll need to prepared if you see or hear him. He has gray and black hair that looks like a horned owls feathers, and is generally super loud."

"Why didn't you warn me about all of their little habits they have around a girl!?"

"Also reminds me, do not be alone with Terushima, or Tsukkishima."

"Why?" This is getting better and better.

"Terushima is a flirt, and I mean worse than Kuroo or the other guys, he's a vulgar flirt. He's mostly blond with piercings. Tsukkishima is just very rude, he's tall, blond, and has glasses but Yamaguchi will normally be with him."

"And who's Yamaguchi?"

"Slightly greenish brown hair, freckles, and like Yachi in terms of personality but a little more outgoing."

"Like Yachi, so a cinnamon roll?"

"Yep, maybe you should meet the pure and innocent squad first? It's that or throw you into the thick of it and hope you don't leave screaming~"

"sad*st... This is why you need Yachi's innocence with you, or you'll scheme too much." Pouting dramatically, you heard the little bell at the entrance of the restaurant jingle, two guys came in and immediately spotted you and Kiyoko.

""Kiyokooooooo!!"" The owner looked at then sternly, they both handed him some odd amount of cash. One was nearly bald and a few inches taller than what you assume is his friend who had spiky brown hair with a blonde bit in the front.

"Who is this shorty with you?!"

"What is your business with our goddess?!" Not yet facing them you let this little charade continue while it amused Kiyoko. When one of them, the taller, grabbed your shoulder she told them.

"Careful Ryu, she's just a friend~"


"Yachi doesn't dress this way, so...?"

"Oh! Is this your friend that's fashion confuses people?!" That's one way to put it...

"That's not how I explained it to you but yes. This is Y/n." You turned to face them, feeling comfortable enough to let your hair back down as the local eatery didn't have many visitors. They both got an odd look in their eyes.

"Is that normal?"


""Another goddess!!"" Covering your ears you look quizzically at the lady sitting across from you, an amused look scrawled across her face.

"What do they call Yachi?"

"Princess. Since she's cuter, I guess goddess is above that? I'm really not sure since you're just as cute as Yachi."

"Bro she's right, when we yell goddess it'll confuse them."

"Bro she dresses like a hiding queen, what about queen then?"

"Bro, true."

""A queen!!"" Putting your hat back on you pulled it over your head much like that Hiroo guy did but further. Resting your head on the table and hiding in your own arms.

"The owners going to charge you another noise fee if you don't calm down, and Y/n is going to die from embarrassment for the second time today~" That explains the payment upon entry. Hearing a few steps they had sat across from you since it'd be better off if they avoided contact, the sudden silence made things worse.

"Why don't you two introduce yourselves?"

"Okay! I'm Ryunosuke Tanaka!"

"And i'm Yu Nishinoya! We'll protect you from now on! So give us your number so we can keep in touch!"

"You don't need to protect me, I can handle things myself."

"Nope, we're your guardians~ Like it or not!"

"-Sigh- Aren't Hoshiumi and Koganegawa like my guards already, Kiyoko?"

"Sort of, they did take care of you today, them and Sakusa which is odd."


"Took care of you?!"

"Where were you two anyway?"



"You woke up too late again didn't you."


"Anyway I think Sakusa was nice because he sort of used my sanitizer while I was out cold."

"No, even if that was the case the fact he forgot his own or ran out is odd too."

"Yeah he carries cases of it."

"Loads of it."

"Did he suffer any kind of head injury?" They all had to think for a minute, before Nishinoya spoke up.

"Oh! He did get hit in the back of the head by the ball around a week ago, could that be an issue?"

"I'd have to check and from what you've told me that isn't going to happen..."

"I mean, he might let you if you wear proper medical gear. What's your guess?"

"It's rare but not impossible, but it could be meningitis. Did someone strong hit him?"

"You could say that..."


"Yeah I need to check him, i'll grab gear from my house and have it ready tomorrow."

"How serious is menin- Mening- What you said?"

"Pretty serious if it is indeed that, he'll need a spinal tap to check if his spinal fluid has bacteria in it."

"Y/n, they can't wrap their heads around medical speak." Both of them were trying to process what you had said, the rest of the dinner was uneventful save from another noise fee.


Arriving at the house a thin mist had started to rain down, the tabby cat would be wanting inside. Maybe you should keep her inside, and maybe give her a name...


"I know, I know." The moment the door opened she ran inside, pelt already glazed in moisture. Getting the inside food and litterbox from the laundry room you got her set. After that you readied the medical supplies you would need the next day, technically you had another day before you started attending your courses. It had taken less than an hour to do everything you needed to do... Now what? The cat was content and happy, laying on the couch in the den. Examining her closely you didn't find anything unique to name her off of. No birthmarks or scars, and no remarkable fur patterns.

"Tabby is too generic... You seem more mature, what about Tabitha?"




"Guess that's your name then, as long as you keep your business in the litter box then you can stay in here alright? I'll buy some cat grass, and if you're lonely I guess I can find another cat. -Sigh- We'll see how this goes, I guess."


Laying out an outfit for the next day, you laid down, the weight of your decisions forcing your eyes shut.


Already on your way to the café as per usual, you noticed a commotion inside. A rough looking blonde man had the uniform on, but was currently arguing with a customer, said customer was a certain someone you had met yesterday.

"Don't you have anything better to do than argue with the new guy?"

"Eh? I didn't see you there~"

"What is it that guy called you yesterday, Trashykawa?"

"Don't start! They've already started turning you against me before we get to know each other!" He whined this out while the new guy stared on in confusion.

"You know this jack*ss?"

"Met him yesterday, is he always like this?"

"Yes, and it pisses me off."

"Hehehe~ You know you tolerate me, mad-dog~" Before he could talk back you had to question the name.


"What do you want, so I can get on with my job before you make me get fired." The woman you had met the other day came to the front, offering to take Oikawa's order instead, while they chit chatted you got your usual.

"Do you play volleyball with the rest of the guys?"


"Well I might be visiting the gymnasium often, so i'd like to know your actual name if that's okay."

"Are you a member or what?"

"No, medic, hopefully."

"Why is sh*ttykawa obsessed with you?"

"Tell me your name and I might give you an answer~"

"... Kentaro Kyotani."

"Before I answer I do need to ask you another question, sorry. Do you think i'm a guy?"


"I'll take that as a yes~ You and the rest of the guys need to be more open minded, this is getting old and its been a day and a half..." Walking out, you sat outside at one of the many small tables. Not too far away you heard hushed voices.

"Oww! Iwa!"

"Stop stalking random people!" Behind a garbage bin a more mature looking man had grabbed onto pretty boy by the back of his shirt.

"Excuse me, but do you have the misfortune to know this dumb*ss?"

"I met him yesterday, are you a classmate of his?"

"Yep, and the one that keeps him from being charged with harassment!"

"Where were you yesterday then~?"

"Huh!? Crappykawa what did you do to them yesterday?!"

"Nothing! I swear!" He looked back over to you.

"He got too close is all, nothing worth beating him over."

"Thank you, Y/n!" He had been released and tried to cling onto you, this other new guy is fast, he caught him before he could make contact.

"I feel like I need to get used to this if i'm going to be hanging around everyone more."

"Probably, i'm Hajime Iwaizumi, I heard this prick call you Y/n."

"Yep, um, sorry if this question is sudden, but how often do fans get in the gym?"

"Not as often since security was stepped up a little while ago."

"They found me yesterday..."

"Did you tell them to get out?!"

"No, how could I~?"

"Well clearly they make this guy uncomfortable!" There's that knowing smirk, the information that would change Iwaizumi's attitude towards you.

"Iwa~ Take a closer look at Y/n, I need to come up with a good nickname since Kuroo stole mine actually..."

"What are you talking abo-?" It finally clicked.

"We should get going right? I need to find Sakusa, any idea where he would be right now?"

"At the gym in the corner, or right outside of the gym. Wait, it makes it worse that you're stalking a woman, Trashykawa!" While they fought you headed towards campus.


You're lost again... They need to hang up maps around the place. A sudden series of harsh thuds startled you, peeking around the corner you saw who must be the twins you were told about, and someone recording them. They should know the way to the gym, but they seem pretty into their fight...

"E-Excuse me?"

"Not right now, recording."

"I should've consumed ya in the womb!"

"Respect me, i'm the older twin!"

"By five minutes!"

"Shut it, piss hair!"

"You shut it, old man!"

"Guess i'll sit over here until they stop, can I get your name at least?" Sitting against the wall by the corner you looked at the man with longer hair and narrow, golden eyes.

"Rintaro Suna. You might want to back up more, the way things are going this isn't going to end in the spot it started."

"I'll stay behind you then if that's alright."

"Whatever, as long as you stay out of the shot." Crouching behind Suna, you kept watching the fight, moving to the side when he did, and lagging behind every now and then.


"Wha-? Uuf-!" A crushing weight descended upon you, driving the breath out of you and making the world spin.

Suna's POV

That was a good launch, unfortunately the person shadowing me didn't move in time, leaving them under Osamu. They're short for a guy...


"Osamu get up! I think you landed on a girl!" He rolled off, clearly it's easier to see her feminine features while she's on her back. Taking a picture of this for the group chat~

"I'm- Okay- Just need- To breathe..."

"Darlin' why were you standin' so close to our fight?"


"Lost- Heard you two fighting- Needed directions." While they made sure she was alive, I sent the pic over the group chat.

-The VB Group chat-

-Attachment sent-

'Atsumu launched Osamu at this little lady. She's fine now, I think.'

'You think?! Where are you guys?!'

'Calm down Aran, she's awake and talking.'



'That's little cutie! It's her second time here and she's been flattened now!'

'We need to set up a guidance system for her next time so mishaps like this stop occurring.'

'Agreed Ushijima. Suna, bring everyone over here, we'll discuss the twins punishment later.'

'Make it quick, Gawa is freaking out.'

'Is he er' boyfriend or somethin'?'

'As far as know she's single, why?'

'No reason~'

'Suna keep an eye on them.'

Back to your POV

The one with grey hair that had landed on you kept trying to comfort you, while the artificial blonde tried to do the same thing. Emphasis on tried.

"You're sure nothing's broken?"

"Pretty sure, I would've felt my ribs pop if that was the case, I only had the wind knocked out of me. Can I get your names by the way?"

"Nearly forgot, I'm Osamu Miya."

"I'm Atsumu Miya."

"I'm Y/n, it's my second time on campus and I keep getting lost." Putting a hand on the back of your neck you gave them an apologetic smile. They both helped you up, while Suna kept texting.

"Can you guys lead me to the gym? I have to check on someone who could be sick."

"That's why you have a big bag."

"Who're you lookin for?"


"Omi Omi? No way he's sick!" You tried to explain to them your suspicion while the four of you made it to the gym. Osamu sort of understood, Atsumu, not really.


"Are you okay little cutie?!" Kuroo jogged over to you, glaring at the twins and putting a hand on your shoulder in a comforting manner. Like Kiyoko said, they might seem shallow at first but are good people once you get to know them.

"I'm fine, I should've dodged when Suna said so."

"He told you to dodge...?"

"Yeah? In hindsight I should've seen Atsumu getting ready to fling his brother."

"Why did you approach a fight in the first place?" Kita's voice is cold but his intentions were to understand the situation and obtain all the facts without taking sides despite knowing the twins for ages.

"I needed directions and asked Suna but he said he was busy, I figured i'd wait until they were done so I didn't end up across campus. Don't be too harsh on them, if anything that launch was impressive."

"See~ I'm impressive~" A heavy arm was slung around your shoulder, maybe you should've kept that thought to yourself.

"The only thing impressive about you is your stupidity~" Back at each others throats... Dipping away from the both of them you scanned the gym looking for Sakusa, sure enough in the upper corner of the stands he was tucked away and hiding. Thankfully Kiyoko walked in as you debated whether or not to approach.

"You haven't checked him yet?"

"No, how do I even initiate this?"

"We need to talk to Komori, he can get him down here." While she went around to locate the man from yesterday, you sat down cautiously on the side bleachers, setting your bag down and double checking your had everything necessary. Gloves, face mask, rubbing alcohol, an unopened thermometer, and for other situations bandages and popsicle sticks in case someone needs a finger set. As you zipped the bag back up, you remembered something, a little too late, what was this guys name again, Hiroo? Welp, Hiroo decided you're the right size to snatch and pulled you down against him before you fell a little further into a dimly lit space under the smaller set of seats. He had made an entire sleeping area... The way these are built they don't retract like most, there's a hatch on the side in case someone drops something or there's a mess. Blankets and pillows were scattered around, not a single inch of the hard gym floor peaked through.

"At this point i'm not even surprised..."

"Good, i'm not a perv so don't worry, I wanted someone to lay with me, that's it."

"Couldn't you have asked one of the guys that tend to nap as well?"

"No, that's too much of a hassle. Half the time I can't find them anyway."

"I'll cooperate, mainly because I want to see how much everyone freaks out~ If they start wanting to call the cops though i'll need to get out of here... Some-how?" You couldn't see the small door or hatch anywhere. He suddenly dragged you down, laughing at your shocked squeak. His arms are around your waist and one of his legs around your own, Hiroo didn't mess around when it came to proper cuddling positions.

"Is this too much?"

"Eh- I- I don't think so?" He removed his leg at least, but held you tighter nonetheless.

Kiyoko's POV

Hm? I can see Y/n's medical bag but where is she? It's not like her to leave her stuff behind, even if she went to the ladies room she would've set her med bag outside in the hallway.

"Hoshiumi, have you seen Y/n?"

"I didn't even know she was here in the gym, you can't find her?"

"Y/n's here?"

"You didn't know either Gawa?"

"No! I'd be with her if I knew!" Komori is talking to Sakusa right now, but if we can't find Y/n then there isn't a point of him coming down.

"You lost little cutie again?!" Kuroo yelled a little louder than he meant to, catching the attention of a few members that haven't met her yet.

"Who did you guys lose?"

"What kind of a nickname is that?"


"Shut up."

"Are they smaller than this dumb*ss?" Hinata, Tsukkishima, Yamaguchi and Kageyama had to be the ones to hear him... Not that they're bad guys but their personalities clash so much that I doubt they're going to find her.

"She's a friend of mine and yes she's shorter than you Hinata."

"How short are we talking?"

"-Sigh- She's going to kill me for this but, five foot two."

"Have you tried looking down~?"

"Tsukki she isn't even here and you're being rude..."

"Who are you being salty to if she's missing?!"

"I might have a theory..."

"I know she didn't leave willingly so let's hear it."

"You're going to listen to that dumb*ss?!"

"Do you have any other ideas King~?" Like I said, little progress.

"Let's hear it Hinata."

"Well when I first got here I hid in the bleachers since Bakayama couldn't slide under there as easily. Maybe she's hiding?" Collectively we looked at him, that's actually good reasoning.

"You're partially right, if what i'm thinking is right I'm going to kill someone." Kuroo wandered towards the stands on the side and crouched down, opening the small door.

"Tangerino, go check." He hesitated.

"Isn't it kinda spooky under there though?"

"How do you think Y/n feels, go get her, Hiroo isn't going to let her go unless someone makes him."

Hiroo's POV

She actually fell asleep, it's only been about five minutes, guess she needed this. For once I can't sleep, she's the perfect size for cuddling but I can't seem to shut down like normal. I heard the hatch open, a thin ray of light leaked in and someone entered. I shushed him before he could wake her up, does Hinata know how to whisper?

"Is she asleep?"

"Yeah, tell them that and to leave us alone~"

Chapter 2


Look, I know college doesn't entirely work this way, and that the characters may be a little off from canon but it's a fanfic, what do you expect. I'll try to spread out time with each character but there's so many ._.

Chapter Text

Kiyoko's POV

The orange head of hair came back through the small opening, no one else was with him.

"She's asleep, Hiroo says leave them alone."

"I'm going in there myself, he's the same height so it shouldn't be a problem."

"You're going to concuss yourself hitting your head, he's used to that environment, you aren't."

"His hair will act as a helmet, he'll be fine."

"Tsukki!" Without further debate Kuroo crouched in.

Kuroo's POV

When the hell did he have the time to make an entire nest in here?! Crawling closer I noticed that Y/n is indeed sleeping, in this sneaks arms! He has her hat on again too!

"What do you think you're doing?!" Whisper yelling is all I could manage in while keeping her in mind.

"Dunno, what do you think i'm doing~? Surprised that a gym full of people didn't see her vanish, what else didn't you notice~?"

"I need to wake her up, she has a job to do."

"You her boss or something~?"


"Her boyfriend~?"

"No, not yet."

"Then I don't see the problem~ She agreed it's not like I kept her against her will, I didn't think she'd fall asleep either to be honest."

"I hate to do this but i'm waking her up, from what Kiyoko said this could be serious." Moving her hair back I gently tapped her face. She stirred a bit before turning around and... Hiding her face in Hiroo's chest.

"So you've chosen death."

"I didn't do anything~" Talking normally I figured maybe a verbal wake up would work.

"Hey, Y/n, wake up." Nothing. Shaking her carefully finally did the job, blinking up at Hiroo she quickly understood her position and rolled away until she bumped into me.


"You're fine, little cutie~ Come on, Sakusa's waiting."


Back to your POV

Embarrassment filled your veins like blood itself, you didn't know why but the warmth from his b-body made you feel safe, like you're not alone for once...

"Hide me Kiyokooo!" Clutching onto her jacket sides you buried your face into her back.

"Did you find her yet~?" The man talking must be the rude guy she warned you about.

"Not now Tsukkishima, come on let's get you to Sakusa, grab your bag." Doing as she said you kept your gaze focused downward.


Staying ten odd feet away you suited up, in full med gear you gave a polite greeting and asked him a few questions.

"Are you okay with me checking you?"

"You don't have a medical degree, but I trust your judgement to a point."

"I'll take that as a yes. Have you been getting headaches?"



"Low grade."

"Any sort of rash?"


"Stiffness of the neck?"


"From what your classmates or teammates say you've been acting a bit off from your baseline behavior. If it's okay i'd like to check your temperature, it's a new thermometer and I have new plastic covers." Reluctantly he agreed, for a brief moment you were stunned at how handsome he is under the mask. Minutes later the device beeped and what he said still held true.

"Yep, low grade fever of ninety-nine bordering one-hundred. Sakusa, I cannot tell you as a random person to go to the hospital, but I highly suggest you go and get your spinal fluid checked. If i'm right you could have meningitis which untreated can and will get the point of deadly consequence. If you have it and they catch on to it, you've get IV antibiotics and hopefully that'll be the end of that. Nishinoya said you were hit with a ball pretty hard, injury can also make you develop said illness. I can explain more but I really hope you take my advice and get checked as soon as possible." Komori had been listening this whole time, genuine concern replacing the lax, friendly expression he normally wore.


"I don't think I have much choice. Let's go." Just like that they left with urgency.

"What are the chances he has that?"

"Low but the precautions he takes makes it less likely to be a viral infection like the common cold."

"I'll message Komori later to see how things go."

"Thank you, I suppose you'll need my number to update me?" Kuroo lit up like a firework, until-

"Or I could just add you to the groupchat!" You never caught this ones name.

"I don't think i've met you yet?"

"Oh! Shoyo Hinata, give me your phone for a moment and i'll set it up!" He's loud but his innocent personality made up for it.

"Dumb*ss! What if the rest of us don't want her in the chat!?"

"Too bad then!" He proceeded to run off with your phone... He seems trustworthy.

"Sorry about them, i'm Tadashi Yamaguchi, the one chasing Hinata is Tobio Kageyama, and the blond who is eavesdropping is Kei Tsukkishima."

"He's the one Kiyoko told me about, is he really that bad?"

"Yes and no, it all depends on if he likes you or not which is hard to tell but you'll know."

"-Sigh- I need to start writing these things down, so much to keep track of."

"That might be a good idea, there's a lot of us." His tone is light-hearted, hints of an introverted personality lingered. He didn't look at you for too long and he was careful with his words. You were about to ask about his other friends that had run off with your phone but a near tackle of a hug prevented that.

"-hah- I tried to slow him down Y/n, he was really worried about you." Koganegawa kept a firm hold on you, his intentions didn't feel flirtatious in any way, moreover protective. Hoshiumi came around to face you, although he's concerned as well he had self control, he simply put a hand on your head as some form of reassurance.

"I'm not fragile you know... I could probably beat a few of you in a fight if I needed to."

"Hm? But dudette you're so short, how would that work?"

"That means i'm faster and can dodge easier. It's not my fault I stopped growing at this height!" Dipping away from his grasp he nearly fell on Hoshiumi.

"Okay I get it! Height is a touchy subject! I don't mean anything bad by it, if anything it... Makes you cuter..." He's a bit dense but knows how to make you flustered anyway.

"I'm not cute!"

"Nah, Gawa's right, though even if you were a few inches taller you'd still be cute. You dress like a guy but haven't really acted like one yet~"

"I don't entirely act like a guy! I have my reasons..." As if on cue a familiar squealing filled your senses, once again a group of fangirls managed to break in, Iwaizumi started to jab Oikawa after a few moments so he forced them to leave. While this had been going on you hid against the goofy blonde.

Hoshiumi's POV

That's not a normal reaction we see around here when it comes to the swarms of women for either Oikawa or the twins. This only makes me worry about Y/n, we just met yesterday but it's clear that something happened in her past that makes her this way.

"Y/n?" Gawa even notices.

"Hey? You alright little dudette?"

"Hm...? Oh, yeah i'm fine. S-sorry..." Pulling away from him she took a deep breath and looked around, probably looking for Kiyoko who had ran after Hinata and Kageyama.

"I'm gonna go take a seat for a minute, you guys can go do whatever it is you need to do."

Back to your POV

You're glad they took the hint, sitting on the very bottom section of the stands you held your bag on your lap, and tried to hide your face in it.

"Y/n?" This voice was still fairly new to you.

"Iwaizumi?" You didn't look up. Torrents of thoughts were ravaging your mind.

"I've told security, a.k.a Daichi that we need a better system to prevent this. I suggested kicking Trashykawa out but he didn't go for that one." His attempt to cheer you up fell flat. As you hadn't raised your head you failed to notice another presence near you.

"Do they freak you that badly...?" Barely registering Oikawa's voice you kept your head down.

In the distance... ???'s POV

There's a small gathering near the corner of the stands, it looks as if someone is upset. Aone put a hand on my shoulder.

"Huh? What is it?"

He pointed to the few guys gathered around the person hiding their face.

"I don't know, it's none of our business."

He crossed his arms, not appreciating my tone, at least that's what I think he means.

"Aone why do you care?"

Putting a hand on my head he then took it off and motioned at how small the person is.

"What does height have to do with it?"

To my shock he made a heart and motioned it breaking.

"-Sigh- If you want to go over there be my guest-" I'm being dragged along now... I forget how strong he is sometimes. Kogane and a few others were trying their best to cheer this person up, each keeping their distance.

"Why are you two here? Do you know Y/n?"

"What? No, Aone feels bad so he dragged me over here! Did Oikawa do something to them?"

"No! Why does everyone assume I did something bad?!"

"Indirectly this was your fault."

"Of course you'd say that Iwa!"

"For some reason or another she saw his fangirls and freaked out. Does she like you or something?"

"No she doesn't."

"F*ck! Where'd you come from!?" Kyotani suddenly showed up.

"How do you know this Kyotani?"

"She called him Trashykawa earlier~"

"Mad-Dog why do you hate me so?"

"You have to ask." While we were getting off topic Aone had sat down next to her, putting a large hand on her back.

Back to your POV

A firm touch brought your thoughts to a stop, pulling yourself together a little you raised your head. Surprised at the crowd around you.

"When did all of you get here?"

"We've been here for a bit, you kinda disconnected for a few minutes." Koganegawa, who had come back along with Hoshiumi, was next to a new guy, so who's next to you? Looking over you had to turn your gaze upwards to see the white haired wall of a man next to you.


"Don't panic Y/n, he's harmless."

"Harmless?" The large hand on your back moved to the top of your head, this polar bear didn't know his own strength clearly, as the pressure he exuded pushed you down and forward.

"Aone, careful!" Hoshiumi lifted his hand off of you.

"...!" The quiet guy made frantic hand movements, it took a little time to understand but you think he's trying to apologize.

"If you're trying to say sorry it's alright, i've only been around here two days and have been through worse. Nothing serious I assure you."

"Yep, Akira made you pass out, Atsumu launched Osamu at you, and Hiroo straight up abducted you." The next set of hand movements you didn't understand.

"Before I translate that why don't we introduce ourselves, i'm Kenji Futakuchi." He came over and nudged his quiet friend.

"... Takanobu Aone."

"What did he say before this?"

"Oh, yeah. He wants a list of names~ Aone wants to threaten the ones who messed with you."

"You don't need to be violent over a little roughhousing, I doubt it's going to stop at that since i've not met everyone yet."

"Yeah... I feel Bokuto is going to be one of those people, he means well."

"I've heard that many times already... Do I need to invest in armor or something Hoshi?"

"Hey! Why does he get a nickname!? I knew you a few minutes before him."

"I'm not sure what I should call you, co*ckatiel?" A lot of the guys laughed a little, even the ever rugged Kyotani.

"I should be mad at that nickname but I don't hate it! It's better than being called a chicken by Tsukki!" Hoshi was then taken away by said co*ckatiel, to where you don't know.

"That doesn't really answer my question though, how strong is this Bokuto guy?" They had to think about this. Aone started to move his hands again, pointing to himself then motioning down.

"Yeah he's a little weaker than you but would you guys agree he's around the same strength as Ushijima?" They all agreed with Iwaizumi.

"I'm going to die then..." Thinking about their strength made your voice raise in pitch.


"Mad-Dog, don't be so grim!"

"Could Akaashi hold him back?"

"For a few minutes but once he's set on something he's gonna get to it eventually." More hand movements from Aone.

"That might work but like Kyotani said he'd get to it later. He said that in that few minutes of time Akaashi could buy she could run to one of us or the others for protection."

"What if I just keep running? Is he fast?"

"It would be a matter of stride and stamina, before any of you say anything, i'm smart too!"



"Asked?" Iwaizumi high-fived Kyotani, the pretty boy stood there shocked and dejected.

"Think that's enough bullying Oikawa, it's fine if it's one of you but all of you at the same time can't be good for his mental health."

"What are your courses Y/n~?" Back to normal in an instant he was close again, the sole thing stopping him is Aone's wordless threat.

"Psychology, sports medicine and probably another class pertaining to the how the human brain works. I got my core classes done before I decided to come here."

"You'll probably be able to handle everyone then. Analyzed anybody yet?"

"If I told you that right away it'd come off as offensive, if it's okay can I tell them your condition Aone?" Looking up at him once again, a faint tint of red flashed across his face before he nodded.

"He's not just quiet?"

"Not exactly. It's selective mutism, i'm sure he's comfortable around a lot of you but the fact he's in a social situation that he may not like regardless of the people, he can't talk, it happens in kids but seeming as you've excepted him speaking or not, there's not a need for him to change." Unknowingly you smiled when you talked about the silent man being accepted, which would help you understand the flustered expressions, if you had known.

"I'm going to call you the same pet name Kuroo does but translated by the way. So Chibi-chan, what's your read on me!?"

"I don't think the disclaimer was needed... Yours isn't done yet, and it'd be too personal to talk about in the open."

"Are you actually making a list of our issues?!" Kyotani became aggressive at the drop of a dime, getting in your personal space and glaring at you threateningly.

"If they're bad enough I planned to, but under fake names. My goal is to try making people happy, or at least not be in pain... You can let your defenses down every now and then Kyotani, not everyone is a threat... At least i'm not."

"So that's why you're studying psychology. You want to make people happy but in a more permanent way, that's admirable, little cutie~" Kuroo had been gone for awhile, returning he looked a little disheveled.

"Were you fighting Hiroo?"

"Hm? No, no, what makes you think that?"

"Is he medically okay? That's another job of mine..."

"Why are you asking about him and not me?"

"Because you're standing here and he's vanished."

"She has a good point, you didn't do anything stupid did you?" Futakuchi supported your logic.

"He's fine, I promise, got an assessment on him?"

"Possible narcolepsy, or mild depression, that or he might have anemia but given that he can train and not up and pass out that's unlikely." Glancing over to Kyotani he had been processing everything you told him, he looked back at you and you gave him a reassuring smile. A brief flash of pink graced his face before he got up and left.

"Oh, Mad-dog left in a hurry, do you think he's okay?"

"Yeah, I haven't dealt with anger management yet, honestly it scares me but not everyone needs help with loss or trauma, anger is complicated... I feel like i've been bringing down the mood, Kuroo why don't you introduce me to a few of the others so you're there in case something happens." Aone put a hand on your shoulder.

"I think he wants to tag along too, can you translate well enough because I need to head home."

"I hope so!" Futakuchi sighed before waving goodbye, leaving the silent polar bear in your care. Kuroo lead you to a broad shouldered blonde, he's not super tall like the rest but his power and stern looking face make up for it.

"Hey, Numai! Me and Aone are showing little cutie around, Kuguri I see you, don't hide!" While he chased down someone unknown to you, Aone made gestures that you roughly translated into 'introduce yourselves'

"I'm Y/n, I hope to be a medic for you guys and a friend."

"Kazuma Numai, the one Kuroo is chasing is Naoyasu Kuguri."

"Any reason he's avoiding this?"

"He's probably shy? He's hard to read sometimes." Aone motioned again, pointing to Numai then to his thumb, then to Numai again.

"Have you hurt your thumb recently?"

"-Sigh- Is this why you two are introducing me to the medic...?"

"Yes it is!" Kuroo's voice echoed as he answered, still chasing down the fast loner.

"I dislocated it once, now it kinda pops out of place if I strain it."

"Did you ever rest your hand properly?" He tensed, avoiding eye contact while a bead of sweat formed.

"You need to rest it properly or it'll keep happening! Let me see your hand with the problem!" He tried to hide his hand behind his back, grasping onto his wrist you painstakingly pulled it towards yourself.

"You're stronger than I thought!"

"Stop resisting and let me check!" Calming down you carefully felt the joints of the thumb, sure enough there was inflammation around the area. Comparing it the the other hand, the one in question felt warm and apparently tender to the touch.

"I don't know you well but i'll say your full name so you understand, Kazuma Numai, you need to rest your hand and ice it. The swelling needs to go down and stay down!"

"You're reminding me of Suga or Kita when they get angry..." He shivered slightly.

"This anger stems from concern. Is there something I need to check on the other guy or is Kuroo really persistent?"

"Pretty sure it's a Kuroo thing- Looks like he caught him." Being dragged the light brown haired man refused to stand on his own, using the dead weight tactic as a means of protest.

"Hello? I'm Y/n and i'll be hanging around here more often, sorry that you were chased I didn't expect that to happen..." Hearing your voice he turned his emotionless gaze towards you, still not standing.

"Don't apologize, i'm sure Numai told you who I am?"

"Yep, you can let him go Kuroo, don't we have more people to meet?"


Passing by a hallway you noticed three guys about to enter the gym, none of them looked familiar.

"What about them? Are they your classmates too?"

"I'm not sure you want to meet them little cutie-"

"Eh, who're you trying to hide Rooster? Why wouldn't this little dude want to meet us?" A hand harshly grabbed the back of your jacket, lifting you up with relative ease. Before Aone could panic or deck someone, it's hard to tell which he'd do, you slipped your arms out of the jacket.

"Not the first time i've had to get out of something like that." Kuroo guided you behind him, taking a closer look at the three, the one that had picked you up matched a description of another person Kiyoko warned you about. Another had messy, light brown hair, taller than the other two. The last one had longer, dark brown hair, and seemed calmer than who he's hanging out with.

"Oh~ Now I understand, you guys were trying to keep this little lady to yourselves~"

"Terushima, shouldn't you make sure she's of age before you go hitting on her?"

"Bobata's right, that's a new low."

"Shut up! You guys have never brought this up before! You're trying to get her to hate me to even the odds!"

"I mean, if it works, it works, i'm Soma Oyasu. Don't base my personality around his actions."

"I'm Kazuma Bobata, same thing he said."

"Yuji Terushima, don't listen to them, i'll admit i'm flirty but i'm not a criminal."

"Y/n, and to clarify i'm twenty, can I have my jacket back?" The three of them shared a glance before taking off with it.

"I've already chased down two guys today, I got this!" There he goes, Aone gestured that he'd give you his jacket but it'd be way too big.

"It's fine, as long as there's no more surprise mobs of fans." In the corner where it was hard to see him, Ushijima was talking to three more guys you hadn't met, how many people are coming in and out of this place?! It's just a ridiculous amount but this is what this college is known for after-all.

"Those guys with Ushijima aren't like those other three are they?" The polar bear beside you shook his head.

Ushijima's POV

"Waka-Waka! Have you been listening?!"

"Truthfully no, i'm worried about someone."

"Is it that poor girl that Osamu landed on?" He's correct, but I know what he's going to assume.

"I don't even know her and i'm concerned, that looked rough." Semi's probably right too.

"Suna should become a photographer, I know she was just knocked flat but she's kind of graceful lying there."

"I ask that you not look at her in any perverted manner, Shirabu."

"Eh? I wasn't being perverted, was I?"

"Don't think so?"

"I think our Miracle Boy likes someone~" There he goes...

"I simply worry given her stature compared to us. She is also skittish around new people i've noticed."

"Is that her headed this way with Aone~?" She is, where's her coat?

Back to your POV

"Hello, I assume you're going around introducing yourself?"

"Yeah, i'm not interrupting anything am I?"

"Nope! I'm Satori Tendo~ Nice to meet you!" The red head rapidly shook your hand.

"Easy Tendo!" The man with ash blond hair stopped him before introducing himself.

"Eita Semi, sorry about him in advance."

"Kenjiro Shirabu, are you okay after the whole Osamu thing?" You had nearly forgotten about that.

"I'm fine, it knocked the wind out of me but nothing is broken."

"I noticed that your jacket is gone, did something happen?"

"I don't want anyone to get in trouble..."

"Aww that's so sweet~"

"Answer me." Intimidating!

"You're scaring her into answering, it's okay sweet lady." Semi gingerly placed his arm around your shoulders.

"-Sigh- He doesn't mean to be scary, right?"


"Anyway Terushima and two of his friends took my jacket, Kuroo is after them. Also Hinata took my phone and ran because Kageyama was chasing him, Kiyoko is after both of them."

"Shirabu, go help Kuroo. Kiyoko should be fine."

"Aone, if you wanna head home we can keep an eye on her."

"Oh, do you need to leave for something?" He took out a small note book, checking today's date. His next gestures were too quick to process before he hurriedly rushed out.

"I have to go to practice, didn't you say you have to study as well as help Kuroo, Shirabu?"

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me."

"See ya around Y/n."

"Same to you Semi, Shirabu." They left, the two that remained toured your around and explained where the different doors lead. As well as assessing who's safe to meet... Maybe you should invest in a living will.

"I think Yaku would be happy to meet you, Lev might freak you out though, but you're with us so you're safe!"

"That sounds reasonable." A ginger man came into view, his height is comforting. Nearby a much, much taller guy with silver hair was making paper airplanes. Not too intimidating by his actions, but the sheer length of this dude is astonishing!

"Hey, Yaku we have someone for you to meet!"

"Hm? I'm not the shortest now!" The same reason Hoshi likes having you around... If it makes them happy then you're willing to be teased, to a certain extent of course.

"Does it still count if the person is female?"

"I'll take what I can get, hide her from Lev!"

"Hide who from me?"

"T-Titan..." You didn't register your own movements but you backed up until you bumped into Ushijima.

"You're safe. He's not a threat." Slowly he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

"Is this your girlfriend Ushi?"

Tendo's POV

"Cute! They're both blushing! I didn't know you could blush WakaWaka~!"

"I am not dating her... Currently."


"Um, I think you should let go of her, she's really red now." Yaku could be right, but how red can Wakatoshi get~?

"I'm not sure that could work Toshi~ I've seen you in the locker room and-"

"Stop! She'll faint if you finish that sentence you jerk!"

"Ack-!" He actually kicked me!

"Now you know how I feel Tendo. It hurts doesn't it?"

"Yes, yes it does."

"Hey, um, I never caught your name but come here and sit down. We never properly introduced ourselves."

Back to your POV

"I'm Morisuke Yaku and before you freak out that titan is Lev Haiba. Or the Russian tree."

"Sorry if I scared you back there, or embarrassed you, please don't pass out!"

"I should apologize for reacting that way, i'm Y/n, is Tendo going to be okay?" In the distance Ushijima was glaring daggers at him while giving him a harsh lecture.

"He'll be fine."

"Not to bring it back up but is that a normal reaction when you're flustered? To faint?"

"I've never been this frazzled before in my life, well, not until a couple of days ago." An alarm on his phone went off.

"Crap, me and Lev have to get going, do you need someone to walk you home or are you going to be sticking around?"

"I can go home on my own it's not-"

"I'll walk her home." A smooth, cool tone startled you.


"Yep, figured I could walk you home since I didn't help you when the twins went feral."

"You're going to follow me anyway right? You seem the type."

"You're good at reading people~ I like that."


Kiyoko returned your phone seconds before you left the campus, clearly out of breath from chasing Hinata all this time. Which he was still running, but this time from Kageyama and Sugawara. How can one little clementine have that much energy? Anyway you were added to the group chat and nothing else, as far as you knew. The sun was starting to set as you gingerly walked towards your house.

"Do you live near the campus too?" Suna wasn't a man of many words, he kept messing with his phone instead of saying anything, if you didn't say something it'd be awkward.

"Sort of, don't worry about it, i'm less likely to get kidnapped."

"It's not a high crime area..."

"Doesn't have to be."

"You should become a detective or run a security company." This caught his attention.

"What makes you say that?"

"You have to ask? You're constantly taking pictures, recording, silently listening in on conversations, you do those things like second nature."

"I guess... Never thought of it that way." A few moments later you were at your house.

"This is my stop, you didn't have to walk me here you know."

"I had nothing better to do, your house looks pretty dark, is anyone home?"

"Um- No. I live on my own."


"Is something wrong?" You hadn't left his side yet as neither of you had said goodbye.

"Are you okay being by yourself? You're not afraid or anything~?"

"-Sigh- Shoo, i'm not letting a guy I just met into my house."

"Fine, i'll stake it out later~"

"I don't doubt it. See you later."

"Yup, same."

Walking into the house, you were greeted by Tabitha, she rubbed against your legs, nearly tripping you. Feeding her and checking the litter you noticed something a little odd, she had dragged one of your blankets into the corner and positioned it the way she wanted.

"Guess I don't need to buy you a bed then." You already had everything ready for your actual classes, all of it was tucked into a backpack and prepped to go. Considering your core classes are done you scheduled these electives to where you would have two classes a day, alternating despite there only being three.

"Is this why you cats sleep so much? Nothing better to do... Maybe I could check the group chat, since there was all this trouble to add me to it."

-VB Uni GroupChat-

-Chibi-chan joined the chat-

'HA! It worked!'

-Iwaizumi changed Oikawa<3 to Sh*ttykawa-

'It does work'

'Y/n Suna didn't do anything weird did he?'

'No he didn't Sugawara, other than wanting to stay over which I declined.'




'I only asked because she said she lives alone.'

'Yeah right.'

'Yeah right.'

'Since when do you two agree?'

'Since we met Y/n'


'Oh, before I forget I have a couple of questions, did you get my jacket @Kuroo?'

'Yes, finally, bastards kept throwing it to each other. I'll get it back to you tomorrow. Ushijima handled their lecture.'

'Indeed. Kita also assisted.'

'Lecture?! You threw volleyballs at us for five minutes straight!'

'Not surprised Bobata was hit first~'

'Shut up!'

'Terushima was second~'

'It's because you're so damn lanky Oyasu!'

'Can I ask my other question, it's important.'

'Go ahead.'

'Yeah, we'll mute them if necessary.'

'Did anyone get ahold of Komori?'

'Yeah, where did him and Sakusa go?'

'They went to the ER.'

-Flood spam erased-

'Slow down, all of you!'



'Stop, Kuroo tell them.'

'Well, our recent addition, little cutie~ Thought that Sakusa was acting a little off from our statements, and suggested after a check up that he should go to the hospital. She was right.'

'Is he okay?'

'Yes, like you said he's receiving antibiotics and will be monitored for a couple of days.'

'It's odd, I hoped I was wrong but at the same time I convinced him to get checked and was right'

'The doc asked about you by the way'

'Komori? What did they want?'

'Think they called the Uni to give you some credit or something like that, i'm going to bed now, i've been up for ages'

'Goodnight, tell Sakusa I said goodnight too'

'Will do'

'Can I get a goodnight chibi-chan~?-'


'More people are online now?'

'I don't think you've met them yet but we'll fill them in and maybe you can meet them tomorrow.'

'Anyway, goodnight, everyone sweet dreams <3'

Logging off, you made your way to bed, able to see the frantic stream of messages after you left. It's entertaining, why are they all so caught up on you, because you're short? That can't be the sole reason? Why would it be anything more...? You're not pretty, you're not elegant, and you're too proud to be skimpy...

"Gah-!" Tabitha, as if hearing your troubled thoughts, jumped up on you laying on your chest and slowly blinking at you. Despite being a female, Tabitha is hefty with a large structure, any heavier and she could do CPR.

"I need to get you a bell..." Her comforting pressure helped you sleep


An alarm woke you up, getting dressed in your usual attire, minus the jacket. You made sure the cat was fed and headed out. Stopping by the cafe for hot cocoa and your red velvet.

"Hello, the usual?" The woman behind the counter was as polite as ever, maybe you should ask her, her name.

"Yes, and since we've been talking for awhile, what's your name?"

"Hana Misaki."

"Y/n, nice to officially meet you."

"Here's your order Y/n. Have a nice day."

"You too, Misaki."


Once again the long hallways and rooms upon rooms had disoriented your sense of direction. While utterly lost in your increasing panic someone tapped on your shoulder.

"Wah-! S-Sorry if I was loud."

"You were."

"Sorry that I startled you, you're lost right?"

"Yes, I need to draw out a map..." You held out an index card of the lecture hall you needed to get to.

"Okay, I know where this is, come on Yahaba."

"Why do I need to go?"

"Our classes don't start for awhile and this is on the way. Stop being stubborn." In an odd way these two looked similar to each other, maybe the hair style?

"Could I maybe get your names?"

"Hm? Yeah, i'm Chikara Ennosh*ta." He looked expectantly at his friend.

"Shigeru Yahaba, which class are you taking?"


"That's cool, we're here partially for volleyball."

"Oh, that's good! I might become your guys medic, i've met most of the guys and I think you two were in the group chat last night?"

"You're Y/n?"


"A lot of the guys are simping over you~"


"What? It's true."

"I- Kinda figured that out, but I don't know why they like me... Surely a lot of them could have any woman they wanted, so why-?"

"Ahem. We're here, think you can find your way to the gym afterwards?"

"Maybe, nice meeting you two, sorry if I rambled a little bit."

"It's fine, s-sorry to bring that up..."

"Wow, first time i've heard you apologize so quickly." The started to bicker a little as you headed inside, taking a seat and setting up your supplies you waited for the professor to arrive.

Ennosh*ta's POV

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Telling the group chat about what Y/n was saying."


"So one of them can tell her family in case things get worse, and before you ask, it is our business to inform them since she'll be our medic, therefore part of this massive network of teams."

-VB Uni GroupChat-

'@Kiyoko @Yachi'

'What do you need from the girls, Ennosh*ta?'

'I just have a concern regarding Y/n.'

'Is the little lady alright?'

'Are all of her nicknames going to have little in them?'

'Probably~ You can't correct me when I call her pipsqueak, because it's true~'

'It's still not nice Tsukki.'

'Shut up'

'What do you need Ennosh*ta? Yachi is in class rn.'

'Is Y/n depressed?'

'It's been mild so far, what happened?'


'Damn is there 30 of us?'


'Yahaba brought up that ya'll are simps and she started to think out loud as to why, saying that most of us could have any woman, so why her...'

'Her being around a lot of new people in this scenario is probably making her spiral. Her high school friends were only in first year with her so their intentions weren't as "aggressive" as yours are.'

'Why only the first year? Did they get into a fight?'

'No, Y/n started to be homeschooled after some personal issues.'

'Kiyoko... Is whatever happened in high school why she's afraid of groups of women?'

'That's not my place to say Hoshiumi, and you won't get a confession out of me Daichi, no matter how much you ask.'

'It's bad, I saw her body language change entirely... She looked terrified but tried to hide it.'

'When did you see this Suga?'

'We were talking in the hallway after the whole Kunimi thing.'

'I see, well she doesn't know any of you well enough, so I suggest you don't bug her about it. I'm sure the former captains agree.'




'It bothers me, not knowing but I get it'


'Wow nothing flirty or stupid to say?'


'Let's drop this before it gets out of hand.'


Back to your POV

A majority of the lecture was an introduction to the topics you'll be covering in the future, many of them you already knew a decent bit about. Common mental illnesses, understanding physical hints of an ailment, etc. Your next class was sports medicine but it didn't start for another forty-five minutes. Now to see if you can find the gym.


You can't find the gym... This place has to be a secret maze, you're going to stumble upon a hidden library at this rate.

"Y/n?" The voice was familiar.


"Yeah, I don't think i've properly introduced myself, Azumane Asahi." He had his hand on the back of his head in an apologetic manner.

"I'm sure you already know my name."

"What's your last name?"

"I'd rather not disclose that, but you're the first one to ask actually."

"I see, are you lost?"


"Haha, come on." He started to walk in the opposite direction you planned to head. Nice.

"Oh, weren't you the one that freaked out when I brought up a curse?"

"I uh- Tend to scare easy..."

"Sorry for bringing it up, it's more like bad luck than a curse." He relaxed a little, clearly this is something that was bothering him.

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you so afraid of the paranormal?"

"Eh?! Why wouldn't I be!?" His rise in volume is purely shock with no sense of anger whatsoever.

"Not everything supernatural has ill intentions."

"I have a hard time believing that..."

"I can lend you a book about supernatural studies if it helps you get over your fears, at least some of them." He remained silent, mulling over the idea of studying that in which he's afraid of.

"I don't want to read the book alone..." Weighing your options you decided that Asahi was one of the more trustworthy guys. Since he's skittish and seemingly innocent as he's not acknowledged your shorts or tank top. Today was a lot hotter than it's been. It's still an outfit more suited to guys given the fit.

"I can't trust the other guys to take your studying seriously so I guess you can come over if you want. Are you allergic to cats?"

"I- Uh, i'm not allergic no. Are you sure it's okay to stop by? I don't want to intrude!"

"It's fine, you're trustworthy right? Not going to try anything suspicious~?" With a teasing tone in your voice you smirked up at him.

"N- No, i'd n-never!" The deep blush that spread across his cheeks made you giggle, which in turn made him cover his face.

"I'm kidding~ Calm down, sorry."

"So, you have a cat at your house?"

"Yeah, she was outside and I thought it would safer for her to be an indoor cat."

"I thought about having a pet but I was worried it would get lonely while i'm gone."

"Cats take care of themselves mostly, as long as they have food, water, and a litter box they'll be fine. You could get a fish, they have different needs that can get complicated though."

"What type of fish would you recommend?"

"A standard goldfish, they're carp so their tolerance to a unkempt tank is a little higher, you still need to take care of it of course but they're easy to take care of. Most people don't know this but a goldfish can live to the age of twenty or older."


"Yep~ But as it grows you need a bigger tank since they can get pretty big too."

"What about the gross green stuff that grows?"

"A cleaning sponge or maybe a couple of nerite snails but they die quickly in comparison."

"Maybe a fish is too much work..."

"They can be, but looking at a fish tank can calm you down. A cat can be stressful if they start to tear up the furniture... Or have attitude."

"No pets then..."

"What about plants? They can be calming too, i'm not sure what grows well around here and the humidity of your house or apartment can affect things but it's usually worth it when you see new growth." Your little chat had lasted longer than you intended, but it made the trip to the gym feel shorter. Upon entering the gym you heard a quiet yell from a storage closet.

"Um, can someone be locked in there?"

"What the storage room?"

"Yeah, I heard a voice." Asahi instantly paled, maybe you should have reworded that... The rather large man hid behind you, if anything he looks like the threat. Opening the door you peaked inside, illuminated in a dim LED light someone was sitting down playing a game.

"Hello? Are you okay?" The light abruptly shut off, guess they're not supposed to be in here.

"Who, or what is it?!" Asahi had unintentionally grabbed your shoulders, trembling slightly.

"I don't know who it is, who plays games a lot around here?" Instant relief on his end.

"It's probably Kenma..."

"I don't think i've met him yet, are you okay?" He finally let go of your shoulders, bowing in apology.

"You don't need to apologize like that! It's okay!"

"What's going on here? Did something happen?" Hoshi approached, likely seeing the scene from a ways off.

"Not really, Asahi put his hands on my shoulders because he was scared, and thinks that's a problem I guess?"

"Relax! What freaked you out so much?"

"I told him I heard a voice from the storage room, it was someone playing games, not a ghost."

"Okay, believe it or not this isn't the first time this has happened~ Kenma is sneaky and can hide just about anywhere."

"Like a cat?"

"Exactly like a cat, speaking of animals, the owl has showed up, and it looks like he's already in a mood..."

"What do you mean?" Tilting his head towards a group of three, you could see a large, mostly white haired, man crouching in a corner. A man with black hair was trying to calm him down, and another with dirty blond hair, looking utterly annoyed.

"You've all warned me about him but I can't help but want to go over there..."

"I'm not going to stop you, but I will attend your funeral~"

"I like dahlias by the way, if you're picking the flowers~" Giving a co*cky wink you swiftly walked over, ignoring the protests of the other two men around him. The man looks a lot stronger up close... Maybe this is a mistake, but you can't turn back now. Staying behind him you spoke up.

"Hi, are you alright?" Even though he's crouching he's not much shorter than you...


"I'm trying to help." Keeping your voice soft and gentle you debated on placing a hand on his back but that could startle him.

"... I can't tell who you are, but Akaashi and the others are hiding something from me..."

"Why do you think that?"

"They kicked me out of the group chat... And I keep hearing them talk about someone with all these nicknames..." Definitely you they're hiding from him.

"Well, maybe they'll add you back soon, from what i've heard you're very affectionate but it can get out of hand fast. The nicknames, they're probably talking about me... It's embarrassing."

"Hm...?" Tilting his head, he turned around to look at you. His dour expression soon turning into what you assume is neutral for him, somewhat of a crooked smile.

"I'm Y/n, hopefully i'll be your guys medic soon." Smiling at him sincerely you hoped he was done being sad. Even if his sadness seemed exaggerated it could be that all his emotions were this way.

"Oh, there you are!" This emotional wreck of a man had the gall to say that... AFTER looking down! Keep it together Y/n, it's not the first time.


"Now all the nicknames make sense! You're small, and-" He picked you up, well, this seems to be the end according to the other guys.

"- Super cute!" Now Kiyoko's fact of how the brain reacts to cute things. What's stronger than a bear? A gorilla might be... Either way, you're in an unintentional hug of death, he's an anaconda, that's the best analogy for this. It only took seconds for the air to vacate your lungs, now to hope the guys can save you before an untimely demise. Death isn't something you fear per-say but the whole 'life flashing before your eyes' thing is what you didn't want to see... You don't want to look back at what you've seen. Your zoned out form of coping wore off and you found yourself trying to, politely, fight for you life.

Akaashi's POV

She got him out of his emo mode, but at what cost? I don't see Wakatoshi, Aone, Sakusa or Numai, they're some of the strongest here. What about Iwaizumi, I see Oikawa so where is he?

"Oikawa, where's Iwaizumi?!"

"What, why?" I gestured to the possible manslaughter happening in the corner.

"Ahhh! Chibi-chan!?"

"Don't try to pry him off yourself, you're too weak, actually, is Asahi here?" Both of us scrambled to find him, finally we saw him leaving the restroom.

"Asahi! We need your help!"


"Bokuto has Chibi-chan in a vice grip!"


"Yes! Oikawa look for any other strong members while I try to help Asahi." There's a good reason we have this procedure in place, when Bokuto reunited with Hinata after high school he did something very similar. When Noya and Kenma tried to pry him off they failed and made it worse. So when the same thing happened Yachi, we were better prepared and she didn't pass out like Hinata had. From what i've heard about Y/n she could be the only chance of him controlling himself, he refuses to talk to a professional, but seeing him in his current state I don't think things between them would count as professional in the slightest. Other than her being considered cute, he seems to be infatuated with her...


It took Asahi, Kyotani, Iwaizumi, and I's strength to loosen his grip enough. All the while Kuroo talked to him, explaining in their 'bro-language' that what he did could've hurt Y/n, and that he needed to be careful.

"This is why we should've left him."

"Konoha, why didn't you help?!"

"What could I have done?"

"Tried to find someone strong, not just sit there and wait!" Oikawa, against our better judgement, was with Y/n, double checking that she's okay. When she heard us arguing she shakily stood up.

"Don't argue, it was my own fault..."

"What do you mean? Thought he rushed you?" Kyotani had actually been trying the hardest, which is a rare display on his part.

"No, he was sad and I tried to cheer him up. It's like blood sugar, it gets low then when you eat something it'll spike to a high point before leveling out. I took everything into consideration, except not being let in on whatever procedure you guys had planned."

"Little cutie is right, we should've told her about code: owl."

"Oooh! Can I give you nickname?!"

"Yes, but can you introduce yourself first? I don't think you have yet."

"Ah, sorry! Kotaro Bokuto, the best ace!"

"Keep dreamin'" The constant negativity from Konoha finally got on her nerves.

"Hey, I don't know you yet but if you're just here to bring him down why don't you leave." Her normally airy voice turned to icy steel in seconds... Not to mention the daggers being glared into him.

"Make me~" Iwaizumi surprisingly got up to defend her but she motioned him to sit back down.

"Do you want to be humiliated in-front of everyone~? I can defend myself when I have to."

"So what you were just going to let yourself get crushed?"

"He didn't know what he was doing, unlike you who's trying to get a rise out of everyone for attention." Damn. I try not to curse but damn.

"That's what you were doing by helping him, what's the difference!?"

"I helped him so he wouldn't be sad, is that such a bad thing?"

"What do you get out of it, huh?"

"That's enough. Konoha, stop acting up, this isn't like you." When did Kita get here?

"That's his name?"

"His full name is Akinori Konoha."


"If it's alright with you guys i'd like to speak to him alone for a moment."

Back to your POV

"Follow me please." Anger, you never dealt with it well. Finding the source is always a good start to understanding. Before you walked out the side door Kuroo gave you, your jacket. Quickly thanking him you went back to the task at hand.


"Sorry for what I said, I see now that you're going through something. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to make you this angry?"

"Gh-! Why would I tell you!?"

"One, i'm taking a course in psychology, two if you keep this up a few of those guys will probably punch you, three... I just want to help." He looked away, steadying himself before speaking.

"An elective I chose dropped me, chose someone with better grades. Then my stupid family has to rub it in... They made me feel like I don't matter..."

"I don't have experience in this, but would you rather not have a family at all? Think before you answer, and if their reaction truly bothers you, talk to them. Don't yell, don't argue, talk."


"And don't take out your anger on someone you think is an easy target, then you're like them. Besides Bokuto wasn't upset because of you anyway, I honestly think he's a little too cheerful for words alone to get to him."


"Think about what i've said, that's all I ask. I'll leave you alone now." Giving a polite bow you went back into the gym. It seems the gravity of what had happened, ten or so minutes ago had set in. Bokuto was waiting for you, looking upset but not to the same extent.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you, little owl!" Another nickname with a size associated with it... He hugged you, not nearly as tightly but still tight enough to be of concern.

"It-'s o-kay!" Once he released you he started to pat your head, much like co*ckatiel he got a little startled by you hair.

"An egg?!"

"What? No, it's my hair." Carefully he took your beanie.

"So that's how you hide your hair..." Kita looked shocked and impressed at the same time.

"Before anything else happens I don't think you introduced yourself." The black haired man that was originally trying to console Bokuto followed suit.

"Keiji Akaashi. I wish we could've met under better circ*mstances."

"I don't think I have many more people to meet so hopefully I won't need more saving any time soon."

"I know someone you haven't met that should be safe." Kita, who sounded as calm as ever, went into a nearby hallway before coming back with an unfamiliar face.

"So this is who all the fuss has been about." His tone held amusem*nt in it, no malice. Of course he's tall like everyone else, so far his demeanor is like Kita's but with more feeling. There's an obvious difference but that alone shouldn't matter.

"I'm Aran Ojiro, you must be Y/n."

"Mhm. I think I saw you in the group chat a few times, thank you for your concern when I was collateral damage during the twin fight."

"It's nothing, just glad you're okay."

"So am I!" In an entrance Hoshi was holding back co*ckatiel, not very effectively since they were slowly getting closer. Another titan of a guy came up behind them and helped out until co*ckatiel calmed down. Now that you weren't going to be tackled they approached as some of the other guys left for classes.

"So you're the girl Korai has been talking about~" The calm tone and chill expression still harbored a teasing nature, you'd think Hoshi was related but there's way too many difference for that to be the case.

"Y/n, this giant here, is-"

"Sachiro Hirugami, i'm not part of this whole thing, but I decided to visit since I had free-time."

"I'm Y/n as you've heard. Hoshi what have you been saying about me?"

Hoshiumi's POV

She's pouting, i'm not sure she knows it either, but the guys within a thirty foot radius are frazzled.

"That you've had a string of back luck since you've started coming here."

"Eh? I wouldn't call it bad luck, if anything it's a little comforting."


"Chibi-chan, how is almost getting crushed in different ways comforting?"

"Not that specifically! I mean, as sappy as it sounds, that you guys are caring, or at least acting like you care..." The last part of her sentence was quiet, nearly inaudible.

"Y/n, forgive me if I overstep, but are things okay at your household?" Kita...

"Hm? Yeah, everything's fine at home. Well Tabitha might be clawing the couch but other than that everything's okay."

"Tabitha?" Gawa tilted his head, furthering his nickname from her.

"My cat."

"I heard something about a cat?" Cue Kozume, and Sachiro's interest.

"Oh, I think I interrupted your gaming session earlier, I apologize."

"It's okay, what kind of cat?"

"She's a tabby, probably around two or three years old, massive for a female..."

"Is she spayed?"

"Before you get weirded out Sachiro here is studying veterinary medicine."

"I don't think so, she was a stray but i've already checked her for any fleas or other pests. Since I was feeding her I don't think she spent a lot of time in the nearby tree-line." Just then an alarm sounded from her phone, by alarm I mean an irritating jingle.

"I need to get going for my next class, see you later everyone."

"I'll make sure you don't get lost again!" Gawa saw his opportunity and ran with it.

Chapter 3


Shenanigans and some info about this Y/n.
Keep in mind that this series is to the side as of right now, so updates won't be as regular.

Chapter Text

You told co*ckatiel where you needed to go, he lead the way and didn't say much but his attitude is still cheerful.

"What did you and Konoha talk about by the way? He wasn't mean was he?"

"I asked him is something was bothering him, turns out he received some bad news and that's why he was irate. He should be fine now, but I wouldn't push the subject." He nodded, his hair floof in front not budging. With his hands on the back of his neck walking in a relaxed pose, he kept thinking, about what you're not sure.


"Here we are, doesn't look like a lot of people are here..." He's right, the class is nearly empty save for a few, displeased looking students. The professor himself doesn't look too chipper either.

"Okay then, thank you co*ckatiel."

"Y-yep! No problem!" He ran off in a hurry, dork.


Another class that was introductory information, topics you already knew about and as far as you knew, you were the only one interested. That being said you still went up to the exhausted looking professor to ask a question.

"Excuse me, I need to double check something."

"Hm? Yeah what is it?" So monotone.

"I've been hanging around the volleyball gym lately and hope to be their medic, do I need a paper or slip for that?"

"What makes you think you're qualified?"

"What makes you think i'm not?"

"There's a test you need to take, i'll dig it up eventually. Anything else?"

"Yeah, sorry. Numai's thumb keeps dislocating, I told him he needs to rest it properly for it to fully heal, is that correct?"



"Not following directions?"

"Very likely."

"You're right it never fully healed. Try to keep on him about that, what's your name anyway?" He... He didn't even know your name?!

"Y/n. I think i'm the only one that actually wanted to be in this class... No offense of course."

"It appears so, just call me Po, I don't care for the title of professor."

"Okay, see you whenever I have class next." The second you shut the door you realized there was a problem... You didn't memorize the way back, and no one was around... Dang it. Should you text the group chat? If you did there's a risk that everyone would show up... It's nice to have friends again but it's overwhelming to say the least.

"Y/n?" Rounding the corner were two familiar faces.

"Sawamura, Sugawara, good thing you came by. I was about to get lost again."

"You can call me Daichi it's alright, I don't think anyone calls me by my last name anymore."

"And you can call me Suga like everyone else too!"

"Okay! Has Asahi left already? I think he planned to come over to my place today."

"Ghk-!" Tilting your head in confusion you weren't sure why Suga made such a sound.

"Calm down Suga, why is he stopping over Y/n?"

"I wanted to help him with his fear of the paranormal, and if I lent him the book to take home he'd be too afraid, if he read it with the other guys they'd make it worse. I figured him coming by himself would be fine then."

"Mind if we come along?"

"As long as you promise not to make fun of him or scare him intentionally, also I have a cat if you have an allergy. Do you guys live near campus?" A word vomit of questions spilled out, a deep nervousness started to brew.


"Close enough."

"I didn't ask Asahi if he did, does he?"

"It's not too far, let get going before he gets too down."

Suga's POV

I'm messaging him, why wouldn't he tell us about this!? Daichi is keeping his cool but I can tell he's internally getting ready to yell.

'Hey Asahi, do you have any plans rn?'

'Maybe, do you know where Y/n is?'


'I'm worried she's lost again.'

'That's it?'

'You're with her now aren't you...?'

'Yes you traitor!'

'It would've been rude to decline!'


'Is it just you or?'


'I see...'

'We're coming along with you to her house.'

'Is she okay with that?'

'I guess so, we're the more responsible ones right?'

'Apparently, i'm across the street from the main building. Try not to tell the other guys, they'll kill me, and probably you two.'


Tucking my phone away I looked behind us to make sure she was still following, the moment she noticed me looking back she gave a joyful smile.

"I wasn't here earlier but I heard from Kita you met Bokuto today?" Is Daichi serious?!

"Wait you did?!"

"-Sigh- Yes, you guys don't have to make a big deal of it, i'm fine."

"Sorry but you can understand our worry right?"

"Yeah, at the very least if no one intervened I would've passed out but I think at that point he would've let go and panicked."

"Probably, but he's an actual grizzly bear!" I can't believe she's this calm!

"Have you ever been in his hug of death?"



"He's more like an anaconda..."

Back to your POV

They stopped in their tracks.

"Okay, we're checking you."

"Wait what?! I'm fine, plus you wouldn't know what to look for anyway!" Their intentions are good but you didn't feel like being patted down. The exit is straight ahead across a long hallway. Time to run.

Daichi's POV

Y/n suddenly ducked and dashed forward, racing down the hall at surprising speeds.

"Is she faster than Hinata?"

"It's very possible, wonder if she was part of the track team like Kiyoko?"

Back to your POV

Hehe~ It's been awhile since you've ran this fast, it feels good to finally put your shoes to good use. Of course you looked both ways when reaching the street, then continued to dash across the street to Asahi.

"Why are you running?!"

"Daichi and Suga wanted to check me for injuries but I told them I was fine, and ran away from them."

"Y/n! Let us check if you're hurt!"

"Oh, Suga is in protective Mom mode."

"That's a thing?"

"Yep." Daichi had a calm but quick pace while Suga was coming at your full force.

"Calm down! Let's compromise!" Holding the back of his shirt the other two guys were keeping him at bay.

"Let's hear it." The negotiator, Daichi. If Suga's the mom it's not too far of a stretch to say he's the dad.

"When Sakusa comes back he can check, since he knows what to look for. You two can supervise or whatever."

"Fine, you okay with this arrangement?"

"Somewhat..." Suga muttered this response.

"Let's get going, it's not that far but I don't want to start studying the topic at night." You lead the way, you're pretty sure the guys are jabbing each other behind you. Cute. Your stride is roughly half of theirs, meaning you had to power walk compared to their casual pace. In your muscle memory of a habit you checked your mail, there's the normal advertisem*nts then a note. Unlocking the door you let the guys in before setting the mail on the table.

"Help yourselves to whatever, and Tabitha is an indoor cat solely now so don't let her out."

"Wow, you live here alone?"

"Yes. It's roomy but it's not that big, two spare rooms, and I use one for plants not that someone couldn't stay there if need be."

"You should see Kenma's place, it's huge!"

"Kozume, the guy playing games right?"

"Yeah, once again he's a guy you can call by his first name, i'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Anyway you should be able to find cups in the cabinets for whatever you'd like to drink and help yourselves to the food. I'm going to change real quick then get the right books." Heading up the small staircase you went in your room, changing into what you wear at night, that being a long nightgown, since you have a bunch of dudes over you threw on a pair of shorts too. The spare room held several bookcases, grabbing the paranormal studies, and a few on botany and fish you took the semi-heavy stack back downstairs.

"O-kay! I also brought these in case any of you wanted to know a bit about this as well."

"This book isn't cursed or anything is it...?"

"I've read it and had it in my house and nothing bad has happened."

"What about your bad luck?"

"I had that before the book, don't worry." As you headed off to feed Tabitha you remembered the note you had received, the clatter of cat food urged the tabby out of hiding and you grabbed onto the note. It's hand written.

'Don't freak out, this isn't a threat or anything cliché. I wanted to let you know that I did check the perimeter of your place, nothing suspicious~ But your shed is slowly decaying, and has a massive wasp nest. The neighbor behind your house seems creepy so make sure your back door is locked.

Sincerely: Suna~'

At least he keeps his word, when did he have the time to look around anyway. On the back you noticed a little side note.

'P.S your door lock earns an A+ couldn't pick the lock, i'm not a stalker I just wanted to see if the lock held up.'

Now you're a little creeped out but he seems to be honest, can a cat be taught to attack intruders? A bird can, surely there's a method of training a cat. Going back to the guys, you noted that Suga was just as interested in the paranormal as Asahi, the two of them reading together while Daichi looked around.

"This question might seem a bit random but Suna is a trustable guy right?"

"That is random, why do you ask?"

"Well, when he walked me home we talked about him possibly becoming a detective since he's always taking pictures and being curious about people. He said he stake out my house later, I thought it was a joke but according to the note I got in the mail, he actually looked around."

"I mean, i've never known him to lie but at the same time he's clearly a sneak." Suga piped up, still trying to read at the same time.

"Did he incriminate himself in this note." Looking away you tried to avoid answering the ever adamant Daichi.


"I mean, sort of, but if he was doing something sketchy why would he tell me about it?" That stumped him, only for a moment.

"Reverse psychology, what did he say?"

"That he tested my door lock by trying to pick it. Which he couldn't and said that was good."

"Of course Suna knows how to pick locks."

"Does anyone else? Maybe that's why he checked? He also said my neighbor in the back is kinda suspicious. My back door has the same lock."

"No one outright would tell me if they knew how to pick a lock, but I feel like a small portion of them can..."

"Well Iwaizumi said you were basically campus security, and if Suna is a detective why don't you two talk it out? He probably has a list of any possible threats to certain areas or people. I probably have my own file for risks..."

"-sigh- I'll see what I can do, thanks for telling me." You tilted your head once more in confusion.

"You're welcome?" Just then Tabitha started to jump on the kitchen counter, the thud startling Asahi and gaining Suga's attention. A june bug got in.

"I'm going to go hide, please kill the bug!" Like instinct you hunkered down, wanting to avoid the flying menace at all costs.

Glancing outside from your plant room you noticed it had gotten dark fast, storms clouds rolled in, in the short amount of time the guys had been present. Checking the weather on your phone it warned of a severe thunderstorm, one of the perks of late spring... A soft thudding of rain signaled the beginning.

"H-hey, Y/n?"

"Did you get the bug?" Asahi himself looked terrified, did he not likes bugs either?

"Daichi did but it went after Suga first... But we all have a question and i'm not sure how you'll answer" That explains his fear.

"If you guys want to stay over it's fine, I don't have any spare clothes that'll fit you though." From the short hallway you heard Suga.

"Told you!" Going back to the living room you noticed a few of the lamps already on, and Tabitha claiming one of the books as her temporary bed.

"It might be a good thing you guys are here, storms can kinda freak me out if they're bad enough."

"I told you about my fears but what about yours Y/n?"

"Bugs, obviously, but also certain loud noises, especially loud pops or bangs."

"I'm not sure if I have any phobias."

"Ducks." What? Everyone collectively looked at Suga.

"Like Geese? Or only ducks?"

"Any of them that attack because they can!"

"Swans count, most water birds then."

"Yes! It's not a stupid fear either!"

"Swans can break bones with their wings, it's valid, plus ducks can have weird teeth on their tongues... Gross."


"I'm going to get some flashlights and another book or two, be back in a bit."

Asahi's POV

Ducks have tongue teeth?! If anything i'm gaining new fears by learning... And that bug had it out for Suga, it kept trying to land on him. Trying to clear my head I picked up the plant book, a small piece of paper dropped out of it, a book mark maybe? There's a poem on it.

I wear my heart on my sleeve

But my clothes are stretched and faded

I wear my heart on my sleeve

but cannot help but hate it

My heart then recedes deep within my jacket

I wore my heart on my sleeve so everyone attacked it

My heart overheats burning every emotion

My heart slowly bleeds with every striking motion

I wore my heart on my sleeve

Now I try to protect it

My heart's not to be seen

But i'm still neglected

I hide my heart underneath

But it's still detected.

Keeping my peace

I avoid those who caused this.

I wore my heart on my sleeve

And look at what it costed.

It's hand written, Y/n must have jotted it down then forgot about it. It's sad, it's real, it makes me wonder what exactly happened to her.





"Sorry!" The lights flickered before staying on, but that didn't help cover up an uneasy feeling we all had.

"Should we check on Y/n?" She said loud bangs or pops, does a crack count?

"Yeah, if that scared all of us it probably scared her." Daichi lead the way, and I brought up the rear. Where is she anyway? Carefully we each peeked in a room.

"I found the plant room, it's cool." The room I looked in happened to be her bedroom, once I saw she wasn't there I shut the door.

"Not in her bedroom." We both looked to where Daichi was only to see that he had gone in the spare room without a word.

Daichi's POV

I opened the door to see Y/n on the floor, knees to her chest, trembling and completely silent. I don't know what to do. If I call out she might get scared again, same if I touch her, but I have to do something. Slowly approaching I tried not to make sudden movements, gently putting my hand out, on top of her head. The trembling stopped, looking up I saw her eyes, nothing but panic and dread filling them.

"Y/n...? You're okay. It's only the storm, nothing here will hurt you." Kiyoko and Yachi might know what to do. Pulling out my phone I quickly messaged them.




'Y/n's having a breakdown, what do I do?'

'Breakdown how?'

'Quiet, curled up, lightly shaking.'

'The thunder?'


'Well, is it just you at her house?'

'No, me, Asahi and Suga.'

'Well, one of you needs to hold her, take shifts if it makes it less awkward. She gets like Aone when shutting down, she has trouble getting words out'

'She'll be okay with us doing that?'

'She's been knocked out, flattened, kidnapped, and squeezed, you think she'll have a problem with you guys comforting her?'

'Fair enough. I'll let you know if anything else happens.'

I trust Asahi but Suga might slip up and do something stupid, he's reliable but sometimes his inner dumb*ss breaks through.

"D-Daichi? What's wrong with her?" Asahi, still scared by the lightening strike himself, poked his head through the doorway.

"She's having an anxiety attack, I already asked Kiyoko what to do. Turns out we need to maintain physical contact, plus for awhile she may not speak."

"Physical contact?" Suga echoed this statement.

"Yeah, like holding her I guess? I'm not good at comforting people alright."

"You're usually the reason they need comforted." As I said, his inner dumb*ss.

"Quiet. She suggested that we take shifts in case any one of us feels too awkward."

"Do we move her? Or can she walk?" Asahi brings up a good point. Crouching back down, I took her hand carefully.

"Hey, Y/n, can you walk?" Holding onto my hand a little tighter she stood up, still silent, and still shaky.

"I'm taking you to your room, is that alright?"


"It's like meeting Aone for the first time... So confusing."

"Your motherly instincts need to kick in for this Suga, tend to your scared child." Abruptly he picked her up and headed towards her room, laying Y/n on her bed and covering her. This reminds me of when Hinata was sick one year... Full mom mode Suga.

"Which one of us is staying with her first?"

"Alphabetical order?"

"I-I'm not sure if I can! What if I accidently hurt her!?"

"I'm not even sure if you can, you usually can't hurt a fly let alone a person."

"She needs your bear like stature to make her feel safe, use it to your advantage for once."

"Fine... How long?"

"A few hours, if you fall asleep it's okay, as long as she feels protected."

"Okay... Will she be better in the morning?"

"That's where the silent part comes in, or if she needs something during the night, we can't leave her while the storm goes on in case another close lightening strike hits." Asahi took a deep breath and calmly walked into her room, sitting on the edge of the bed and brushing the hair from her face. He'll do fine.


They're both asleep, I guess at some point Asahi got the courage to lay down with Y/n. Her shaking is gone entirely, I can imagine that's tiring... I remember having a fever and my whole body tensed and shook like that for awhile, it's horrible. Suga passed out in the guest room, Y/n was setting things up before she broke down. Putting sheets on the guest bed and making sure the half-bathroom was stocked... She's caring, it's horrible to see her go through this, I want to protect people but there's nothing I can do for anyone when the threat is in their head. That's what she's trying to do, maybe this is why? I need to ask Kiyoko more questions, hopefully she's still awake.


'You up?'

'Somewhat, did something happen?'

'Not really, but I was wondering, what would happen if Y/n broke down but no one was here to help her?'

'Well, that has happened before... She stays sitting down for hours, crying, shaking, either until she realizes nothings happening or until she loses consciousness. Still after an incident she'll be quiet the following day.'

'What is this that she suffers from? Is it panic attacks?'

'I know you won't stop asking so i'll give you a straight answer, and I trust you won't tell anyone that doesn't need to know.'

'Ma'am, yes ma'am'

'Four letters P T S D the rest is up to Y/n to tell you about. The more you guys get to know her the more willing she'll be to tell you. I assume everyone will be trying to get her trust for various reasons, maybe in a few weeks when it's spring break we can all do something as a group.'

'Maybe, thank you Kiyoko, and sorry to bother you again.'

'It's fine, i'm glad you guys are there.'

Asahi's shift is up, at this rate Suga shouldn't be needed, he can help her tomorrow by taking her to her classes. Quietly I tried to wake Asahi up, I have to be careful of he'll get scared and wake Y/n.


"Oh, I- Uh, time to switch right?" He's all over the place emotionally, embarrassed that he was holding her, scared that he overstepped, and probably worried that she'll think less of him.

"Yeah, my shift, the guest room is set up." Easing out of the bed he groggily walked out. Now for me to somehow get into the bed. It could be a good thing that she's exhausted, she's sleeping like a log. Lying next to her I realize just how small she is. It might be an unhealthy small, I know she eats but it might not be enough proteins... That being said she does have muscle, it's usually hidden under her clothes but up close I can make out, small, but strong muscles. To get my mind off of looking at her, I checked the weather on my phone, it's going to keep storming until the morning. I think her classes are in the afternoon, hopefully that works out. Slowly I made sure to actually hold her, Kiyoko said this is an important part of calming her down... When Kuroo told me what Hiroo did, they both were surprised she fell asleep so fast, was it because Hiroo was holding her? Does she need contact to sleep well? I'm thinking too much, for now I need to try and rest too.


Back to your POV

There's an odd sensation on your back, is Tabitha poking you? Can cats do that?

"Maybe we should call her professors or something?"

"No, we have to get her up, I asked Kiyoko." Now you remember, you had a breakdown in front of them... Pulling the blankets entirely over your head caused both a sigh of relief and a sound of shock.

"Y/n if you're awake you need to get up and get ready. You have classes right?"


"C'mon, Kiyoko will kill us if you're a no show!" Suga isn't wrong. She's quite scary. Sticking your arms out of the blanket nest you had made, you motioned for something to write on.

"Ah, give me a second." Heavy steps sounded and you felt a pen and notepad in your hands. Scrawling your main concern out you hesitantly pushed the note back out for them, keeping the pen.


Can they not read your writing? You do write in cursive.

"Why would we hate you...?" More rapid writing.

Suga's POV

This is getting heavier than I expected... The next little note made us worry more.

'Mess, burden, broken.'

"Look I don't know much about dealing with thoughts that depressing but I do know that you're brain is lying to you! Everyone's a mess! You're not a burden, we all enjoy your company! And if need be the entire, massive network of teams will make sure you're not broken anymore!" I don't know where those words came from, i've seen what thoughts like this can do to people. Daichi and Asahi are speechless, i'm speechless. Was I too harsh? It felt intense.

"Hey- I didn't mean to yell, sorry if I upset you more..." We have only known her for a few days but I don't want her to beat herself up. If she's worse Daichi is going to kill me... Another note popped out.

'Thank you. Leave my room so I can change please.' This piece of paper is dotted with tears, happy tears?

Back to your POV

The door softly thudded shut, once it did you flung the covers off and cleaned yourself up. Throwing on a baggy, light colored hoodie and fake jeans, today was a comfort day. A gray beanie for a foggy mind... Stepping out of your room you went about your normal routine of feeding Tabitha, only to see that she was already fed.


"You replacing me already Tabitha?" As if to answer she rubbed against Asahi, who had probably fed her.

"Oh, you're up. Do you have everything?"

"Mhm." It still felt wrong to speak too much, a weird after effect of a break down that you hated. If need be you could have Daichi explain to the others what happened, they might think you're mad at them. Despite knowing everyone for a short amount of time, being around them felt right, felt comfortable. As if you'd known them all for years already. There are a few exceptions of course but they'll likely come around too.


Asahi and Daichi continued to the campus while Suga stayed with you, thankfully Oikawa wasn't at the cafe today. He would keep bothering you until you spoke.

"Hello, Y/n, the usual?" Misaki happily greeted you, not acknowledging Suga as someone that came in with you rather a separate customer.


"I don't think i've been here before even though it's five minutes from campus. What do you usually get anyway?" The talking thing might have slipped his mind already. A harsh yellow stood out against the sienna wall in the back. Kyotani is trying, and failing to hide.

"Mad-Dog you work here!?" Again that nickname, it fits but he doesn't seem to like it.

"Is that a problem?!"

"I- I mean no-! It's just unexpected is all!"

"Here you go~! Did you want anything sir?" Visible disgust spread across his face at that term.

"I'm not that old..."

"I didn't mean it that way! Sorry!"


In the end Suga got lemon bread, and a water, at a ten percent discount since Misaki insisted to make up for her mistake. In her defense there aren't many guys with grayish hair that stop by often, and it's a common term too.

"What class do you have to get to Y/n?"

"I can find it." Your voice was barely a whisper, a whisper that he heard at least.

"Are you sure?" Nodding you set off, your psychology class wasn't too far away from the entrance. He half shouted that he'd send someone to help you get to your next class. Giving him a thumbs up you double checked that you had the right location and went in. Relieved that you were right for once.


More introductory topics and an optional assignment, you thought there'd be more work to do at this stage but you're partially relieved. There's a half hour gap between your classes but you didn't want to take the risk of being late to your first Neuroscience class given its prestige.

"Hey..." A quiet greeting almost startled you, you recognized him as the guy Kuroo chased when you met Numai.


"Where do you need to go." Handing him a note card he glanced at you skeptically.

"Are you positive that's your class?" A little miffed you nodded aggressively, he didn't question why you weren't speaking much, maybe Suga filled him in since he doesn't seem the type to gossip.

Kuguri's POV

Neuroscience...? Is she that intelligent? This class is psychology, and the other day it was sports medicine.

"Are you trying to be a doctor?" Less angry she shook her head. It's like she wanted to speak but couldn't make herself. I won't push her.


"We're here." Putting her hands together she thanked me, and went into the lecture hall which already had a few students waiting. This class looks brutal... I hope she can handle it.

Back to your POV

Placing your supplies on the desk of your choice you noticed that the professor was also present already, messing with something in his bag, not acknowledging or greeting anyone. As more students trickled in something became apparent, everyone else has a med-school ID tag. There weren't any listed requirements aside from core credits, and the name of the professor didn't stand out to you. This must be an elite class... Rarely do you question your intelligence but damn if these med students didn't make your doubt go through the roof. It's like reciting poetry in high-school all over again. No one likes poetry anymore. The loud locking mechanism of a door brought you out of your flashback spiral. The main door was locked, anyone who wasn't on time couldn't get in now. A harsh method for the first day.

"I'm sure most of you know that I am professor Yuzuru, and would like to addressed as such." From his bag he pulled out a large jar that, of course, housed what appeared to be a human brain. Floating in the preserving liquid that had gotten a slight yellow hue from age, that or it was the glass.

"Now those of you that do know about my teaching methods, know that I expect my students to be enrolled in a proper medical institution. Those who do not, will be tested immediately." The set of indigo eyes met yours with a malicious glee.

"You, girl. Come up here and tell us a few that you know about the intricacies of the brain." Obviously there's a mocking tone in his voice, one that infuriates you beyond reason. Stepping up to the chalk board behind a wide desk, you wrote your name under his before turning back to the other students.

"Okay 'class' is this the brain in its natural form?" They looked towards Yuzuru for a confirmation.

"Let's humor her questions." The collective census was no.

"Correct, the brain doesn't really have a set form, without this preserving fluid it would be a pile of mush. Now, can the brain feel pain?" The answers were more divided with your own smirk you turned to the professor.

"Care to tell them the answer~?"

"Tch. The brain cannot feel touch or pain, those who didn't know that should be ashamed!" Kicking things up a notch you decided to write down some rare conditions. Speaking while trying to write the words big enough, you had to grab a stool so the words would be seen by all.

"Now i'd like you all to pull out a sheet of paper, and describe, without notes or looking it up, what these conditions are. The answer can be vague or detailed, i'm not grading them~" You looked back at the board and double checked you had spelled it all correctly.

Kluver Bucy syndrome

Telosa Hunt syndrome

Central core disease

Kleine-Levin syndrome

Exploding head syndrome

"I know these conditions are rare but if you're truly trying to understand the medical aspects of the brain, you need to consider all possibilities. I'm here to understand the emotions and what affects them. I do know that a lot of you have to have something wrong with your ACC's and FIC's to be this damn full of yourselves! Professor Yuzuru, since i've done more teaching than you have, may I leave early? These 'certified' med students are going to be writing things down for awhile." Those same deep blue eyes, met yours again, this time holding no ill intent, rather a wash of surprise coated them.

"What's your name, girl?"

"It's on the board. I mean no harm in how i'm behaving but I cannot tolerate those who think they are above others. If anyone wants my respect they need to earn it..." Running a hand through his salt & pepper hair, he looked at the board, then to his students. The majority looked entirely lost.

"You may leave... And I apologize for doubting you based on status. This doesn't mean i'll be lenient in the future."

"I understand." Gathering your things you unlocked the door and stepped into the hallway, taking a deep breath and looking out a nearby window. A light mist had been coming down since the morning, the clouds are still bright with breaks of blue here and there. Now to find the gym on your own for once.


You actually found it, but there's another problem... Hardly anyone is here! There's a particular set of three hanging around but your last encounter didn't make another interaction sound promising... Thankfully that bout of rage had fixed your 'not talking' problem but that doesn't change the fact you have nothing to speak to them about. The taller of the three spotted you. Playing it cool they simply walked over instead of rushing like Hinata or Nishinoya would, actually there's a lot that would rush over... co*ckatiel would one-hundred percent, and it'd probably feel like being hit with a truck.

"Hey there~ Are you skipping class~?" Such a sultry tone behind a normal conversation, unnecessary.

"No, it's complicated."

"Which class is it? I know a few of the professors can be a bit snippy on their first day." Bobata had already sat beside you on the bleachers, not trying to invade your space, rather relax as much as possible.


"....." They get stunted easily too.

"How the hell did you get sent out then? They kick you out?"

"They better not have! We'll personally kick their-"

"Soma, Yuji, chill out. Let her explain, that is if you want to." Apparently Oyasu has a violent streak, noted.

"I was singled out for not being a med-student so I showed them up. Then asked if I could leave early. Professor Yuzuru agreed. That being said, are you three skipping class?" Two looked away while the man relaxing on the bleachers simply froze.

"Core classes?"

"-Sigh- Yeah." Bobata.

"Algebra." Oyasu.

"Honestly I don't even know but it's not something i'm interested in." Lastly, Terushima.

"Are you guys here from a scholarship?" The three nodded.

"Then you should go to the classes, it's disrespectful to those who actually have to pay." Glaring at them you managed to strike fear in all but one... You struck something entirely different in him.

"Scold me more mami~" He vaguely looks like he could be partially Hispanic, but that doesn't make you less stunned.

"Terushima, I can't respond because if I tell you 'no' that's scolding you, if I go along with your advances then it's another issue entirely!"

"Yup! So you're stuck with me~" He put his arm around your shoulder and quickly pulled you closer. This kind of contact you were accustomed to, what followed, not so much. As the next hour had struck he used his phone alarm as a distraction to quickly peck you on the cheek. Call it reflex but you sort of, maybe, possibly, b*tch slapped him, it echoed through the gymnasium.




"S-Sorry! It was a reflex, online self defense classes!"

"Don't apologize!" Raising from the bleachers a few rows behind the group was Suna, phone in his hand, recording. Oyasu and Bobata quickly left, leaving Terushima to dig his-self out of the grave he'd dug. Suna simply smirked, sad*stic sparkle in his eyes. Something tells you he already sent the video to someone.

"Suna, you don't have to ruin his whole career over a peck... I mean it wasn't right but the slap should be enough of a lesson."

"Hmm... Maybe but i'm streaming to the group chat."

"Oh you're dead, dead."

"You were just defending me!"

"Yeah but I can't protect you physically from over forty dudes. Or however many are showing up today."

"You're best bet is to start running~" Now you're left with Suna, who had eerily stopped recording. That is-

"You didn't record or stream did you?"


"-Sigh- What were you doing here anyway?"

"Break between classes. By the way Suga and Daichi are freaking out in the group chat, were you supposed to wait for them?"

"Technically? Tell them that I found the gym on my own!"


Not too long after a majority of the guys had filed in, Hoshi and co*ckatiel being the first pair to spot you. In which the mostly blonde, picked you up from under your arms as if you were a disgruntled cat.

"The captains thought you were lost again-!"

"He thought you were lost too."

"Any reason i'm being held?"

"Air jail, you can't run off now!" Another thing you were used to, being picked up at random but the majority of the guys here can do it a helluva lot easier than the dudes in the start of high-school. He's holding this position a lot better than you'd have thought, just how long is he going to hold you out in front of him? He started to jog away from the stands, Hoshi following to make sure nothing else happened.

"Guys I found her!"

"Kogane! Put her down!" Daichi wasn't sure what to do, he didn't want to pick you up, but co*ckatiel was being stubborn.

"I don't want little dudette to get lost!"

"She's not a child, we insist you set her down." That stoic, stern voice let you know that Ushijima was present now, this whole time you were facing Koganegawa since he didn't turn you around.

"Not what I meant, she's tiny and the gym is packed today!"

"I'd let her go, Sakusa is coming in any minute, if he's still protective of her, he may act irrationally towards you." Kita spoke up, the slightest hint of amusem*nt lacing his voice. co*ckatiel being who he is, straight up dropped you. Which is fine but startling.

"He's right ya know, I can't see her now~" Tsukkishima had showed up out of nowhere, Yamaguchi wasn't around to keep him in check.

"Shut it, lamp post."

"How original, like I haven't heard that a million times."

"You think you deserve a unique nickname~?"

"Tch! Whatever pipsqueak, i'll have to buy you bell so I don't trip over you."

"Ara ara~ I think you have the order wrong there~" Time to shut him up.

"What are you talking about?"

"You'd have to fall for me first then buy me a collar~" You could be a tease, this you knew, it's easy to tease guys, especially guys at the height of their hormones. Your voice can turn seductive in an instant, your borderline pitch made it simple. Just because you were homeschooled online through most of puberty doesn't mean you're clueless about lewd topics. If anything you had more time to 'research', probably why you're a little more tolerant to Terushima's antics.

"W-what-?! I- Ugh!" It worked, stumbling over his words and nearly a volleyball he stormed off. However the others around you were also affected, either hiding their face or turning around.

"That's all it takes...? Honestly? I expected more from a few of you." Suga, very confused as to what was going on, told you to follow him. In a corner Sakusa was waiting, still intimidating as ever. Komori wasn't present.

"Um, welcome back?"

"I'm supposed to check you for injuries?" A rather large hand had grabbed the hem of your hoodie already.

"S-Suga! Can we at least do this in the actual medical bay?!"


"I'm pretty certain nothing broke-"

"We're not trying to question your intelligence, we, meaning me, Daichi and Asahi, think you'd hide an injury as to not upset anyone. Are we wrong?" There's a hint of teasing in his words, the three of them were spot on, it's only natural to hide injuries, physical or emotional.

"Dang it..." Sakusa gestured to the raised chair, sort of akin to a dentists chair or examination table. This way you'd be at a reasonable height for your impromptu doctor. Taking off the oversized hoodie you weren't sure what to do next. Neither of the guys knew either.

"I mean, if you're certain you're fine and it's been a couple of days there's not a need for a full examination..."

"That's what i've been trying to say."

"I'm just gonna head out, sorry Y/n!" Suga's more spineless than you thought, or he trusted the intimidating germaphobe to behave.



He picked up your jacket and practically hosed is down in lysol, you didn't mind the smell of the cleaning product at all but the amount seemed excessive. Once he deemed it satisfactory he assisted you in putting it back on, before embracing you. At least his actions made sense now. At least he's aware of his strength, it's a tight hold nonetheless.

"Um? Are you okay?"

"... I am. This is me thanking you."

"That spinal tap hurt a lot didn't it?"

"I think I kicked a doctor..."

"Eh?! Are they okay?!" This made him quietly laugh, you could tell since he still hadn't let go of you, the vibrations in his chest were a giveaway.

"Yes, and since I was not in the right state of mind he didn't blame me."

"Sakusa, i'm not meaning to rush you but you've been holding me for a long time..." His body tensed as the realization dawned on him.

"S-Sorry! I'm sure Motoya is looking for me, see you later?"

"It's fine, go on, i'll probably stay here for a moment." Much like Suga he booked it out of there. Hopping down from the table you decided to rest on the shorter bed. The shaking from last night had put strain on your muscles, slowly pushing them to their limit and holding them there in waves. The relief when it calms down is warm and peaceful, that's what normally helps you sleep afterwards. It was different last night, having someone there with you, when times are tough, when you feel ultimately alone, when your terrible thoughts are all you hear... Voices in the hallway were getting closer.

"Dumb*ss! Still receiving with your damn face!"

"I've gotten better! Shut up!" Hinata, and Kageyama, you didn't know them that well but Hinata seems to be innocent enough, it could be a front though. Like the others he has a well toned build, but smaller, lean if you will. As for Kageyama he has resting b*tch face and doesn't seem to know it, personality wise he's awkward and probably uses the wrong words to explain certain things.

"Just get some tissues for your nose, dumb*ss! If it doesn't stop you'll faint!"

"I can't die from this can I?!" He could but it would have to be severe, unless he had thin blood.

"I don't know! Shut up and grab something-! Not me, dumb*ss!" He didn't specify. This interaction made you giggle, this brought their attention to your closed curtain. Crap. The curtain ripped open, nearly popping off the metal rings attached to the horizontal pole holding it.


"-Sigh- I thought you were a ghost!"

"Don't yell at her! Are you okay?"

"Dumb*ss what if it's a personal reason!"

"Can you calm down, both of you."

""He started it!!""

"You two need couples therapy..." Your statement disgusted them, but they did quiet down.

"So... Why are you in here?"

"Tired, needed a break from everyone but didn't want to leave yet."

"You can't just sleep a room away from a bunch of male idiots! What if someone else came in here like Terushima, or Oikawa!"

"You think of them that lowly?"

"Yeah that's a bit harsh Kageyama, they'd never purposely hurt Y/n, or any woman." Did lewd implications work on the awkward and the hopefully innocent?

"Well, some people like pain~ Personally not my thing, i'm sure a few of the guys have indulged in a few 'partners' kinks~" You didn't add in that you had no clue what you were into because they already had enough. Kageyama turned around entirely, and Hinata's nose started to bleed again.

"You two alright~?"

"Y-yeah! Perf- Perfectly fine!"

"....." So he is innocent? Maybe? You have a feeling once he's comfortable around you he'll be a bit more forward.

"Well, i'll give you some privacy, I don't want the captains to start worrying again." Leaving them in the infirmary you stepped back into the chaos.


"Oh, Y/n are you alright?"

"I'm okay Ennosh*ta, I needed a break is all." He's one of the normal few in the rowdy bunch.

"Out of the several things that have happened to you physically was my whole hand ordeal the worst?" Kunimi brought up a good question.

"It's hard to say, they were all accidents, well what Terushima did was on purpose but not painful."

"Wait, what did Terushima do?" You forgot that no one knew, to be honest Suna or Oyasu would've let it slip eventually.

"I'm not trying to be a snitch..."

"We'll just bring you to the captains if you don't tell us."

"Are you sure you're not related to Suna, Kunimi?"

"Pretty sure. Now what did he do?"

"-Sigh- He kissed me on the cheek and I ended up slapping him, more out of reflex than spite."

"Yup, i'm telling the captains~"

"Just don't tell them I told you alright... It makes me feel bad."

"You shouldn't feel bad for him, he assaulted you."

"I don't really think a peck on the cheek is assault, backhanding someone is assault. Sending him to a volleyball firing squad is being an accomplice to further assault or attempted murder..."

"Either way i'm telling them, they'll probably start babying you."

"I'm not sure any of them are capable of that..."

"She's right, i'm trying to imagine them taking care of a child and it does not end well, Kunimi." He had sent the message to the captains, now you wanted to head back to the infirmary and hide.


Minutes later a majority of the captains had started showing up, badgering you about what happened. Then Bokuto showed up, in his down mood, he grabbed onto you pulling you to the floor to cuddle. Right there. In the middle of the hallway. In front of the other guys.

"Be careful with Chibi-chan!"

"C'mon Bokuto bro, at least get somewhere softer."

"Unhand her." Ushijima is scary even when he's caring...

"I'd protest too but honestly she seems to like being cuddled..." You tried to ignore what Daichi said, mostly because it's true. It's time to cheer up their resident owl.

"What's wrong Bokuto?"

"Tsukkishima." Is... Is that the only response you're getting? I mean, it's reason enough no doubt.

"You don't need to repeat what he said, but what was it about?"

"A bunch'a stuff..." He's shutting down the topic, must have been pretty bad.

"Can we get up? This is a little awkward..."

"It's not weird, they're the ones still watching."

"She's probably uncomfortable from being on the floor." Kita's not wrong. The floor is cold and probably various amounts of dirty.

Bokuto's POV

They're right, I picked her up and placed her on top of me, her hoodie makes her feel like a pillow!

"Why are you red? Are you sick?"

"N-No, it's just- We're too close..." She's blushing, isn't she~?

"Kotaro, let her go." Eh? I looked up. They're all staring down at us, they look intense... I haven't seen them like this since our last championship game!

"We don't need you crushing her again! Are you alright, Chibi-chan?!"


"Little cutie might like that for all we know~" Hm? Testing his theory out I held her a little tighter. She feels warmer, does that count?

"Don't give him any ideas, Kuroo."

"Despite his childish personality, our Kotaru Bokuto is not innocent." Y/n turned her head trying to face them.

"I don't think any of you guys are innocent... It probably... Varies..."

"Are you alright, Y/n? You sound a bit off."

"I think she's falling asleep?"

"Sorry..." I kept holding her as I got up, adjusting her to a more comfortable hold. Half asleep she grabbed my shirt and pulled herself closer to me.

"She's like a baby owl~ That's my new nickname!" I tried to be quiet, they're still staring at me... But so are the twins and Suna, when did they get here?

"I'm exposing all of you to the group chat~ The other's are going to flip their sh*t~"

"Oi, I say we take Y/n for her own safety!"

"No, I trust you Osamu, but by no means would I leave her with Atsumu."

"That's why i'll be with the as*hole the whole time."

"Aran, go with them." When did he get here?

"Is this okay with Y/n though?"

"I mean..." Daichi was going to say something but stopped himself, now they're being scary towards him.

"Eheh- Well, Suga, Asahi and I kinda stayed the night with her. She was helping Asahi with his fears then I brought Suga just to make sure nothing was going on."

"Is this why you informed us she likes to cuddle?"



"Oh, look at the time, I have to go!"

"Dang, I don't think i've seen Daichi run that fast before. So where does Baby Owl live?"

"I'll go get Daichi~" Oikawa's pretty fast too!

"But, wait, do you think Y/n's parents will mind? Or is she on her own?"

"Good point, Kita, but if those three were over last night that surely means she lives alone, does it not?"

"Are you actually caring for once Ushi!?" His glare is getting scarier!

"Hey, shouldn't I go too? I can stake out the interior to see if it's safe, maybe do some detective work since none of us actually know anything about her."

"That's an invasion of privacy."

"What you guys aren't curious about little cutie~? It's not like he's learning her finances or going through her clothes."

"I'd have Aran to supervise, as well as Osamu. Or you could just trust me."

"I think he'll be okay." Ushi agrees.

"Fine." Kita too!

"Don't go overboard, and tell me everything you find!"

"Tell me too!"

"I'll share what I find appropriate, if you use it as an unfair advantage i'll personally inform Y/n of your deceit~" S-Suna can be scary too...! Is this how Asahi feels all the time?


Back to your POV

It's not clear if today went by quickly or slowly, but you woke up in your own bed with Tabitha on top of you, staring at the door. Checking your phone to see what time it is you noticed several messages. The gist of them being that the twins, Suna and Aran took you home, and are supposed to be staying with you... Why? Staying in bed you asked the group chat.

-Volleyball Uni GC-

'Why are 4 guys at my house exactly?'

'We assumed you live alone, leaving you whilst asleep didn't feel right.'

'Who tf uses whilst'

'WakaWaka apparently'

'I really need to label all of you guys, this is going to be confusing, so far i'm talking with Tendo, Ushijima and Tsukkishima right?'

'Count me in Chibi-Chan~'

'You're not answering my question'

'Basically we were worried about you living alone, so we figured we'd send you home with a few of us~ Can't have our medic getting robbed or mugged can we?'

'Or kidnapped because you could easily fit in a suit case, pipsqueak.'

'He's not allowed over without Yamaguchi.'

'I vote he's not allowed over, period.'


'Who said I wanted to stay over?'

'Oh c'mon~ Tsukki, i've noticed you getting jealous~'

'So you've assigned me guards more or less?'

'Yep Yep! Everyone in our massive class is a good guy, don't worry! If they do anything illegal, we'll kill them :)'

'Tendo is also added to the list, not without proper company.'


'He isn't wrong Chibi-chan, we're very protective of you even though it's only been a week.'

'I hear the twins fighting, I need to make sure they aren't breaking anything. Hopefully i'll have you all labeled next time.'

'They're fighting already?!'

'It has been less than an hour.'

'Don't act surprised.'

'Stay out of their fight, this time!'

Pushing the ever hefty tabby off of you, you cracked open your bedroom door to peek and listen in.

"Didn't you say that you two agreed when it came to Y/n..." The twins were rolling around on the floor while Aran tried to mediate.

"Not when he's sayin' she'd like him better!"

"Why the hell would she like you at all?!"

"She hardly knows either of you." This made them pause, you have only spoken to them once, maybe twice.

"Guess we got a little too ahead of ourselves."

"When she does know us though, she's gonna like me more~"

"Before you start fighting again, where's Suna?"

"Thought you were watching him?"

"Why would I be watchin' him?! That's your job!" He's not in the bedroom with you, maybe he's in a guest room? But why would they need to keep an eye on him? Compared to a lot of the others he's calm, as far as you've seen anyway. Shutting your door and locking it, you double checked that no one was in your room and got changed into your night gown. Like before you had a pair of shorts underneath just in case. Can't be too careful. And they're fighting again... This time Aran isn't around, probably looking for Suna, it can't get more chaotic than those two right?

Chapter 4


When you take so long to write a part you forget half of what you wrote. Dialog heavy chapter.

Chapter Text

"Can you guys quit fighting, please? I don't want my neighbor to call in a noise complaint..." They both quit rolling around, perking up upon seeing you in your long night wear.


"You're awake!"

"Yeah!" This could get confusing...

"So, Osamu is gray hair, Atsumu deep yellow?"



"I overheard, you guys can't find Suna? Should I be concerned?"

"He's not crazy."

"I think he's chill." Not crazy, and chill, that's the best you've got to work with?

"So, how tall are you, shorty~?"

"That's rude, dumb*ss! I'm also curious but I wasn't going to ask because if you're friends with Hoshiumi then you're probably sensitive about your height." Ah, Osamu is the well behaved one.

"I'll get used to it. Five foot, two inches..."

Atsumu's POV

Cute, small, probably smarter than me, decent rack, perfection~ Well, does she have a sense of humor?

"Oi, Y/n do ya have a sense of humor?"

"That's kind of a hard question to answer, I tend to lean towards dark humor or blue collar humor. Like American comedian Richard Pryor, or The machine: Burt... Something or other, i'm not the best with full names."

"Another question, can I pick ya up, wanna test something~"

"Sure, at least you asked first."

"Okay, jump up and grab my shoulders." Is she innocent? Doesn't she know this could be a sexual position?! She's a little high up... She leaned her head on my shoulder.

"I'm not blind to what you're checking At-su-mu~ At least get to know me first before trying to screw me~"

"Okay, that's enough."

Back to your POV

Osamu pulled you off of him.

"He do anything weird to you?"

"No, but I said a few things and I think I broke him."

"That's a first, usually girls melt for him, can't see why."

"Because i'm charming~"

"There he is, shouldn't we be looking for Suna and Aran? And can you put me down?"


"Do the guys pick up the shorter members often?"

"Yep, quite a lot, since you're so cute it'll likely be a daily thing~!"

"I'm not cute Atsumuuu!"

"For once I agree with the idiot~"

"-huff- Not cute..."


A flash filled your view making you see dots.

"Found Suna, he was where the books are." Aran came back as well.

"You're writing is good."

"My writing?"

"Your poems." The fact he found them and actually read them made you blush furiously, some were private. Covering your face you sat down.

"I read a few too, I think you could publish them."

"There's not enough of them, and no one reads poems anymore..."

"I never understood poems."

"Of course not, you have to have more than two braincells to understand them~"

"A couple of Y/n's are straightforward enough, mind if I recite them~?"

"Go ahead, i'm having a crisis."

Window cat

A cat sat on a sill, ready to hunt ready to kill

A rat sat on the sill, completely still

That one cat saw that rat as something spilled upon that sill

The cat than sat upon the sill was a lone cat once more.

"Now dear brother, what is the message of the poem?"

"Cats kill rats."

"Half right..."

"The cat killed the rat but in turn kill its only company, making itself isolated to world again."

"That sentence is nearly longer than the poem!"

"Let's try this one."


In this dream, I hear a scream

Through the fears that we hold dear

As it nears, I fear, and fear

As I see clear

I'm merely looking in a mirror.

"Ah, being afraid of yourself?" This time you explained.

"Or being afraid of your insecurities."


"This stuff is heavier than I thought it would be...!"

"That's the point, there's message in all of them, but some are clearer than others. Now that my poetry has been brought to light, would you guys like food?"

"Actually I brought some Onigiri, to apologize for our scuffle you were sucked into."

"Ah, its been awhile since I had Onigiri, what fillings?"

"A little bit of everything, like a sampler platter. Which brings us to another issue that Daichi brought to me, he thinks you're not eating enough meats. Whether it be fish or otherwise."

"Eh?! What makes Daichi think that!"

"Well, you're scrawny. You have muscle but it could be more with a little added protein, I doubt you want to drink the powder."

"I'll vouch for that, the powder is horrible." Suna gave his opinion, a look of disgust on his normally plain face. It has to be bad then.

"I can cook fish but the market is always crowded with a bunch of burly guys, I could be in-front of the merchant and he wouldn't see me."

"Maybe we could send someone with you, like Ushijima, they'll notice him." Aran said.

"Or Tendo, they'll see his red hair a mile away." Osamu added.

"Iwaizumi is burly." Suna quietly suggested.

"Basically I need to go out with a gang of guys just to get an order in... Kyotani could work too..."

"If he agrees, which I doubt he will."

"I dunno Suna, like the rest of us I think Mad-dog has a soft spot for Y/n~"

"He tolerates me, not something i'd consider noteworthy..."

"That's him being nice." Osamu said this from the kitchen as he found your plates and such. Meanwhile Aran was double checking the stack of books Suna had brought, making sure nothing was private or taboo. You really hope he didn't find the eighteen plus section... You'd probably pass out from embarrassment again.

"So, what kind of Onigiri would you prefer?"

"I can get it myself, you don't have to-" As you went to get up, Suna put his hand on your head and made you stay seated. Not one to accept a defeat as stupid as this, you tried to push his hand up and off. It's not budging...

Osamu's POV

Do I even want to know why she isn't answering? Turning around I saw Suna hold her down, single handedly, with a genuine smirk on his face. Once Y/n figured out she couldn't push his hand up and off, she ducked under. Then he pushed his luck, wrapping an arm around her waist pulling her onto his lap...

"What the hell do ya think you're doing!?" Atsumu makes a good guard dog.

Suna's POV

Nothing wrong with testing the waters. Atsumu immediately started pulling at my arms, Aran stood up, and stood by, and Osamu watched from a distance, glaring. Elbowing the aggressive twin, I took a quick picture. Y/n's gone stiff, body rigid, ears red, her face has to be as well but she's turned away from me.

"Okay~ I'll let go now, sorry Y/n." I'm not.

Back to your POV

This is worse than Kunimi's mix up, mainly because this was on purpose! If Atsumu hadn't pulled you away from him you would've fainted! You weren't fully on Suna's lap, his knee was between your thighs like a cliché 'pinned against the wall' scene! How is he so forward, and perfectly calm about it!? Is this is a test of his?! What's the relevance?!

Osamu's POV

"Great, you broke her." Aran was trying to get her to respond but she's zoned out. Either way I got her a plate ready, setting it aside. When she snaps out of it I want there to be some left since 'Tsumu eats like twenty of these in one sitting.

"Okay Suna, what was that?"

"A test. I wanted to see how protective of her you guys were, you either don't care that much, or you actually trust these two, Samu~"

"I trust Aran, and I can at least tell when Atsumu is going to do something stupid."

"And what about Y/n, she hasn't moved since." Aran gestured to the, still blushing, still yet frantic girl.

"Collateral damage."

"Vote to tell Kita?"



"Aye from me as well, the aye's have it. Good luck on trial Suna."

"Worth it."

"Motion to put Suna on the 'supervision' list, say aye."


Back to your POV

"S-sorry if I freaked out... I couldn't stop the racing thoughts going at warp speed in my brain..."

"It's okay, I set aside some Onigiri since Atsumu likes to inhale them!"

"I can't argue with that fer once." Taking the plate from the fridge(?) you sat back down and smelled them carefully. Which confused the guys of course.


"I think so?"

"No offense to you, but I can't eat salmon, the smell of it is too much."

"None taken~" There were three on your plate, except the exiled one. Osamu doesn't want to tell you the filling obviously, so it's safe to assume they're different. The second one, tuna-mayo, a classic filling. Not your favorite but not bad either.

"So tuna is fine then?"

"Yeah, like I said it's mainly a smell thing. Quality tuna doesn't have much of a smell, and the smell it does have when it's from a can isn't too unpleasant." The third, was kombu seaweed, your favorite.

"Seriously, of those options the seaweed is your favorite?!" Atsumu and Aran shared the same sentiment.

"When made correctly, yes." While you defended your choice the salmon onigiri disappeared. This went unnoticed until the four of you noticed that Suna was also gone.

"He's like a raccoon or a fox..."

"You're not the first to call him that."

"Anyway I think it's time for bed, the main guest room should be enough for two of you, but there's an extra roll out for the plant room given you're okay with it." You said your goodnights and headed back to your room, hearing distant arguing start up again. They're going to be at it for awhile... The entire ordeal was mentally exhausting, flopping into bed, you wondered where Tabitha went off to. She should be fine.

Meanwhile in the group-chat.

-Volleyball Uni GC-

-attachment sent-

ResOwl: HeyHeyHey! Why is baby owl that red?!

Campuscop: I heard we're making a list of who's not allowed over without a captain present, Suna is now on that list

Kawa: What did you say to chibi-chan!?

Paparazzi: Ah, i'll upload the other shot~

-attachment sent-

NoGerms: Suna, that is disgusting, is Y/n okay!?

Playboi: At least do it away from the other guys, and when she's in the mood.

Weed?: That doesn't make it sound any better...

Akaashi: Apologize to her in the morning.

NoGerms: If you don't I will join the firing squad.

AsahiAzu: Normally I don't condone violence but you went a little too far.

Tangarino: I thought sitting on others laps is a normal friend thing?

NotTheKing: Dumb*ss that's one leg in the picture!

Yams: Waah- The picture is dirtier then! Delete it or cover it!

Hoshi: What the hell!

co*ckatiel: Oh.

ResOwl: If she was okay with it, it would be hot, but since she wasn't expecting you, then it's assault. Arrest him Daichi!

Tsukkishima: You're all so annoying, go to bed.

PainTolerancePlus: Yeah, it's getting late.

Emotions?: If it bothered her a lot then she would have broken down, not frozen. Suna did you intentionally put her on one knee?

Paparazzi: No. I meant it to be my lap but a happy accident happened~

Kyotani: Stop with the damn squiggles!

Paparazzi: ~No~

Rooster: Look, before any of us try to sweep little cutie off her feet, we should get to know her. So all you flirty bastards need to calm down!

Wakatoshi: Agreed

Kita: Agreed

Kawa: Yep

Playboi: I learned my lesson, my face still hurts...

Campuscop: Thought this was common sense, I don't want anyone hurting her, you hear me!

Yes sir! x30+

Tsukkishima: Sargent Daichi over here.

Demonsenpai: Shut up Tsukki, you agree too, you're not that much of an a*s

RussianTree: I agree with Yaku, anyone who doesn't vow to not hurt Y/n gets the firing squad!

NoGerms: Yes.

Fightme: Are none of us going to acknowledge Yandere Sakusa?

NoGerms: I'm not obsessed, i'm thankful and want to return the favor by making sure none of you bacteria hurt her emotionally or physically.

Playboi: Oyasu has a point, we should monitor the sitch

Shibebrows: I'll watch him, don't worry, he couldn't maim his dear cousin, right Omi?

-NoGerms is offline-

Rooster: Mhm, how did that go Komori.

Thebettertwin: I'll help him watch OmiOmi, i think it's just a vibe he gives off.

Theactualbettertwin: You mean menacing, murderous, heir to the mafia, that kinda vibe.

Wakatoshi: Let's wrap this up. Everyone needs to behave, and Sakusa shouldn't be accused without proof. I too suffer from being intimidating, as does Aone, Numai, Lev, and Kyotani. I'm likely forgetting a few names but you understand.

Kawa: No Mad-dog is aggressive.

Kyotani: Will you all SHUT THE HELL UP!!!


Back to your POV

Awaking with a pressure on you is relatively normal, since Tabitha likes to you comfort you. This amount of pressure however is concerning, and uncomfortable. Looking around the dimly lit room, you could make out a messy head of yellow hair on your chest. Atsumu? Maybe he's allergic to the plant room? Or he's like Bokuto and had a nightmare? You have to give him the benefit of the doubt before assuming he's a perv. One thing without a doubt, is that he's too heavy!


"Zzz..." So this is how you die. Under a log of a sleeper, that is absolutely built like everyone else. Guess this could be good prep for whenever they assign Bokuto to watch you, or Aone, anyone that is unnecessarily muscular. To makes things a little clearer, he is directly on top of you, arms around your torso, and your own arms, legs between yours, face in your chest... Maybe you can reach your phone, you don't have anyone's individual number saved though. Either message the group chat, or die of embarrassment and or asphyxiation by compression. Group chat it is. Even if it's early in the morning someone has to be up.

-Volleyball Uni GC-

Y/n: Anyone online?!

Kawa: Hey! Chibi-chan! Why are you up so early?

Gamercat: Early?

Rooster: I swear Kenma! It is five-thirty in the morning, have you slept at all?!

-Gamercat is offline-

-Rooster is offline-

Iwa: Not many of us are up in case you can't tell, what's wrong?

Y/n: Well, I had hoped one of the guys here was up but I guess not. I'm sort of trapped...

Tonguesout: In your own house?

Paintoleranceplus: Oh. I think I know what she's on about, Atsumu sleep walks.

Y/n: At least I have an answer as to why he's here. Can one of you call Suna or the other guys? I guess Suna if you want evidence

Tangerino: Are you okay?! I've had him sleep walk into my bed before and he stepped on me!

Milk: You were fine dumb*ss!

Y/n: He's directly on top of me... Has anyone called yet? He's heavy...

Rooster: I'm back, what the hell?!

Y/n: What were you doing?

Rooster: Making sure Kenma slept

Kawa: Aka putting him in a headlock

Iwa: Getting off topic, have you tried waking Atsumu up?

Y/n: Yes. He's like a log. If I move around i'll make it worse, if you guys can't wake anyone else up i'm going to panic and likely pass out.

Kawa: If I recall I don't live too far away from you, is your door locked Chibi-chan?

Y/n: Yes.

Iwa: I got it, let's go trashykawa!

Y/n: Should I be concerned about my door?

Tangerino: No, you need to focus on living!

Y/n: I'll be fine Hinata, as long as those two hurry.

Kawa: Passed the cafe

Noya: Wait, is Y/n in danger?!

Tanaka: Danger?!

Milk: No, don't start freaking out it's annoying, too early.

-Y/n is offline-

Rooster: Did you guys get there?

Iwa: Just now

Tangerino: So why did she leave!?

You dropped your phone, great, Hinata is going to think you died. Is he ticklish? Better than doing nothing. Running your hands down his sides rapidly you felt him move, that progress was short lived. As you assessed, this disturbance made him adjust his self, head turned to the side, and grip tighter. His face is turned into your breast and it's getting hard to stay still...

Your squirming didn't make any progress either... Here comes the black spots...

Oikawa's POV

Iwa picked the lock, and I raced in nearly tripping over a cat, but I opened the first door, nothing but plants. Second door same side, Y/n's room, out of habit I had to take a quick photo before helping. Plus I don't think I can pry Atsumu off of her on my own. She's asleep? Her breathing is strained though.

"Iwa!" He rushed in, assessing the situation before pulling on one of his arms.

"Sh*ttykawa, grab Y/n when I get this side loose."


It took longer than it should have, but he managed to loosen the grip enough for me to carefully drag Chibi-chan to the floor. Her breathing is normal now.

"Take her to the couch in the living room, i'm going to wake this dumb*ss up." He's going to slap the hair dye out of him...


Back to your POV

Something didn't feel right, looking up at the ceiling you could tell you're in the living room, however your head is on someone's lap. Cautiously looking to the side you nearly let out a sigh of relief. It's Aran, the normal one of this bunch.


"Good morning. I guess you're confused right now, huh."

"Very, I remember Atsumu sleep walking himself on top of me but nothing past texting the guys."

"According to Oikawa you were passed out by the time they got here. Are you feeling alright?"

"Exhausted, the added pressure made my body work harder, in an odd sense it was a form of exercise."

"Oh! Chibi-chan you're awake!" Now you'll be in debt to him... Maybe remaining stuck under the blond wouldn't have been so bad.

"Is my door broken?"

"What? No, Iwa picked the lock!"

"Where's everyone else?"

"Kita is talking to them."

"It's not Atsumu's fault for sleepwalking, he can't control that, i'd go interrupt but i'm too tired to move..." Aran let out a light chuckle as you relaxed against him more. Tabitha joined as well, curling up on your waist, now you're both stuck.


Did- Did Oikawa take a picture?!

"Please don't take pictures of me..."

"Too late for that Chibi-chan~ I took one of you before me and Iwa saved you as well! Thought you'd want to see how it looked from another persons perspective." Holding his phone in front of you, you blushed immediately, the two of you looked like a couple... Not to mention his face was buried in your breasts more than you thought...

"Delete it... Or at least don't let Atsumu see it, he won't let me live it down..." The whine in your voice was undeniable, the despair on your face, despite it being covered with your hands, also evident.

"No promises~"

"Aran, help..."

"Iwaizumi! You still here?!" From where you were laying you couldn't see him but the quick rush of footsteps told you he was coming from the guest room.

"Is Sh*ttykawa being a dumb*ss?!"

"I wouldn't go that far. You explain Y/n." Looking over, Oikawa was giving you puppy-dog eyes, while Iwaizumi stared daggers into him.

"Don't go overboard, he took a few pictures and they're embarrassing..."

"Eh?! Give me the phone!"

"Not a chance! These are going to be treasured!"

"C'mon Crappykawa, i'll send the other captains after your a*s! Especially Ushijima!"

"I can outrun him..." He doesn't sound too confident in that statement.

"As long as he doesn't post them or let his fans get ahold of them it's okay, i'm not certain how reliable he is since i've known you all for roughly a week only. It's nothing personal." The volatile duo sent each other a few more stares before separating. A commotion from the other side of the house caught your attention.

"-Sigh- That's why I was in there, the twins are probably fighting again." Another flurry of steps and Oikawa's relaxed posture meant the rough and tumble man had left.

"Thought he was going to kill me this time..."

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Hm? Sure, what do you need?"

"Pick up Tabitha so I can get up, I still have classes and i'm pretty sure you guys do too."

"Is she going to bite me?"

"She shouldn't but she's heavy and i'm losing feeling in my legs..."


"I don't think she likes bein' called heavy." Aran looked at the large tabby amused at how vocal she is.

"-Uff- It's no lie! Why is your cat so big!?" With the roughly twenty pounds off of you, sitting up became a lot easier. Not to mention the circulation in your legs being restored.

"She's not fat, it's all muscle and structure, maybe hair too. I can't imagine how big her dad was, or any siblings."

"You have a mini panther in your house, chibi-chan! This shouldn't be allowed!" He's holding her by her armpits, showing just how long she is.

"Tabitha is getting angry, she will scratch you if necessary. Knowing her she'll hunt you down the next time you show up here~ Cats hold grudges."


"That didn't mean to drop her you skyscraper!"

"Ah- Chibi-chan! You wound me!" Dramatically clutching his chest, Oikawa collapsed back onto the chair near the couch.

"I'm not doing cpr, you dork."

"Seems like Y/n has gotten comfortable around us a little, Kiyoko did say she'd be more outgoing as time went on."

"Happiness aside, I am not a dork!"

"You are. It's easy to tell~ From 'preppy' to 'dork' isn't much of a transition surprisingly."

"Why don't you tell her all your space facts, Oikawa."


"Liking space isn't a problem, maybe if your fans knew they'd learn about it to impress you~"

"You're not making this less embarrassing!"

"Kind of the point, consider us even now." Just then you watched as everyone else filed out from your spare room. Kita held an air of disappointment, while the twins looked a little rough for wear. Suna seemed neutral as always, and Iwaizumi still seemed irate.

"Oh, good morning Y/n. Sorry about what happened. Are you feeling well?"

"I'm fine Kita, I doubt that's the last time someone's going to do that if you guys keep sticking around. Maybe Osamu and Daichi are right, I need to build muscle..." Practically deflating you picked up Tabitha, one to make sure she's okay, two to showcase just how weak you were.

"That's a huge cat though! What do you feed her?!"

"S'true cat's a heccin chonk."

"Don't speak in memes Sumu, is it okay if I take pictures of your cat Y/n?"

"Go ahead, at least you asked me~" Your gaze shifted to Oikawa who hadn't moved from the chair, he was looking at his phone so he couldn't tell. This in turn made the others look his way, and slowly they connected the dots. Moments later the rest of them had confiscated the phone while you made it a point to slip away and get dressed. Navy hoodie, white beanie, cool grey tank top underneath the hoodie. Grey shorts, black and white sneakers, black thigh highs that are a little cut off due to the shorts.


Taking a deep breath you opened your door and peaked down the hall, in the living room the twins were at it for the umpteenth time. What is it? Four times since they've been here? Five?

"Seriously... Are you going to dust-cloud-brawl your way to campus?" From the floor, underneath his brother, Osamu called out to you.

"Oh! Y/n, I made you lunch to take with you!"

"Probably more onigiri, s'all you can make!"

"I can make other things, you're one to talk!"

"You set the kitchen on fire a few times & suddenly your banned, bullsh*t!" Back to rolling around on the floor.

"You didn't have to Osamu, I don't really eat lunch..." Now he was on top of the brawl.

"That explains what Daichi was talking about! Your body needs food while your active!"

"He's right. What do you eat for breakfast?" Kita's joining in.

"That's not important, don't you guys need to go change?"

"She's right, come on you two." Aran tried to separate them, Iwaizumi had to help... He could be a bouncer. Eventually all of them left, Oikawa and Atsumu being the last as they had to be dragged out. Obviously the more dramatic of the bunch, speaking of, you needed to check the group chat in case Hinata still thought you were dead.

-Volleyball Uni GC-

-100+ New messages-

Y/n: I'm not even going to scroll back, what happened that made the chat blow up?

Tangerino: You're alive!

Nottheking: Of course dumb*ss they wouldn't post that pic if she died!

Y/n: Who posted it?

Kyotani: Who else? Crappykawa says it wasn't him though.

Y/n: There was a time where the others had his phone but it's limited on who would send it to the group chat. I suspect Iwaizumi.

Iwa: What?! Why do you think I did it!

Y/n: Motive.

Campuscop: She's right, you knew everyone would go crazy if they saw that.

Y/n: Wait which picture?

Hoshi: There's two?

co*ckatiel: Two?!

Thebettertwin: Don't say anymore!

Y/n: So it's not that one, it's the one where i'm totally embarrassed... Likely Iwaizumi then.

Iwa: I want a lawyer.

Campuscop: Case closed, but why did Oikawa have to pic to begin with?

Kyotani: Cause' he's a creep.

Kawa<3: I'm not a creep! Don't listen to them chibi-chan!

Y/n: Wait is Bokuto kicked out of the chat again?

Akaashi: Yes, he wouldn't calm down when Hinata freaked him out about what happened earlier. Kuroo kicked him, now they're both mad at each other, today's going to be hell.

Rooster: What was I supposed to do! He wouldn't shut up, my phone felt like it was exploding!

Y/n: Please add him back, i'd like to still have a spine by the end of the day...

Gamercat: She's right, you know how he gets.

-Rooster added ResOwl-

ResOwl: Baby owl! Are you okay!?

Y/n: I'm okay Bokuto, he's not the heaviest out of all of you.

Gamercat: Wait who is the heaviest?

Rooster: I vote owl boy, him or Numai.

Paintoleranceplus: I think Aone might be heavier.

Aone: Likely

Arson: Wakawaka's pretty heavy~ A lot of muscle to handle, Y/n~

Wakatoshi: Tendo.

Arson: Guess i'll be hiding today!

Y/n: Wait why is your nickname 'Arson'?

Arson: My favorite petty crime to commit!

Y/n: That's petty!?

Campuscop: We're having a talk today Tendo.

Arson: Maybe i'll just stay home.

Putting your phone away was the best for now, if you kept reading you would be late. Entering the cafe you found Suna at a table with Kita, as if waiting.

"You could be more discreet... I know already you won't approve of what I get each morning."

"We just happened to stop by~"

"Uh-huh, sure. Whatever, I can eat a balanced lunch if you guys allow me to keep ordering from here."

"Deal. From what Kiyoko told us we thought you would be harder to convince."

"What has she been saying about me anyway?"

"Nothing bad, and nothing too personal. Just a few things we should know, like your tendency to tick people off when you get to know them~"

"You chewed out Oikawa this morning but his reactions aren't of the violent or active type."

"He dropped Tabitha from six and a half feet in the air, her paws are probably sore!" Letting them snicker to themselves over your sudden energy, you put in your order with Kyotani.

"Why was Oikawa at your house?"

"It's a long story, haven't you read the group-chat at all?"

"No, it gets annoying fast."

"More or less the guys have arranged groups to accompany me home because I live alone and they're worried. Then Atsumu walked into my room in his sleep and laid on top of me, the others were still asleep and no one could wake them up. Which led to Oikawa and Iwaizumi being the closest to my house to come and rescue me."

"And you're okay with guys you barely know staying at your house?"

"That's why their in groups, plus from what I can tell the flirtier ones are massive dorks that hide it well. Kuroo for example, I wouldn't call Oikawa a total dork but he definitely isn't a true womanizer."

"What about Terushima then?"

"Partially? It's hard to tell, being a playboy gives him something to do, something he finds easy. He skips classes, doesn't treat anything seriously and hangs around a rougher crowd. Now from an outside perspective what do you think his issue is?"

"He's a jack*ss." You're not sure what you expected from Kyotani honestly...

"He doesn't know what he's doing in his life, and that lack of direction makes him depressed or anxious. Acting like it's nothing, and getting um... 'Chemical release' is his way of coping."

"Understand me yet?"

"I stopped prying because you were uncomfortable, it can get annoying i'm sure..." Meanwhile Misaki brought you your order, knowing your usual and sensing a drop in the mood.

"Ah, thank you Misaki, see ya around."


Getting to your first class was getting easier, this time Kita made sure you made it there without getting lost.

"Thank you, even though your initial intent was to figure out my nutritional plan, or lack thereof."

"I'd like to say sorry but it looks like it was needed intel." Putting a hand behind his head, he nodded a farewell before setting off. Taking a seat you waited for the lecture to start.


More topics you already studied, the assignment should be easy. You technically need to attend for the proper credit and degree's, all that nonsense. You wouldn't get many customers, nor their trust, if you didn't have the papers to prove your knowledge. Sitting in class a little longer you started the paper before setting off towards, what you hope, is the direction of the gymnasium.

Well, you found 'a' gym, but not the right one. This one was devoid of life. Turning around you spotted a sandy head of hair that seemed familiar.

"Excuse me?"


"Oh, Yahaba, sorry for not recognizing you right away! I'm lost again..."

"-Sigh- Alright, i'll show you the way. If you do something for me~"

"Depends, if it's something weird i'm telling the captains."

"It's not that weird! Geez, i'd like to stop over to be part of your little 'protection crew'."

"I'm not in charge of that, I don't really see a point to it either but if it gives everyone peace of mind i'll let them organize their guards for however long they deem fit."

"I see. Either way I hope to stop by soon, you seem interesting."

"I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult..."

"Guess you'll have to find out~ Oh and sorry if Oikawa did anything stupid while he was there."

"I remember trying to read up on the teams you guys used to be on in high-school, you were with him right?"

"Yes, and sadly we all chose the same college, well not all of us or that would be a mess."

"He doesn't seem that bad, eccentric yes, unbearable not really." Yahaba gave you a confused look as if you were spouting nonsense.

"Did he do anything stupid?"

"In a way..."

"My point exactly, are their safety measure in the little protection association?"

"From what I could tell in the group-chat, there is. Like Tendo isn't allowed without proper supervision, and Tsukkishima might not be allowed at all. I guess he made a creepy comment? Reading through the messages takes awhile."

"Anyway, here we are, do you take a class in this wing?"

"Yep, but I know where that is! Hopefully..."

"-Sigh- How can you be so smart when it comes to everything else, but when it comes to directions of a simple building you can't tell left from right..."

"I don't have an answer for that, maybe height plays a role?"

"Could be, anyway i'll see you around, wouldn't want anyone spotting us and getting jealous." What does he mean by that? Sure a few of the guys are flirty but they're college guys, they're like that constantly. Even the reasonable ones are a blush-y mess on occasion. Walking to the sports medicine lecture hall, you noticed even less people present. This is considered a necessary class for a, mainly, sports oriented university, lack of students can't have them cancel it.

"Here, this is your qualifying test for being a medic for the volleyball team, honestly if you ace this i'll give you the end of the year assignment and call it good." The professor... Doesn't want to be here either... You have the basic professor in psych, the uptight one in neuro and this one, he'd rather be in a ditch than here... Taking your paper you sat down and got to it. The questions seem simple enough for you, a few things blur the lines in your knowledge, tendons, not your strong-suit.


After handing in the paper you asked Po what sections in the text book he recommended to learn more in the areas you lacked. The other students were either on their phone, napping, or doing other courses assignments. You continued to study until the class was let out.


Upon reaching the gym you were immediately approached by Osamu, who held a bento box.

"Already starting this huh...?"

"Absolutely! You need to build muscle if you're going to be hanging around all of us! Not to mention you're overworking yourself by not eating right and running around constantly."

"I'm usually never hungry during the day. Not sure why."

"That's because your stomach is probably the size of two of my onigiri... Look we won't force you but highly encourage and bother you until you comply~"

"-Sigh- I understand, I don't want to be a bother is all."

"It's not a problem, this means there's less for my annoying brother to steal."

"I have a question, why do you speak properly and Atsumu speaks with a certain dialect?"

"I hide mine, he didn't bother. Kita has one too but it's barely noticeable." Checking the contents of the bento, it was rather simple, two onigiri, those weird but cute sausage cut like octopus, and of course, rice.

"Not salmon right?"

"No salmon, a tuna mayo and salted cod roe, not sure if you like the second option."

"It's okay, not my favorite but not bad. I understand why I need to build muscle around this-" You gestured to the entire gym.

"-Crowd, it's more for safety right?"


"I'll try but don't expect me to be built like one of you guys."

"We get that, go enjoy your lunch somewhere. I have to practice."

"Okay, i'll see you later then to return this container."


Stepping outside you took a seat on a bench and relished the early spring sun. Essentially basking like a reptile. After around twenty minutes you finished nearly everything except for the rice. You were about to head back in when someone tapped on your shoulder.

"Do you know where I can find Ryuu? He's about yay' high, shaved head, usually tries to intimidate little guys." A woman, but she sounds friendly enough. If she's related to Tanaka then this should be okay right? Turning around you found yourself not quite face to face with her... She has rather large... Ahem, anyway, she does bare a resemblance to him.

"Um- If he's not in the gym then i'm not sure where he could be. If you know his classes then perhaps he's there?"

"....." Did you offend her?

".....?" This is growing uncomfortable.

"Let's go in the gym then, so you can set your lunch box down and we can search." It seems like she's holding herself back, is it rage? Is it towards you?

"May I know your name?" She made an odd noise, before answering.

"Saeko Tanaka, of course you can call me Saeko so things don't get confusing later."

"Okay, I'm Y/n, I prefer you call me that instead of my last name." Setting the box on the bleachers you looked around for Tanaka, he's normally with Nishinoya but they both might be in a class. Just then you spotted them down a hall.

"Ah-" You tugged on her sleeve.

"-They're down that hall." Kageyama and Hinata joined them. That's when whatever dam broke with Saeko, she let out a squeal as you reached the hallway entrance.

"Eeee! I can't take it anymore!" She engulfed you in a tight hug, in her... You know... How can you be studying medicine but reluctant to think about this as it happens...!

Tanaka's POV

Crap! When did Sis get here, and- Dammit, she snapped! We had to stop her from doing the same thing to Yachi, several times... Many, many times. She sees someone cute and nearly kills them. Worse than Bokuto.

"Sis! You're smothering her!"

"They're a girl too~?! No way i'm giving her to your heathens, i'm taking this one~" Gosh, it's Yachi all over again!

"Where's Kiyoko, she's the only one that can stop her!"

"Her ETA is five minutes out, that's too long!" Y/n's already tapping on her back frantically.

Back to your POV

With Bokuto you were more brazen in your attempts to escape but these circ*mstances are different. If you tried in a handsy way this could easily turn into a lewd display, but at the same time, you feel like you're dying.

"Mph!" She might be stronger too... This is horribly cliché, but it's the current reality.

"Eh? You can't tell me you want to go with them? You're too precious to be around those beasts." Vaguely you recall Tanaka saying something similar.

"Saeko, I think she's passing out..." This voice was new, an accent adorned it nicely, truthfully not an unpleasant voice to die listening to. The gym lights were blinding as you took in a breath of air, blinking rapidly you looked towards your unexpected savior.

"Ah, sorry Y/n..." Saeko is roughly your height but her heels give her an added advantage.

"Not the first time i've been nearly hugged to death, don't worry about it. It'll probably happen every time I see Bokuto or one of the guys is too happy."

"Is it safe for you to be here then?" The woman who saved you was tall with silver hair, the accent is hard to pinpoint. She reminds you of someone but you can't place who.

"I think so, I don't believe i've introduced myself, i'm Y/n."

"Oh, right! I'm Alisa Haiba, if you know my Levochka then call me by my first name please!"

"Okay, not to ruin the mood but who's going to calm down the boys? They ran off looking for someone."

"I texted Ryuu, they're on there way back now, little dumb*sses." Her tone holds nothing but humor in it, she must be close to all of them or openly blunt with everyone.


"Are you okay Y/n!?" The walking tangerine was the first to rush to you, putting his hands on your shoulders and looking around at you as if you had injuries. It's cute, out of everyone he seems to be the most innocent, that being said he was blushing furiously before he followed the others earlier.


"Dumb*ss don't run up to her like that! You're good right?"

"Yes Kageyama, i'm okay. Thank you both for asking." Another set of rushing footsteps made you duck out of instinct. A couple of 'oofs' and 'ow's' later and there's a pile of four on the ground.

"Maybe I shouldn't duck next time..." Nishinoya and Tanaka we happy when you helped them up, eyes comically sparkling while Kageyama tried to wake up Hinata. He wasn't knocked out but rather dazed.

"What happened over here?" Alisa rounded the corner, back from talking with Lev.

"Pile up."

"Ah, I see. Is the sunshine okay?" A small giggle left you at her sweet nickname. If possible, the chaotic duo became more excited, falling to their knees in a praying position.

"Is that normal for them?"

"Hm? Oh yeah, normally it's for Kiyoko that they do this." Sounds correct. This simple chatter continued for awhile until you heard your phone go off, indicating that you had to get to your next class.


The same stuck up students were present, as was your writing on the chalk board. Every ailment had a check mark next to it aside from the one with the simplest name.

"Grand timing Ms.Y/n." That's new, he's not calling you 'girl' anymore.

"It appears that at least half of my med school attendees are unaware of 'Exploding head syndrome' would you care to explain?" Approaching the front desk again, you bowed a bit before addressing the frustrated peers.

"It's not clear what exactly causes this disorder, whether it be related to the ears, the brain, or a psychological impairment. Diagnosing this illness is simple, those affected hear a loud, harsh explosion that only they hear. As you can tell it's a rare disease, similar to one where the person will start nodding or bobbing their head unable to stop, as far as scarcity goes. Any questions?" A hand shot up.

"What is the purpose of acknowledging these sicknesses if they are rare and cause mild afflictions?" He's rather robotic, he'll be a great doctor but not one that can comfort patients.

"If you know what's wrong with a patient after they've probably been to countless specialists and have answers that no one else did, you can bring them closure, relief and comfort. For those of you with more of a narcissistic personality, you'd be the first one right out of the other doctors who may have failed to notice something right in front of their faces~"

"Well said Ms.Y/n, i'm mildly disappointed that the majority of you brightened up at that last statement. You're young, naïve, sooner or later your pride will cause you to make a mistake, that moment will make you realize what your peer is trying to tell you." Another bow, you went back to your seat. Today you were issued textbooks, one that you'd have to read thoroughly as soon as you could. This course is probably going to be hell... But it's what you signed up for.


"What's got you so down, pipsqueak~?"

"I know the double meaning behind that but i'm too frazzled to think up a comeback." Tsukkishima then grabbed your bag, quickly finding the textbook and looking at it in shock.

"Where'd you get this, you don't look smart enough to be taking neuroscience~" That shock was sadly short lived.

"And what classes are you taking? Just your cores~?"

"Advanced core classes, why don't I see you there huh~?" Time to go in for the kill~

"I already have them done~ I only show up for my electives and to hang out with you guys."

"Tch! Don't you have anything better to do!?" Oh...

"I don't... As you know I live on my own. If I had never met Kiyoko or Yachi i'd likely be akin to a drone, or not here at all... I truly have nothing better to do with myself. If you'll return my textbook, I have to get going, i'm tired."

No one's POV

-Volleyball Uni GC-

Salt: I f*cked up. I really f*cked up.

Yams: How? I was gone for ten minutes Tsukki!

Demonsenpai: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Twinskeeper: I do too, also who changed my name?

Hoshi: I think Akira did that, who did you piss off this time Tsukkishima?

Salt: I didn't piss her off, I took her textbook, we chatted for a bit, then I struck a chord and she left.

Yams: Explain it better.

co*ckatiel: Yams is being scary! He's next to me and putting off bad vibes!

Hoshi: Y/n?

Salt: Yes.

Goddess: What happened?

Shygal: I knew we should've tried harder to meet up with her!

Campuscop: Answer Kiyoko.

Salt: More or less I implied she has nothing better to do than hang around with us, she said I was right and she became distant.

Yams: Did you try to stop her from leaving?

Salt: No, why would I?

Yams: You admitted that you messed up, you never do that, if you're worried then why didn't you say anything?

-'Salt' has left the chat-

Yams: I'll go get him.

-'Yams' has left the chat-

ResOwl: Baby owl needs cheering up?

Goddess: Something like that, Daichi, if you can send Bokuto that would be for the best, him and Akaashi of course, plus whoever can pry him off if he gets too excited.

Campuscop: Are you sure about that?

Goddess: Of course I am, the sooner you guys get there the better.

Mad-dog: I can pry him away.

co*ckatiel: Me too! I want to help little dudette!

Goddess: Okay, I approve of that group, having someone a little more familiar with her will help.

Shygal: This feels wrong... We should be the ones comforting her Kiyoko.

Goddess: I know, but everyone here is trustworthy, why else would I allow Daichi to set up these little protection groups? Y/n needs a support system when we're not around.

Tangerino: So she needs friends?

Goddess: Yes, or something more but now isn't the time to think about that. I know you guys can pick locks but there's a spare key in the bottom of her mailbox by the door. If she's as bad off as I assume she won't mind.

Twinskeeper: How bad can this get Kiyoko?

Goddess: Not to the extent you're thinking Kita, but she'll be depressed and emotional for awhile. Like she's grieving.

ResOwl: Okay i'm already on my way! I'll wait for Akaashi and the others! Unless I can go in ahead of time?

Goddess: No.


Back to your POV

Why did those words hit you so hard? It had been less than an hour since you got home, and you've already cried enough to fill a few cups. A perk of living alone is that you can sob as loud as you want.

Kyotani's POV

I'm on the porch with two dumb*sses, where the hell is that pretty boy?! While those idiots are chatting, I can hear Y/n crying from here!

"If he doesn't show up soon, i'm breaking in!"

"Huh?! Don't do that! They'll probably blame me for being clumsy!" Kogane is right, he could be an easy scape goat if I do decide to bust the door down. Bokuto suddenly got excited.


"Well i'm going in now, give me the key." Wait, where the hell did Kogane go?! Since when was he smart enough to use this other idiot as a distraction!?

Meanwhile Koganegawa's POV

Oh, he's here. If they're going to greet him then I better step in and look for Y/n. Her house looks nice. Oooh, a kitty!

Akaashi's POV

What was Kiyoko thinking... I can deal with Bokuto well enough, but Kyotani is an angry, unpredictable variant, and Kogane is unfortunately clumsy and strong. This could end in disaster or a proper healing session, although the percentages are highly uneven.

"Everyone settle down, come back in here Kogane. Given everyone's nature, we'll work in pairs, this way everything evens out."

"I'm cuddling her first, she's used to them!"

"You mean you nearly crushing her?"

"No after that, when I held her in the hallway. She fell asleep so fast it was adorable!" I don't think they were aware of that incident.

"Don't worry, i'll make sure he's being gentle, and that nothing inappropriate happens. He's not completely incompetent you know." We began looking through the rooms, finding hers rather swiftly since she's still crying... Gently knocking I heard her try to stifle her sobs, a hushed 'come in' came from inside. Y/n was lying in her bed, curled up in a long night dress, visibly trembling.

"Is it okay if I lay with you, baby owl?"

"-hic- S-sure..." She's so quiet.

"We're here if you need to talk, we just wanted to make sure you're okay. I know it seems odd for us all to care this much but we can't help but want to help you Y/n. None of us can explain it. Koganegawa and Kyotani are also here." When I spoke about us caring for her she turned to face Bokuto, sobbing into his chest.

Bokuto's POV

Why is she this sad? I haven't known her that long but she doesn't deserve to be this upset.

"You can go check on the others Akaashi, i'm not going to hurt her."

"It's nice to hear your serious tone again."

"I'm always serious, now shoo!"

"And it's gone." I heard the door close, leaving me alone with Y/n. Stroking her hair, which is down now, I kept telling her it's okay. I wonder why she lives alone if she's depressed, where's her family?

"After this you'll have to tell me who's the best cuddler~ I'm still the best ace but this is important too!"

Back to your POV

Bokuto... He's like a massive distraction, which you needed desperately but he's also, to be blunt, a little bit of a doofus. A kind one at least. What Akaashi was saying before he left resonated in you as well. Why do they all care? If your throat didn't hurt from trying to quiet yourself, you'd ask despite them not knowing.


Kyotani's POV

"Wow Mad-dog I didn't think you'd like cats."

"I- Don't. This one won't leave me alone for some damn reason!" Y/n's massive cat is laying on my chest, I decided to lay on the couch and I guess I took its spot or something. Bird hair has been trying to get the damn things attention since he walked through the door, but it's ignoring him. Akaashi's been looking through the fridge, and taking notes? Why the hell does that matter? I get that everyone wants to protect Y/n but this is too much, the f*ck does her kitchen have to do with that?

"Oi, Akaashi, why are you righting down inventory?"

"Hm? Osamu asked me too, we're trying to get Y/n on a proper eating schedule. At the rate she's been going she'll end up collapsing, especially since she'll be taking care of us when her medic paper is approved." Forgot about that.

"Isn't that a little weird though, we barely know her."

"-Sigh- Kiyoko told us she has this friendly vibe pouring out of her, and she's right, it's super easy to talk with little dudette. She connects right away it's like a gift. She calmed you down didn't she Mad-dog?"

"Whatever, I don't need anyone to calm me down!"

"In about a month we're planning on a massive trip to some cabins in a forest. By then we hope to know Y/n enough to talk about her past."

"It's still weird, like we're in a cult or something."

"Don't suggest that idea to Tanaka or Nishinoya... Pretty sure they already started one for Kiyoko. From what i've gathered about Y/n, she dresses in mute colors and baggy clothes to hide her assumed gender. She likely had a moment where she was traumatized severely in regards to what she was wearing, making her cover herself like she does."

"Are you a damn detective now? If you're going to guess at least take it all into account! It probably had something to do with those jerks she was friends with until she started online classes!"

"Then she would hate guys right? It feels like we're missing something, even I can see that." Bird hair is right, something doesn't add up.

"Hey, hey, hey! Are you guys talking about Y/n? She just fell asleep so try to keep it down." Quietest i've heard him and he's still too damn loud.

"We're trying to put together her past to understand why she's sad as f*ck but there's something missing. She dresses plainly to hide, she hates crowds of girls, but has this gift or whatever to draw in people, but what happened to make her hide herself, and to make her this devastated?"

"That's a lot to think about... I've noticed something though, Kiyoko said she's lived here for awhile, don't most people hang up pictures or had pictures of their family somewhere in their house?" He's right, for once that damn owl noticed something.

Akaashi's POV

"She's also never told us her last name... Even her campus ID is whited out on that part."

"Woah, maybe she's a spy!"

"I doubt that Koganegawa... My thought process says she doesn't want to be looked up online, that's the first thing some people do. So her full name probably pulls up a post or article she's hiding from everyone."

"Ak(g)aashi, you sure you aren't a detective?"

"She hides, hates masses of girls, is liked by all, had a bunch of guy friends, has no family photos, and is depressed as hell."

"That sounds out of order."

"You're a genius Kogane, that's something else we neglected to take into account." Hopefully that compliment doesn't go to his head.


"Think you have it figured out now 'detective'?" Kyotani's sarcasm irritates me. But he's correct, I think I have a rough timeline.

"Of course 'Mad-dog'~" He hates that nickname.

"Let us have it then!" The loud blonde finally got the cat to like him, which is why he forgot to stay quiet in the first place... At least he's happy.

"Okay, this is the order I have the main events in, but the general context is unknown still. Y/n's liked by all, had a bunch of guys friends, then there's a gap, now she hides using clothes, avoid crowds of females, another gap, has no family photos, hides her full name, depressed. Those two gaps must be what's been traumatizing her."

"Tch. Not sure if you've realized but women can be ruthless b*tches, take Trashykawa's fans into account, since she attracted a bunch of dudes whoever she was classmates with in the past must've said or done something to her since they were jealous."



"Then the other gap happened not too long after, clearly something to do with her family but what would show up online about them?"

"It could be anything, good or bad."

"Yeah, if she doesn't want anyone to know it has to be bad though, Bokuto." Kyotani's darkened expression is daunting, he has an idea it seems.

"I've thought of a few possibilities... Think about it, how could she afford this house, food and college if she doesn't work and lives alone? Either her family works for someone illegal, or this money she had was compensation or a settlement."

"This is way too much to theorize about, who's shift is it to check on her?"

Chapter 5

Chapter Text

Koganegawa's POV

Yesss! It's my turn, but i'm too nervous to lay with her... I don't understand how some of the guys do it, we barely know her but Bo was in here holding her like a teddy bear. Such confidence! I'm confident too, but I don't want to scare her off, or make her more upset... Why is this so complicated!!?? Sitting on the edge of her bed I slouched down a bit, glancing over at her to make sure she isn't having a nightmare. She looks okay, I wonder what the group chat is talking about right now.

-Volleyball Uni GC-

co*ckatiel: What have i missed

Hoshi: Don't ask

Yams: They want to kill Tsukki!!!

Rooster: We never said that...

NotArson: Not at all~

Paparazzi: Kuroo don't snitch

co*ckatiel: Is he even in the chat

Yams: He is, he's mad and trying to figure out what to type

Salt: I don't understand why the hell you're all making a big deal she's just another girl

She walked into the gym wearing different clothes and suddenly you're all over her

You're even at her house like you're old friends

Why and why is she letting you

What does she have to gain from this making you all her test subjects?

MadDog: Stop

You're wrong

I asked her if she's still analyzing me and she said she stopped

Because and I quote 'It can get annoying i'm sure'

Salt: That doesn't prove anything

Just that you're invested like them

She's nice too nice and you guys are probably using her too

-'Salt' has left the chat-

-'Yams' has left the chat-

Goddess: Don't overthink what he said

I know you're all good guys

Even Terushima

I wouldn't let Y/n around you otherwise

Rooster: But is he right

Are we using her without even realizing it?

Ushijima: I don't believe so.

Kawa~<3: No

I feel drawn to her

Guess that's how her old friends were

Goddess: You'd be right

Y/n is just that type of person

Yet as you've seen it can irritate others, whatever you do don't distance yourself from her after this

Then again don't cling to her get to know Y/n personally

ShyGal: And maybe keep Tsukishima away from her

I don't like seeing her upset, she's come a long way from when we first met her.

co*ckatiel: I don't either i'm watching her right now ^w^

She's asleep Bo had first watch

Paparazzi: And she's in one piece

co*ckatiel: He's not a complete idiot ya know vnv

Anyway i'm going to hop off


-'co*ckatiel' has left the chat-


Kyotani's POV

"Well that was depressing. Let's quit theorizing about her past alright, it's kinda f*cked up."

"I have to agree. Perhaps we should scrap the entire discussion, it's not our place."

"Aww, I though we were getting somewhere!"

"Yes, Bokuto, we were, but it's not our place, we can't rush getting this information for ourselves at Y/n's expense." Looks like Owl boy understands finally.

"In a couple of hours it'll be your shift Kyotani, i'm going to set up the spare room. Don't break anything, and don't bug the cat too much."

"Yup, yup!"

"I don't have to be in there twenty-four-seven do I?"

"No, if you want to give her space just check in on her every now and then."

"I can work with that." The owl keeper is right, it is a little weird to be this close to her right away, the rest of the guys might back off a little too.

"Hey, Mad-dog, can I have your shift?" Well, those that aren't dumb*sses


"C'mon, please!"





"If you keep asking i'm throwing you out."

"Fine..." He took the remote and turned on the TV, the massive cat crawled onto his lap soon after. Keeping the idiot occupied. Is there anything to do around here? There's a book shelf in here too. 'Medical dictionary'? (if ykyk)


Koganegawa's POV

"Hmm?" Is she waking up? Would it be better for her to be awake, it's not that late yet... But what if she starts crying again?

"You're okay, we're here for you." I carefully laid next to her, giving in, and gently holding her. Is this why Bo wants to hold her all the time? She's soft, even Shoyo and Yuu became buffer with time so it wasn't as easy to hold them. I don't think Hoshi was ever soft, his hair is even spiky! He gels it way too much! I stopped thinking when I felt Y/n move again, this time she got closer to me. Her face is buried in my hoodie... This is like that one meme, Makki's favorite reaction meme. Mah heart, mah soul... Can you keep a person without it being considered kidnapping? I'll have to ask Hoshi and Aone, maybe Kenji too! While I was thinking I felt her pull away, she's fully awake this time, dang it.


"Yep, we wanted to make sure you were okay. I hope we didn't freak you out or something, dudette."

"It's fine, who else is here? I know Bokuto is, so Akaashi is probably here too..."

"He is, and Kyotani, which is weird since he hates everyone except for a few people."

Back to your POV

Your eyes hurt, and you feel stupid for breaking down over a conversation. Being so emotional isn't normal. Why is it so hard to be normal? When's the last time you felt normal? Before you could spiral again, co*ckatiel got up and urged you to do the same. Not understanding why you blindly followed his instructions. That's how you ended up on his back, while he carried you around like a backpack.

"co*ckatiel, you don't have to carry me..."

"I know, I want to!" Hiding your face in his back you didn't resist as he hauled you into the living room. Kyotani was holding a book, deeply invested and terrified at the same time. Bokuto was holding his cheek as he somehow ticked off Tabitha to the point she scratched him.

"Y/n! The cat scratched me! She won't get off of me..." Tabitha is laying on his chest, paws threateningly resting on his face.

"-sigh- Cat..." When you were really disappointed or annoyed with the feline you took away her name privileges. Her paws retracted to under her body as you spoke, she's still on Bokuto but at least he's not in direct danger.

"If co*ckatiel sets me down I can get her but i'm pretty sure if anyone else tries you'll end up getting clawed again. You're essentially a hostage." The overgrown owl pouted, regretting his decision to bother the poor cat. That left Kyotani.

"Watcha' reading, Mad dog?" The book was quickly shut as the ever curious co*ckatiel tried to get close. Now you understand why he's so unsettled.

"Why would you willingly read the medical dictionary? Especially the one I have."

"Medical dictionary?"

"A to Z diseases, many are very rare and very horrible to see. No matter if the picture is a sketch or real."

"Why would you read it, little dudette?!"

"Unfortunately to understand the mind it helps to understand the body. I tried to read the relevant material but got bored and read the rest."

"Mmph-!" Looking over, Tabitha had moved onto Bokuto's face, she doesn't look sorry in the slightest. Getting down from the now disappointed blonde, you walked over and picked her up. She let out a little 'mrphh' in acknowledgment as you did.

"Thank you! You saved me!" Bokuto tried to rush you but was stopped by a loud hiss.

"I think I understand the issue now... Tabitha is jealous, she'll probably go after anyone that gets a bit too touchy..."

"Ohhh... Well she needs to learn to share then!" An owl and a large sassy cat, who will win?


Tabitha won.


It had been a week or so since that night, Kyotani kept his distance for his shift and Akaashi did the same but didn't glare at you as much. You learned the ins and outs of who studies what. Only a few of the guys actually play volleyball professionally, the rest visit the gym between their own courses. And yes they still insist of keeping track of your eating habits, mainly the more responsible ones did. Yaku being the strictest. Also during the week you've loosened up a little, Kiyoko urged you to relax which took a solid weekends worth of convincing. Today though the weather is rainy and overall crappy, you have an umbrella but the wind is making it hard to control. Through the downpour you spotted a head of orange waiting at the main building's entrance.

"Y/Nnnn!" Hinata is trying to flag you down, with a sigh you hurried over. He's somewhat soaked but not quite as much as you are.

"Watcha' need?"

"I was told to make sure you were using an umbrella or coat! But it started to rain harder and I got worried until I saw you!" He draped himself over you slightly, a habit of his and Nishinoya's was to make you drag them around... They claim it's the shortest's role but it's really just them wanting to be carried.

"What was the plan if I didn't have an umbrella?"

"To run out and grab you since i'm faster!"

"Who came up with this plan exactly?"

"Suga, Gawa, me, and Noya!" Sounds about right.

"Can you get off of me now, Hinata? The floors are wet and we'll slip like this." His blinding grin could be felt even from behind.

"Hmm... I'll take my chances~ Now come on! I have to practice with Bakayama!" Your starting to think this is an elaborate exercise schedule no one has told you about, dragging around a mostly limp body.


Gradually you made it to the gym, Hinata's feet were dragging behind you, adding more resistance. In the gym there were a few of the actual volleyball guys and a few visitors, the first that noticed you was Ennosh*ta.

"You okay there, Y/n?"

"Just peachy..." The excited tangerine didn't slink off of you yet, he insisted you find Kageyama first. Then as you spotted the glaring setter, foreshadowing took effect.


Thankfully you had fallen on your side, in your dazed state you didn't notice the position you and the orange were in, so you remained down until a voice spoke up.

"Any reason you're spooning on the floor?" Oyasu loomed over you both, seeming a little more irritated than usual.

"Woah, Shoyo I told you to make sure she was okay, not whatever this is!" Suga is also here now... You've seen him angry once or twice, this is more like concern. They pulled you up while Hinata whined and stayed on the floor. You'd let Kageyama handle him. Although he didn't speak to you much, the angry blueberry considered you tolerable, and liked that you didn't baby 'the dumb*ss'.

"Y/n, your clothes are soaked! Didn't you have an umbrella?" Lev had stopped by today, when you learned he's actually a model you couldn't believe it, he acts like an innocent, somewhat stupid, kid most of the time.

"It turned inside out halfway through my walk here..."

"Well you can't keep wearing those!" Looking down you started to blush, your bra was becoming visible through your rather light colored shirt.

"Who has extra clothes?!"

"I do!"

"Lev... I will trip wearing anything you give me, even if it's just a shirt."

"I'm sure it'll be fine, you have a hoodie right Lev?" Ennosh*ta insisted even though Hinata's or literally anyone elses extra shirt or hoodie would fit better. Is this a guy thing? A cliche, does the girl looks cute in a massive hoodie, thing? Either way, you were given a large, red Nekoma hoodie. Must be his highschool.

Kuguri's POV

Sugawara and Ennosh*ta look oddly pleased with themselves. I know Y/n is here today, perhaps she's already shown up. Despite my normally emotionless personality she's gone out of her way to try understanding me. That tall blonde guy said it's only to study me but I can tell it's not. She tries to listen and process my body language and words rather than my tone or facial expressions. A few of the guys get it but not to that extent.


"I told you it wouldn't fit right..." She stepped out of the nearby bathroom, wearing a red hoodie that reached her mid-thigh if not a little further. Not to mention the sleeves are way too long, if that's Lev's then the measurements are probably customized...

"I think it looks good." I tried to reassure her but whether she knew it or not, a pout was evident.


Back to your POV

You tensed, over the week or so you had grown used to this, or at least you tried to. Nishinoya would yell for you then absolutely tackle you, ready or not. Thankfully Ennosh*ta intercepted him with precision.

"Not today, she already had to carry Shoyo earlier."

"Thanks. I don't think that would've ended well considering everything was soaked, my pants still are but I doubt anyone's spares would fit me." You had towel dried them to your best ability, even tried to use the hand dryer but it didn't help much.

"What's this~? I have to say you look good in Nekoma red, little cutie~" Kuroo had slithered his way into the gym at some point, Kenma not too far behind him.


"Wow, it's not everyday Kenma notices someone's clothes." Lev was genuinely surprised.

"I feel like i've made an error in accepting this hoodie..."

"Oi! Y/n, why are you wearing a Nekoma hoodie! You'd look better in a Karasuno one!" Hinata was taking a break since the floor was pretty wet, his arrival only spurred on the ever energetic Nishinoya who had slipped from his keepers grasp. Both of them leapt onto you.

"H-hey! Don't try taking it off!" It's hard to blame them considering they're a bit dense, but when Hinata had held your arms up, you panicked. At least the others noticed this, yet they didn't react in time.

Nishinoya's POV

Gotta get that stupid cats hoodie off of her! Eh? I managed to lift it to about her belly-button but... I shouldn't be able to see that right? Shouldn't I be seeing a shirt? Not pristine S/t skin that's been woven by the gods?

Back to your POV

He didn't lift the hoodie that high but he's suddenly overheated, blood dramatically erupted from his nose as he fell back like he had gotten punched. By now the others had grabbed Hinata and were busy either scolding him or trying to revive Nishinoya.

"You dumb*ss! She was soaked by the rain, of course there's not a shirt!" You thought Kageyama only called Hinata that, guess it's not reserved.

"You alright, Y/n?"

"I'm fine Kuroo, just a bit tired from all of this excitement. It's nice to know you aren't always a flirt, considering you used my actual name for once." In retaliation he ruffled your hair, pressing your head down as well.

"Of course i'm not 'just' a flirt! There's a person under all these good looks~" From the force he's using to ruffle your hair, you're getting dizzy.

"Kuroo you're scrambling her brain."

Kenma's POV

I pulled her away from him, getting annoyed by how touchy everyone is. It has to be annoying to her too, I don't get how she hasn't snapped at someone yet. She stumbled a bit and held onto me.

"S-sorry... The room is still spinning."

"-Sigh- I don't mind..." Suga's looking over here, irritated. Kuroo must be rubbing off on me, I smirked at him before sticking my tongue out. The other Karasuno members present saw this and grew equally as pissed.

"I have to get to class, could you come with me? If not it's fine, I know you're pretty introverted..." I shook my head, I don't understand how she gets along with everyone, people as nice as her usually end up being taken advantage of.

"I'll go with you, which class?"

"Psych, it's the furthest from here. Near the entrance."


"Thank you, and sorry that you had to come all this way."

"Stop apologizing when you didn't mess up..." She's so adorable.

Back to your POV

Is he blushing? Or is it more of a pout? Either way it's adorable, and all of this is because you're thanking him?

"Sorr- Wait- Sor- -sigh-"

"Pfft- Just go to your class."

"Alright, i'll be back in the gym later." You've found that Kenma is rather expressive when he comfortable around someone, or if he gets mad enough. He walked off looking a bit embarrassed for actually laughing.


The psych class has been delving into actual topics you haven't studied, or rather emotions you haven't studied, like anger, disappointment, and jealousy. Each make you uneasy, you'd rather be studying something with less potential to be violent... Upon entering the gym a certain red-head noticed your mood was off.

"Ne~? What's this~? Is our resident therapist feeling down herself?" He said this while setting his head on yours and draping his arms over your shoulders, effectively putting most of his weight on you.

"Tendo, no offense but you're heavy..."

"I know~ I'm putting more weight on you this time~"

"You're going to make me shorter!"

"Tendo." Ushijima came to save you, or so you thought. When the red-head moved, a heavier weight pressed down on you, much heavier.

"This is beneficial for your muscle growth, however it is slightly awkward for those who are taller." You didn't answer as you were too busy trying to not fall flat on your face.

"WakaWaka, I think you might be too heavy, her legs are shaking." They are? You can't really look since your head is held in place.

"Hmm? So they are, two more minutes then I will adjust my weight." He's going to be the death of you!

"By the way, what are you wearing~? A Nekoma hoodie? You'd look much better in Shiratorizawa purple~" Not this again... This has to be a weird guy thing. Ushijima let out a low hum, whether it was on purpose or not he let more of his weight on you. As you felt your legs begin to buckle a flash of ash-blonde made its way towards you.

"What the hell did you talk him into Tendo!?" Semi did his best to lift the stoic, former captain off of you. Letting out a sigh of relief you nearly collapsed anyway.

"You okay, lady rain?"

"Are these all song titles?" He blatantly ignored the question, waiting for you to answer.

"Aside from my legs being numb, i'm okay. It was an accident right?"

"Yes, I did not intend to apply more weight." He doesn't have to capacity to lie so he's being genuine.


Semi lectured them for a short while, after, they all had to do their own thing, whether it was on campus or elsewhere. Since they had been walking in a random direction, you found yourself lost for the time in a week or so, you'd have to mark the 'days since Y/n's gotten lost' counter to zero. Suddenly you could hear a group of fangirls, or just regular ladies but they seemed to be irate. Normally this wouldn't be too much of a problem but you had to take your beanie off to dry, and your hair was down/showing. If one asked you a question and you faced them, they'd know you were a woman right away. Given how loud they were and the fact you're in a hallway, you could hear them clearly.

"The volleyball guys are always hanging out with that newbie."

"Maybe they're gay? We have to respect their preferences."

"Maybe they just haven't been with the right woman."

"Kinda coming off offensive."

"Shut up, maybe i'm right!"

"Are we sure that person is a guy? They always have on loose clothes and we've never been close to them."

"Tch. You think we have a rat, like hell. I know every woman here."

"Gender neutral names exist." To top it off one of them is prejudice! The considerate one spotted you but didn't say anything, but they're turning to head this way regardless. Since you were focused on the group you failed to notice a closet door open nearby, in which you were swiftly dragged into, with a hand over your mouth. The fingers on this hand are longer than Kunimi's, not important, right now, they just saved you from a mob of rabid, prissy women. Well most of them are that way, the considerate one seemed okay. About five minutes later the group had passed by and their chatter faded away, you tried to pull away from the person who saved you but they had a firm grip. You tried to look up at the person but they didn't let you.


"They're not entirely gone, now shut up, pipsqueak." This barely audible nickname gave it away, you've been avoiding him and he's been avoiding you. Trying to stay calm wasn't working, in your mind you had categorized him in the same group as the women.

Tsukishima's POV

Sh*t... I didn't think this through, from where i'm standing I can see those girls staying around the corner, still gossiping. Now Y/n knows it's me and is trembling, she really doesn't trust easily, huh. Not wanting to upset her more I loosened my grip and placed a hand on her head.

"I'm sorry..." I'd explain the rest to her later, for now she still needs to keep quiet. Suddenly she turned around to face me, hiding her face against my chest. I'd scoff but that'd be too loud, it's keeping her content so i'll allow it.


"Okay, pipsqueak. They're gone." Once the door was opened she nearly fell out, stumbling a bit before balancing with her arms out.

Back to your POV

"Thank you... And i'm sorry-"

"Don't apologize, I know i'm a d*ck sometimes. I should've said I was sorry sooner, but I had to make sure..." This piqued your interest.

"Make sure of what?"

"To make sure that you're not like those other a*sholes. It wouldn't be the first time someone has tried to get close to us for their ulterior motives." That makes sense, from the way a couple of those women talked you wouldn't put it past them.

"I try to be straightforward you know, if I had truly wanted to cause issues I would've done it already." He sweatdropped at that.

"Not reassuring, but I guess you're right."

"If i'm going to cause issues it'll be direct~ Like if I stole your glasses~" Deciding to lighten the mood you did just that. Jumping up and snatching his specs carefully, you grinned a little.

"Tch. Kiyoko did say you'd get more troublesome as time went on. What makes you think you can run away with those short corgi legs, hmm~?" Craaap, he's mad! There's an actual tic mark on his head! Slowly you secured his glasses on your own head, kind of like sunglasses when you lift them up, and you ran like hell. Not looking back you made it to the gym, still sprinting, the sporty shoes you bought actually helped with traction and spring.

"Stop running, you little sh*t!" The sound of widely spaced steps got closer, anyone else in the gym was too stunned to do anything, meaning you're on your own. Turning to the gyms other entrance you skidded at the turn, shoes leaving an actual mark on the linoleum. Tsuk(k)ishima didn't entirely make the sharp turn and had to slow down as to not hit the wall. Thing is, you really suck at directions still, leading you to a dead end. That dead end being a fire exit with an alarm.

"Heh-heh... No hard feelings?" He's actually panting a little bit, if you had space to run you could've kept going for another five minutes at least.

"Guess you're more of a chihuahua than a corgi. Too damn fast for your own good." An attempt to dash past him was stopped in its tracks, a lanky arm wrapped around your waist, he pulled you back, flush against his chest before taking his glasses back. You looked up to see him smirking, he didn't let go yet.

"H-Hey-! You can let go now!" Squirming didn't yield results.

"C'mon, pipsqueak~ You were so confident while running, can't face the consequences~?" So the salt-master can be flirty... His voice makes it sound good too!

"The consequence is you holding me...?"

"Unless you want more~" F*ck, he's going to tease you the whole time!

Tsuk(k)ishima's POV

I hate to admit it but she's kinda cute when she's flustered. Tolerable at least. She's super red, wonder if I can make her redder~?

"What was it you said to me the first time~? Something about a collar and leash~?"

"I- I- Um- haah-!" If steam could come out of her ears it would, not to mention she's practically limp.

"So I see you've made up?" Kiyoko walked around the corner, Yachi following closely behind.

"W-What did you do to her?!" I let go of Y/n, making her fall forward, Yachi caught her and was trying to get her to respond.

"Yeah. We made up... It was getting too annoying to hold a grudge. Would've been a waste of time."

"Y/n! Don't go into the light!"

"She's not gonna die, I only teased the pipsqueak a little."

Yachi's POV

Still, she's unresponsive! Heaving her up I tried my best to walk her towards the gym but she's completely limp! Kiyoko is still talking to that salty fiend so she can't help right now!

"Y/n, snap out of it! I can't drag you all the way home, not to mention Tabitha will kill me if she sees me this close to you!" Out of nowhere a large hand settled on my shoulder, looking back, the hulking form of Aone startled me.

"Eep! H-hi there!?" I know he's friendly but he's still intimidating...

"Hmm?" Oh, is he worried about Y/n?

"She got flustered and overheated, i've been trying to get her to the gym but... I'm not the best at carrying a person." Her legs were dragging on the floor this whole time. Before I knew it he had picked her up out of my arms and started to walk away.

"Set her down on one of the bleachers when we get there."


"Huh?! Then where are you going to put her?" Of course he isn't going to answer, where's Futakuchi when you need him? We got to the gym and and a few of the guys were already waiting, they were the ones that spotted her running earlier and told us.

"My, my~ What do we have here~? Something happen to our dear therapist?"

Tendo's POV

I know Aone is too much of a marshmallow to hurt her, but that annoying Megane-kun isn't off the list yet~

"I can take her off your hands, big guy~" With a grunt he turned away.

"Eh-?! Don't be like that, i'll give you a discount at my bakery later if you hand her over~" The polar bear hummed in thought before shaking his head again.

"Dang it, that usually works... Any-way, what happened~?"

"Tsukishima teased her and she overheated, normally she can handle flirting if she starts it but... When someone flirts back, this can happen."

"Right! That almost happened when she was meeting Lev and Yaku~"

"Don't bring that up."

"Hi there, WakaWaka~" Yachi went pale, obviously still uncomfortable around our stoic miracle boy.

"If i'm not mistaken it's nearing the time for her next class. How do we wake her up?"

"Well, we could try putting her the rain for a minute but then she'd have to change again."

"On it~" I snatched Y/n quickly and ran outside, Aone may be strong but i'm a lot faster~!

Back to your POV

You gasped as a wave of cold water slapped you like a wave, what you think is Tendo was holding you out from underneath the safety of the overhang.

"There you are~ We had to get you back to yourself somehow~" Practically kicking the gym door open he set you down on a bleacher before handing you a purple hoodie. This feels like an elaborate plan he concocted... Sluggishly you went into the bathroom and changed, yet again. At least your beanie was dry now, but how are you going to return Lev's hoodie now that it's wet? Not to mention your shirt is still wet somehow! Schemers everywhere! It fits worse than Lev's... The sleeves are longer but the body part is narrower, what the hell are these measurements?!

"Tendooo, why are you arms so long!"

"-Dramatic gasp- You've tainted Chibi-chan with your hoodie!?" Great, Oikawa showed up just in time to add more drama.

"It looks good on her~ Go on, say the thing WakaWaka~" Ushijima walked up to you as if he's running an inspection.

"Yes. You should've come to Shiratorizawa." Oikawa's eyes became vacant as if he's suffering a traumatic flashback.

"Y/n, let me see your sleeves." At first you thought Tendo was going to be polite and roll them up, but this is the guy that thought arson was a petty crime, he tied them together.

"Eh...?" Uselessly pulling at the knot managed to tighten it further.

"Let's go~ No one's been over to your house in a week, I volunteer along with WakaWaka~"

"Oyasu and Kuguri were next up on the list too."

"What an odd bunch~ Serious, calm, me, and rude~ How fun~!" Before you could look to the others for help, you were hoisted up by none other than Ushijima.

"Wait, I have another class!"

"Nope, me and Kuguri checked and your sports medicine teacher didn't come in today due to the weather."

"He's correct. I didn't think a professor would be that lax." You sighed, accepting defeat, you'd return the red hoodie later. Oikawa was too busy having his flashbacks to stop what is essentially a kidnapping, and everyone else was practicing or had no qualms.


The rain hadn't let up but thankfully the umbrellas the other guys brought weren't as flimsy as yours. When it came time for you to unlock the door, Tendo simply guessed where the key was. Tabitha didn't run this time, rather she sat on the counter and judged each individual, a certain red-head especially.

"Wow~ Didn't think i'd be judged by a cat today~"

"Can I be set down now?"

"Ushijima probably doesn't want to let go yet. You can't hold her the whole time." Oyasu plucked you out of the serious mans grasp, opting to hold you close to his own chest as he boldly sat down, meaning you're in his lap. As a result you felt your face heat up, stuttering as you tried to untangle your sleeves. Unbeknownst to you, the others were visibly ticked off.

"I don't think Y/n appreciates being held that way." Kuguri then took you but put you over his shoulder like a sack... This is going to be a long evening.

"No, no, you have it all wrong. You need to hold her like she's a cat~" Annnd lion king pose.

"Please put me down, I need to change, plus don't you guys need a change of clothes too?" Finally you were set down, while the others discussed who was going to leave to their house to grab everyone some spares. Deeply sighing you went to your bedroom and locked the door to your best ability. If you had a shirt underneath it would've been easy to slide away from their shenanigans earlier. Taking it off you undid the sleeves before holding it, sliding on one of your longer nightgowns and finally getting out of the still somewhat rain-soaked pants. You'd shower but it could wait until later given that you don't fully trust Tendo and Oyasu. One for being a mischievous little goblin, and the other from hanging out with Terushima too much. The front door opened and closed, maybe they all left to get clothes? Collapsing on your bed you hoped to get rest a little before they returned.

Ushijima's POV

Tendo went with Kuguri so he doesn't take too long, I should've gone with Oyasu, he might bring back alcohol or some other substance. Yet I stayed to accompany Y/n, speaking of which she hasn't come out of her room. Her large feline companion seems worried as well. She's sitting outside of what I assume is the main bedroom. Perhaps I should check on her, she did have a run in with Tsukishima after-all.


"Are you alright, Y/n?" No response, she shouldn't be changing still, and I don't hear water or phone chatter. The cat put her paws on my leg, then on the door, should a cat show this much intelligence? Then again I suppose stranger things have happened. Slowly I cracked the door, making sure not to look directly inside, in the case she was indecent. Upon hearing soft breathing I glanced towards her bed, she's asleep? In all fairness other than being chased, Tendo did bother her frequently, from experience it's indeed tiring. Sitting at the foot of her bed I tried not to stare, her choice of nightwear isn't inappropriate but... My face grows flush when I look for too long, truly odd. Her gown appears to be a soft material, a dull gray with a paisley pattern in lavender. Seeing Y/n in clothes that fit her body more appropriately is strange.

"Hm?" The striped cat is on my lap now, if I recall this means I cannot move until it does or one of us perishes, at least that's what the others told me.


Knowing Tendo, he must have side tracked the others, he always brings back snacks no matter the occasion. Looking over to Y/n again I noticed her face, she seems scared. The cat got up and laid on her chest, purring loudly. I've read about this, felines have extra senses almost, they can try to heal their owners by purring at certain frequencies. Although I feel like this is emotional, a nightmare perhaps.

"Y/n." Standing up I tapped her shoulder, and moved the hair from her face.

Back to your POV

With a start you woke up, taking deep breaths as olive eyes met yours.

"You had a nightmare I believe." At least he knows to give you space, Tabitha, not so much. She's holding you hostage like she did Bokuto, minus the claws.

"T-thank you for waking me up, Ushijima." His gaze softened a little, it could have been your imagination really but he may have smiled for a split second.

"Call me Wakatoshi." No explanation? His bluntness makes him seem demanding.

"Okay, um, the others aren't back yet?"

"They are not, Tendo likes to take detours."

"You and him are pretty close, have you been friends for awhile?" At this point you had pushed Tabitha away much to her displeasure.

"Since middle-school, other kids weren't fond of him, i'm not sure why. He wasn't as... Outgoing back then." You can see it, Tendo's appearance is unique, not to mention the odd bending at times.

"Kids can be brutal, it's nice that you didn't judge him like the rest." A comfortable silence settled in when your front door abruptly opened.

"You two better be decent~!" Your hand immediately went to your face, pinching the bridge of your nose and shaking your head. Oyasu peeked inside your room, making eye contact with Ush- Wakatoshi and... Looked disappointed?

"Ah, dangit, I owe you ten dollars Tendo!" They made a bet, it's somewhat offensive to be honest. Something tells you that the serious giant next to you feels the same.

"Wait here for a moment Y/n." Chills went down your spine as he made his way towards Oyasu and shut your door. He wouldn't get violent would he? Hopefully not, the most violent of the guys you've encountered is the twins or maybe Iwaizumi. Around five minutes pass and the troublesome duo are now in your room, bowing.

""We're sorry."" Kuguri is filling in for Suna, recording with his phone.

"Y-You don't have to bow!" Getting up your desperately tried to push them up by their shoulders. Eventually they relented and the lot of you moved into the living room, Tabitha included.

"Why did I need to record their apology?"

"Blackmail, Sunarin taught our WakaWaka here a thing or two about it~"



Everyone had occupied themselves with various things, either papers they needed to work on or study, or watching TV. A certain red-head however had disappeared, supposedly he's in the bathroom but it wouldn't surprise you if he had started to snoop around. You'd let it slide for now, afterall he did bring back pastries despite it pouring the rain.

Tendo's POV

Hehehe, I knew the chocolate fold over croissants would be a perfect distraction! A few of the other guys that've been here mentioned finding hidden poems, of course i'm going to look for one myself~ There's so, so, many books~! Has our little therapist read them all? How about these books~? They're hidden behind some plushies, which, by the way, are adorable! There's a snail cat~! Kawaii~ Stop, focus Satori!


"Ara, ara~ Care to explain the books I found~?" She was busy helping Kuguri with an assignment but immediately understood which books I meant. Shooting up from the table she attempted to cover my mouth but I leaned away~

"Is our helpful sweetheart really a perv instead~?"

"T-Tendo, i'm not!" Oyasu perked up at this, i'm not gonna tell him what I found though.

"I'll keep quiet about it... Iiiif you do something for me~" Y/n was already embarrassed but my subtle and harmless innuendo made her face bright red~

"Um- W-what did you want me to do...?" Such a soft tone~!

"Nothing dirty~ I think WakaWaka would kill me if I stooped that low." It's true, he is glaring at me from the couch. Scary!


Back to your POV

And that's how you got into this situation. Ten- Satori as he requested to be called, has you wrapped up in a blanket, like fully cocooned, while he put on an anime that everyone was okay with. While in this cocoon of a blanket, he's hugging you from behind since he decided to lay down on the couch. The only reason the others allowed this is because he promised them a turn with 'the cuddle cocoon.' It's embarrassing... At this point you'd prefer Atsumu crushing you. During a particular part of the anime Satori got too excited and sat up, lifting you up as if he was going to yeet you across the room. Which really he probably could, any of the volleyball guys could.

"I'll be taking her now." Your savior! Or so you thought, you're now placed on Wakatoshi's lap... He's not as bad as Suna but it's still an intimate position, which he may not be aware of. He's actually quite nice once you understand him, his head is resting on top of yours, his arms around your waist.


Of course this tranquil moment didn't last forever, even the overly serious can get frightened. It slipped his mind that you're indeed a living person and not a pillow since his grip tightened exponentially.

"I believe it's my turn now, Ushijima. If you continue she might faint." You're too dazed to really process what happened but you did hear an apology or two, when you snapped out of it you found yourself next to Kuguri, who held you in a similar way to Satori but it felt closer somehow. He's holding you firmly, and unlike the red-head he's gently nuzzling into the crook of your neck. It's hard to focus on the show like this... He's probably not aware that what he's doing is turning you into a blushing mess.


"I think it's my turn now, can't have you fallin' asleep and hogging her." Yes, Oyasu, in all honesty it'd be pretty hard to hold you in a worse way than the others. Kuguri silently protested before finally releasing you, to, well, everyone's surprise the usually brash brunette simply sat you beside him.

"What? Do you all think i'm a womanizer like Yuji? Honestly kinda pisses me off."

"Can you really blame us~?" At that comment he tossed a pillow as hard as he could at the red-head, who promptly bent at an odd angle to avoid the attack. An arm wrapped around your shoulder and you unwillingly leaned onto Oyasu who seemed calm for once. He's sort of like Kyotani in a sense except shows his softer side more often, as the blonde is more outright aggressive, he is a bit like Tsukishima, using threats instead of insults.


Glancing at the time you tried to wiggle free from your blanket cocoon.

"If you're worried about cooking for us, don't. We agreed to order in."

"I still need to feed Tabitha though." From your meager attempts to unravel the blanket, you had fallen to your back on the couch, a certain tabby took her chances and pounced onto your gut before laying on your face.

"Is your cat a murderer?!" After a minute or so the guys got worried and tried to push her away, which thankfully worked.

"Pahh- It's twenty minutes past her feeding time..." Reluctantly they unbound you from the comically round cocoon, you stretched before heading into the kitchen and feeding the impatient Tabitha.


The general consensus after that mess was to order pizza, a heated debate about pineapple ensued, which you opted out of. Sighing you flopped back onto the couch as Oyasu and Satori argued, while Wakatoshi held the phone in his hand looking progressively impatient.

"It's ordered."

""Huh!?"" He ordered without consulting the chaotic duo.

Wakatoshi's POV

Those two were getting on my nerves, which is rare but not impossible. Y/n is tired of their bickering as well, I am curious to know more about her but i've been told it's rude to ask too many questions.

"Y/n, I overheard that you take a complicated course, which one is it?" That shouldn't be too far.

"Nuero-science, more or less the study of the brain." Complex.

"If you're super smart why do you hang around the volleyball dorks?"

Back to your POV

"Well Oyasu, you guys make me feel safe... Everyone's differences combine together in that gym, there's a balance that's hard to find anywhere else." A light blush coated your cheeks as you answered sincerely. The four remained silent for a moment, Kuguri looked to be tearing up. Then Satori had to give him input.

"It's not for our looks~?" His eye brows even wiggled as he had a cat like smirk.

"I- I mean, of course you're all a-attractive in your own ways-! I just- Don't think about it that much..." That light blush, needless to say, has turned into a furious one.

"Anyone in particular catch your eye~? I'm sure I have quite the competition already so a little tip wouldn't hurt~" Did you have a type?

"I mainly want someone to actually love me, you know... An actual commitment, not some flimsy crush that ends in disaster. Not someone who will leave me suddenly, leaving me alone." Now Satori is tearing up! In his own way he's comforting you, by straddling your lap as you're sitting and hugging you tightly, it feels like two snakes are around you.

"Okay, sad times aside, what about body-wise?"

"Honestly... As long as they're taller than me i'd be satisfied." Everyone proceeded to deadpan at you, and knowing why didn't make it less embarrassing.

"I get it! I'm shorter than everyone! I heard Nishinoya and Hinata were super short until the end of their second year, then got growth spurts! I haven't grown since first year!"

"Shh~ Shh~ It's good that you're small, you're easier to pick up that way~"

"That reminds me, have you been using the small weights we recommended?" Flinching, you dared not look the stoic man in the eye. The fussier guys had insisted you gain a little muscle, not wanting you to be hurt as easily.

"N-Not recently... I already exercised, remember? When my legs nearly gave out."

"Yes, that was your legs, which are satisfactory for your build, but your arms need work." He pulled the red-head away, and grabbed your chin to make you look at him. His glare made your s/t complexion turn five shades paler.

"Holy crap! I think you scared the soul from her!"

"That's not possible, right...?"


"This is exactly why I didn't want to train my arms...!" Last night Wakatoshi and Satori made sure you lifted weights, while Kuguri supervised and Oyasu made sure you didn't slack off, adding time when you did. He has sad*stic tendancies... Now you're unable to move your arms without great difficulty and pain.

"You don't have any courses today, right~?"

"... I don't but that doesn't mean this is okay!" With their own goodbyes they left you, alone, unable to use your arms.

-VB Uni GC-

Salt: When are we deciding on a solid name for this trainwreck?

Weed?: It does get confusing tbh

Peircings: That's because you're high

CampusCop: Drugs?

Weed?: Not all the time only when i'm stressed af

Ushijima: We may need the next team to come earlier than usual, who is available?

PolarBear: ???

NotArson: Well, we may have helped her lift weights...

Provoking101: And I added more time when I felt like it

Kuguri: She's having difficulty using her arms.

PolarBear: I am available.

Futagucci: As am I~

TitanLev: Oh, i'm free!

YakuMor: Same here.

ShinsukeKita: I trust that you'll keep each other in check.

Futagucci: Why do I feel like that means me?

PolarBear: Because it does.

TitanLev: I'm well behaved!!!

YakuMor: Sure you are.

Y/n: Do I get a say

CampusCop: Are you against someone staying with you?

Y/n: No, I don't want to be a bother though.

Suga: Do I have to get rid of some negativity?

AsahiAzu: No, don't let him!

I still think you broke a rib the last time...

Salt: Don't worry

You won't be more of a bother than usual

Y/n: I need to buy groceries today

since it's nice out

PolarBear: I do not mind.

Futagucci: I'm good too

TitanLev: It'll be fun!

YakuMor: I don't mind either.

Y/n: If you say so

don't feel obligated to come with me though

Suga: I'm begone-ing your negativity next time I see you

Y/n: gonna rest hurts to type

Setting your phone down a little harshly on the nightstand, you remained face down on your bed, groaning whenever you needed to adjust. Would a multivitamin help? It might considering your diet sucks. Pain patches are a must have, too. Also how is shopping with Lev gonna work, he's famous to a degree right? Then again a good chunk of the guys at the gym are business men that still run around like teenagers. They also are practically here on vacation since they plan to help fund a spring break getaway in a few weeks. Which, no doubt, they're going to bring you along, it's not a bad thing... It feels like pity though, no matter how many times they reassure you, your thoughts won't let you believe them.


"We're here! I figured your arms hurt so I used the key!" Yaku had the decency to call out at least, Lev however, didn't. A looming shadow cast over you as you opened your eyes to his own emerald ones. They're strangely cat-like, Kenma's are the same and even Kuroo's.

"Um, hi?"

"Hi! Is this the cat?" Tabitha seemed spooked at his height, but at the same time it's like she felt that he's pretty harmless.

"Yeah, she can get a bit feisty around new people though, so be careful." While your arms ached you had to make yourself get up, locking your door for a moment you quickly, changed. Internally screaming with each movement. Stepping out you were met with an unexpected sight, Tabitha was cowering in the corner, and Aone was in the opposite corner sulking...

"I take it she got scared...?"

"Yeah, it's not the first time this has happened, don't worry." Futakuchi was half-heartedly consoling the misunderstood polar bear.



"Since when did you start talking back? You're scary too sometimes!" She had to audacity to huff, but carefully padded over to Aone.

"That's one smart cat!" The large tabby hopped onto his wide shoulders, startling him. Now they're sulking together since your words rang true.

"I guess that's progress? Oh, uh, welcome by the way. The shop is only a few blocks away but you really don't have to-"

"Nonsense, we don't mind coming with you. Besides this way you'll be safe." Yaku would've had a point if this was anywhere close to a bad part of town, but it's not.

"Yeah, Yaku'll bite their ankles!" Quickly Lev got a kick to the shins, causing him to bend down to Yaku's height.

"Every time we meet up you always bring up my height!"

"You've bit me before, i'm not wrong!"

"Since i'm the shortest I feel insulted by association..." Arms limp at your sides, you leaned onto Aone who was still in the corner but less upset. He straightened up, Tabitha hopped down for her own safety, and placed a hand on your head. Still unaware of his own strength, as you had to bend your knees to avoid any pain.

"Ease up, big guy." This must be why Futakuchi is around, to help with Aone, surely they all don't have this weird fascination about you. Once he lifted his hand your hair decided to stick up in every direction. Rigidly you reached your hands up to fix it, they guys in general winced from sympathy seeing your stiff movements.

"That's how I was when Kuroo nearly killed me at camp that one time."

"Eh? Should I be concerned about that?"

"This idiot is exaggerating, he was practicing his receives and collapsed for awhile."

"In a pool of my own sweat!"

"Cool it, we have groceries to buy remember?"


The five of you were about half-way to the store, and of course a few people recognized the bunch, making you regret not wearing some type of hat today. It'd be a pain to keep it on, but at least you could've kept a low-ish profile.

"Are you cold?" The deep rumbly voice scared you at first, at the same time it was nice that the silent giant felt comfortable enough to speak to you.

"No, I prefer the cold. The humid, heat of the summer just doesn't set right..." He simply nodded.

"Gahh- I hate dealing with fans!" Lanky arms draped over you, you can't see his face but Lev is likely pouting.

"Lev you're gonna crush her, get off!"

"It's fine, Yaku. He's not as heavy as Wakatoshi or Osamu."

"I have to hold myself up a bit, my back will hurt if I bend all the way." This has to be on purpose right? Can someone be that honest?

"Have at him."

"Ehh?!" May Lev's shins rest in peace.


Finally at the store you got out your list that you thankfully wrote before your arms felt like jelly. Futakuchi plucked it from your hand, smirking when you expressed your annoyance.

"Let's see... You know these brands kinda suck." That's right, you were warned that he's a little like Tsukishima in his own way. Taunting is his main schtick at times.

"I prefer to spend as little as possible unless it's fish or meat, my income isn't necesarrily steady." Aone nodded in understanding, as far as you know he has a good job, maybe not as high paying as CEO or model but a steady job nonetheless.

"Let's just get to shopping before things get chaotic."

Chapter 6


So, i've been taking awhile to post, sorry about that... I got sick again, and writers block, just the works. Meanwhile I decided to shorten the length of each chapter by 15 minutes of read time, leaving them at 30 minutes of read time for convenience. Also I have a Ko-Fi now, cleverneko7 is the user.

Chapter Text

(TW? Spiraling depressive thoughts near the end)

To say things went smoothly would be a lie. Lev got himself kicked out since they had a promotional basketball hoop near the melons, and Futakuchi kept slipping expensive items into your cart think you wouldn't notice. Aone had enough of that and glared at him until he stopped. Meanwhile Yaku was the only rational one that actually helped.

"Yakuuu, can you grab that jar up there?" Why is everything you need, suddenly on a higher shelf?! Was it always that high up?!

"Sure thing."

Yaku's POV

My cheeks heated up the minute she whined my name, the more she opens up around us, the cuter she gets! I have this urge to protect her from everyone else, Futakuchi being the main threat to her currently. He's trying to tease her and all but I can tell that talking about finances bothers her. She has a nice house, and seems to have things budgeted out loosely. As far as I know she doesn't have a job, not that, that matters.

"Here you go, fish flakes? You planning on making onigiri?"

"Eventually, i've been meaning to make sushi but the whole fish market thing is still a problem. Plus I haven't wanted to bother walking that far since the weather's been iffy."

"True, and you need to buy a better umbrella before you get sick from all the rain!" We found he umbrella, or what was left of it, in the rack, it went into the trash immediately. There was no saving that mess.

"You sound like a doting parent..."

"-sigh- You're not the first one to say that, sorry if I get overbearing-"

"No, it's fine. I think I like that about you." She sent me a soft smile, it looked like a golden aura came down from above. Is this how Noya and Tanaka feel?!

"D-don't say that so casually!"

"Is it that easy to make a guy blush?" Not the innocent head tilt!

"Stop! You know what you're doing, i'm sure of it!"

Back to your POV

You were complimenting him genuinely, there's no hidden agenda, but he can't seem to take praise.

"Sorry if I made you uncomfortable-"

"No- No it's fine! Looks like we got everything on the list, let's find the others and go." Whether he realized it or not, Yaku had grabbed your wrist in order to pull you along, gradually it turned into hand holding.


Thankfully it didn't take long to check out, the cashier gave a pleasant smile, probably assuming the two of you were dating...

"Tch, trying to make moves while Aone was watching me~?"

"What do you mean?" The polar bear came closer and gently, at least in his terms, separated your hands from one another's. His face lit up with red as he realized what he was doing.

"I- I didn't mean to! I'm so used to dragging Lev that I didn't even realize I was holding on!"

"When you're this flustered you look a bit like Hinata..." This thought slipped out involuntarily, his mixed hair tones and wobbly smile baring an uncanny resemblance to the tangerine. At least when said orange is embarrassed too.

"Whoa, she's right!"

"Shut up! You're not even supposed to be in here!"


"My arms may be numb but my hands work, I could carry a bag or two..."

"Nope, we got this for you."

"We really don't mind." Walking within the small group, you looked up in mild exasperation, it's an odd feeling to be taken care of like this. Weirder still that none of them are family or getting some sort of payment. Above you the overcast sheet of cloud broke apart for a brief moment, the dulled sun cast a few faint shadows on the pavement. Each one merged into the other, yours was no exception, you want to believe you're normal like everyone else, but any nasty glare or loud bang reminds you otherwise. Immature women hated you, and certain loud sounds send you into a panicked spiral... What's normal about that? Maybe normal isn't the word you're looking for, rather stable. Being in a lonely house, fearing storms and speaking with a cat isn't really stable. Neither is the fact you keep ignoring the past-

"You okay, Shorty?" Ignoring the nickname you gave an automatic answer.

"I'm fine. Thinking is all." A slim, slightly lanky, hand rested on your head, clamping down on it firmly.

"Ne, you can't fool us that easily." First he called your Shorty, now Futakuchi is attempting to be nice? While he slowly crushes your skull, anyway.

"I don't think i'm ready to tell you guys yet, it's nothing personal-!" Thinking you had offended them you were waving your hands back and forth despite the pain, a rather lanky hand wrapped around your own.

"Relax, it takes a lot to offend any of us, we all have our own baggage." This reassurance surprisingly came from Lev, also his hands are ridiculous in size, unreasonably long fingers.

"And his is name brand~" Of course this is coming from the man that has his online name as 'Futagucci'.


Finally at home you quickly changed as the guys insisted on putting away the groceries, your protests did nothing to stop them. Opening the door you heard two of them scolding Lev for putting things on higher shelves.

"There's no way she can reach that! It's literally on top of the shelf itself!"

"Get on your knees so you'll be a normal height."

"Mhm." Since they seemed busy, you went into the book room and grabbed a few that might keep them entertained. That included a few a few magazines for the less inclined to read. Things seemed to be sorted out now, except Lev was walking around on his knees, in awe of how the view looked from an average, to short, height. His overall obliviousness is refreshing, maybe even cute.

"Wow, I can actually see you up close without bending in half!" He wrapped his arms around you, in this position you're ever so slightly taller than the silver haired male. You'd imagine this is how someone attacked by an octopus would feel, except this octopus was warm, and nuzzling into your shoulder. Yaku scoffed before peeling him off of you.

"Ne, it's not really fair that the colossal titan gets a hug and we don't." Not this again, at least you're not cocooned. Futakuchi hugged you from behind, you gasped a little as his hands touched around your waist.

"B-Be careful w-where you're touching!" All it took was Aone to glare at him, and he raised his hands in defeat. Under the guise of dusting you off, the usually mature Yaku had given you a side hug, not wanting to make you uncomfortable. That left the polar bear, a faint blush is on his cheeks, he probably doesn't want to over do it like Bokuto. Turning around you spread your arms open, not wanting him to feel excluded, could it cost you, your spine? Yes. A couple of ribs? Also yes, but you never know unless you try. So now, you were being engulfed by a hunched over Aone, to be honest he was doing really well, until Futakuchi revealed a picture that Satori had taken when you were cocooned.

"What the hell? What kind of blackmail did he have to get you in that situation?" The picture was of Wakatoshi holding you on his lap, another of Kuguri burying his face in your neck, and of himself from a top down angle you didn't notice. It's almost comical how egg shaped the cocoon was-


"Watch your temper, pretty sure I just heard Y/n's back pop." Then why aren't you helping?!

"Hm?" He released you fully, but you could only slump against him, it was a good pop but still a shock to your body.

"I- I'm okay... Don't worry..."

"Then why do you sound like you're dying?!"

"Yeah, your soul is practically leaving!"


They insisted you lay down after they stopped panicking, you're on the couch while resting your head on Yaku's lap. It's truly relaxing, he's running his fingers through your hair while the others kept themselves preoccupied with studies or the TV.

"You don't have to do this you know..."

"I don't mind, your hair is super soft anyway." Cue Lev pouting and draping himself over the back of the couch. His long arms snaked around Yaku as he pestered him to give him a turn with you. Which out of context sounds wrong in many ways. Many, many ways.

"Idiot! Don't phrase it like that! Look at Y/n now, she's steaming!" Were you? It would be an understatement to say that the guys you hang around are attractive, but you didn't really think of them as anything more than friends. Until they started to flirt in their own ways that is, its been roughly two weeks and that's long enough for some of them apparently... Of course certain members were more outright with their advances to begin with, namely Oikawa, Terushima and Kuroo among the rest. Although Kuroo's attempts are likely for show considering he gives off big dork energy. That thought aside, you've been finding yourself getting flustered around them more often.

"Wow, she really does go blank, guess Suna was right." Snapping out of your self monolog you saw Futakuchi centimeters away from your face, now that the light was back in your eyes he smirked.

"Well good morning~" You swear your noses were touching, from what you know about him, he's a teasing prick but has a good head on his shoulders when things are serious. The sound you responded with wasn't a word in any form, you sounded more like a dying bird than a person.

"Oi!" Yaku, your savior, yanked him away by his hair... If Yaku is up then whose lap are you resting your head on? Looking up the stern eyes of Aone met yours, good... Someone calm, if it was Lev you might scream. You don't dislike the tall Russian but his blunt statements and general cluelessness can be problematic. Currently he's bothering Tabitha, trying to teach her to leap onto him. If she follows through her weight will throw him off balance, if he does fall over you'll probably yell out 'timber' to lighten the mood.

"You, okay?"

"I- Uh, yeah. You didn't hurt me, if anything it was sort of like going to a chiropractor." His voice is so deep, he could be a voice actor!

"Hey, I don't mean to interrupt but is there anything you'd want us to make for you?"

"I should be cooking for you guys, i've been a terrible host..."

"No, your arms are jelly right now, that's why we're here. It makes sense for one of us to cook or order in."


"I know what it feels like so yeah, just cook for us some other time if it bothers you that much." Responsible one, two, and lanky one, reassured you but it still felt wrong... Where is lanky two? Snooping around probably. Of the groups at least one is always snooping, they're trying to know you better but they could at least be discreet about it.

Futakuchi's POV

From what i've heard our sweet therapist writes in her spare time, and since Yaku told me to stay in here, I might as well take a look around. Now if I wrote a little poem, which book would I stick it in? Really there's a sh*t ton of books in here, any of them could have something hidden... Asahi really liked her poem but said it made him sad, then again it doesn't take much with that guy, considering Aone pointing at him nearly made him faint before. I picked up a book about weather patterns, it's thick, mainly pictures. I think I read this book in a library in middle school, its pictures are kinda scary if i'm right- A slip of paper fell out as I flipped through the storm related pages.

Rain Clouds

I try to hold out as the sky begins to weep

A fight for warmth that my heart intends to keep

As the sky begins to cry, relieving its sorrow

I begin to die, longing for tomorrow

Fighting against the drenching tears

I ignite the flames with raging fears

Slowly dimming & losing the fight

I extinguish letting ash fly into the night

The rain eases up, eyes open in surprise

The cloud finally knows why it cries

Am I crying? No way! No i'm not crying at all! I'm not an idiot I understand the whole meaning but damn, that comparison hits hard... Hurting someone without realizing it until it's too late... And writing that into a simple poem that could be put in a kids books if you draw it. Man! She really knows her stuff!

Yaku's POV

Eh? Why is Futakuchi crying?

"Oi, the hell happened?" He tensed up, quickly wiping his face as if I didn't just see him bawling. Not saying anything he handed me a slip of paper.


"Why does it make me feel?!" He's right about the meaning too! Such a deep meaning hidden behind a simple analogy!

"I don't know, but it's good, it's a good type of sadness!" What was written on the back really got to us.

'Am I the cloud or the fire?'

Back to your POV

"Did they forget to close the door all the way?" The three of you left could hear their wails from the living room. Your poems are normally private but at this point it's too hard to gather them up to hide them. So far you've had similar reactions, either satisfied understanding or outright devastation. Both reactions are good but maybe not to this extent...

"Anyway i'm going to start cooking since Yaku is busy, my arm pain is bearable now."


A pot of soup later and you had all settled down, the foldable tables you had finally came in handy. You're not the best cook, but soup is something you've always been able to make well. It's hard to mess up something this simple.

"Sorry we took awhile, we were, uh- Setting up the spare room is all." Those two still don't know you could hear them.

"Right!" Futakuchi's eyes were still red.

"Ya know I never understood why crying is seen as a bad thing... Is it?"

"Not really, Lev~"


"You could hear us?"

"The walls are thin." They're sulking, it's cute.

"It's okay to cry, you two. Nothing to be ashamed of, it's healthy to cry actually." Since you had been making sure everyone had a drink you were still moving around, giving you a chance to pat both of them on the head. By the time you sat down to join them, they had hidden their blush. Aone had taken the liberty to pick out a movie that was airing.

"A rom-com?"

"Mhm." Never judge a movie by genre.


Yaku had gotten up during a commercial to collect the dishes, thankfully no one had any complaints. Knowing it's pointless to tell him that you could get the dishes, you remained seated.

"What type of soup was that anyway?"

"Potato and ham, it's a heavier soup."

"It reminds me of something my relatives tried getting me to eat." Right, Lev is part Russian.

"In a good way?"

"Well, I never tried it from them... I didn't know the white stuff was cream."

"What else would it be...?" Futakuchi is asking the right questions.


The movie continued soon after a rambling theory from titan, the warmth from the soup mixed with the soft couch made you sleepier than you expected. Surely the guys wouldn't mind if you dozed a bit...

Lev's POV

Huh? Is the cat on me? I looked down and nearly flinched, Y/n is laying on me...? I guess it's the way i'm sitting, i'm leaned back and using the foot stool thing, instead of my shoulder, she's on my chest.

"Lev you smooth f*cker."

"-Sigh- Don't get too loud, let her rest." I really don't like how hard Aone is glaring at me! What did I do?! It's not my fault I was the closest one! I carefully tried to lean her back on the couch instead but she wrapped an arm around my waist. Aaahhhhhh! What do I do in this situation?! It feels like if I move her too much she's gonna break, Y/n's so soft... I've had fans cling to me before but it felt weird, aggressive even, but Y/n here doesn't bring up my job or my height. After the first encounter she hasn't said anything, not out loud. This must be what Yachi was talking about, there's no judgement from her, nothing beyond what's needed. My job is about me being criticized constantly, my height means the same thing, constant judgement. Come to think of it, I haven't heard her say anything about our looks past the very first meeting. Nothing negative or positive. If she's this passive then why would anyone try to hurt her? I'm not one for deep thought, it's confusing, for now all I know is that I want to protect her. People like this are hard to come by. Holding her a bit tighter I ignored the stares and put my hand on her head lightly.


Back to your POV

Well, this is possibly a problem. You don't recall when you fell asleep like night considering the day went by rather quickly, now however you're in your bed, with company. Not that you mind, and something tells you this is likely your own fault. Futakuchi and Yaku are with you in bed. From context alone, one of them probably brought you in here, and you wouldn't let go. Leaving the other to stay for safety reasons. That being said, they're both laying their head on your chest... Not to say that they're heavy, but owww...

"G-guys? Could you, maybe move..." Yaku stirred, he looked you in the eye before his own widened upon the realization of where he was, and what he was doing.

"Sorry! So sorry!" His panicked muttering woke the other, who simply tried to hide his face in what he thought was a pillow.

"Owww..." The pain isn't the most concerning matter at hand, rather the brunettes face pressing itself into your boob like it's a memory foam orb. Thankfully the mature one in the room, not you, promptly lifted him away from you.


"Get up! We're not in a good spot right now!" He looked down to see you covering your chest, a few tears in your eyes from the aching pain. The sight below him, not that you knew this, was tempting, your face flush, tears in your eyes as you bashfully cover yourself. But that's in his mind. You however paled when you spotted a lurking shadow enter the room. Said shadow, picked up the nearly drooling Futakuchi, with ease before taking him away.

"That was Aone right...?"

"I think so, or karma incarnate."


A bit later the guys had to leave, that and you insisted considering it's Sunday. You're not used to having company over this often, it's exhausting. After cleaning up the spare room you laid face down onto the couch. Ignoring the buzz of your phone, you tried to relax fully and clear your mind. However the buzzing only seemed to feel angrier as time went on.

"Ughhh..." Picking it up you saw that it was the group chat going crazy as usual. Bunch of dorks. You promptly put your phone on silent and tossed it to the other couch.

Volleyball Uni GC

NoyaSenpai: Oryaaa!

TanakaSenpai: Oryaaa!

NoyaSenpai: We've gotten information from our Goddess that our Queen is gonna be sad in a few days!

TanakaSenpai: Who of you are considerate enough to support her in her time of need!?

NoyaSenpai: Worthy enough*

Germaphobe: I'd like to volunteer.

ShibaBrows: Naturally i'll go with him, and I doubt you two are brave enough to deny him, no offense

NoyaSenpai: Fight me!!!

TanakaSenpai: Bro I think he'd win.

NoyaSenpai: You traitor! I'm personally going to stay with her, you better come with me you coward!!!"

Chikash*ta: Who changed my name?

Anyway you two shouldn't be together if you're staying with her

Her neighbors will file a noise complaint

Tangerine: I can go with them!

Milk: No dumb*ss you'll make it worse

Chikash*ta: True, maybe it's better that they do go in a pair then

Their duo brand of chaos is containable.

CampusCop: Fine, any noise complaints and i'll personally deal with you two.

NoyaSenpai: Understood!

TanakaSenpai: Got it!

Salt: Did Kiyoko even say why she'd be sad?

NoyaSenpai: Not really

Something about an anniversary I think

TanakaSenpai: Not a romantic one

She made that clear!

RoosterCat: I think I get it

Yeah we need emotional supporters with at least three braincells

Meaning no Shoyo and no Kageyama

The current group of five should be good

CampusCop: Agreed


Back to your POV

Kiyoko had told you that she informed the guys that you'd be down today, and you don't mind some of the guys staying over but... Nishinoya and Tanaka are being a little obvious. Currently they're around a corner trying to watch you to make sure you aren't visibly upset. When you walked into your neurology class they nearly got caught lurking by the door. They're probably terrified of Prof. Yuzuru now. He knew enough to know that you didn't want them to follow you but he still gave you a warning. Since you're free now that your lessons are done for the day, they've taken it upon themselves to make themselves known... Yeah. Might as well act surprised for them.

"Thought you guys would be in the gym?"

"Nope! We're going to be on your protection squad today!" Nishinoya latched onto your back, trying to have you carry him. Tanaka encouraged this.

"N-Nishinoya, you're h-heavy!"

"Are you calling me fat?!" Before he could do anything drastic someone yanked him off of you. Turning around you saw Ennosh*ta holding a rabid Nishinoya, his teeth are bared, was he going to bite you? Honestly you wouldn't put it past him.

"Seriously, Y/n can't lift you."

"She can! She can support Shoyo, then she can support me!"

"As far as I know he doesn't jump on her out of nowhere." You nodded to confirm his guess, he normally give you a warning and doesn't fully put his weight on you.

"And Ryu, why didn't you stop him?"

"I believed she could do it. She's gotten some gains since she's been here." Ennosh*ta looked at you expectantly. Rolling your sleeves up you revealed arms that are still rather slim. Not as slim but still nothing compared to theirs.

"See? Massive gains!" They're great hype-men but there's a limit to how far hype can go.

"Gains!" However, their dramatic gesturing, high energy and general purity is distracting you from your somber thoughts.

"Not to interrupt but who else is coming?" A shadow came from behind you, covering your figure. It's scary, there are several guys that are capable of this, but there's a seething rage behind the figure.

"Don't touch her like that you germs. We're supposed to be supporting her, not clinging all over her." Ah, that makes sense.

"Sorry about him, he's still a little overprotective." Cue Komori fixing any misunderstanding, as per usual. Tanaka knows when he can't win a fight, but Nishinoya on the other hand...

"Huh?! Who're you calling nasty?! I shower daily!"

"Not enough." Sukusa proceeded to take out a spray bottle and unload it onto the three guys, Ennosh*ta less but he's not safe. Komori decided now was a good time to lead you away.


"Do you think they'll be okay?"

"Yeah, I made sure the spray he has isn't going to burn their eyes this time." This time? You were a solid block away by the time the rest of them noticed you were gone. The chaotic pair ran towards you while the calmer two opted to leisurely make their way over. A strong citrus smell surrounded the four nonetheless.

"That's the scent you went with, it's a little overbearing isn't it?"

"No, pure alcohol scent is overbearing."

"I don't mind the smell too much, citrus keeps most bugs away."

"Good to know! I keep getting those big light bugs around my house, they always want to fight!" The scene you imagined nearly made you laugh, Nishinoya in sleepwear, standing on a porch or by a lamp, and punching the June bugs while they swarm him. It didn't take much longer to reach your house, everyone but Sukusa and Komori had to go get extra clothes for the night.

"I hope you don't mind Tabitha. She shouldn't bother you too much and if she does, tell me and i'll get her." The germaphobe nodded, while his peppy cousin started to tease him about the last time he was around an animal. That animal happened to be a dog, a dog that loved to chase people, and one that drooled quite a bit. On a separate note, Sukusa only tolerates fish in the household.


"Not to be a bad host but I need to take care of something before i'm able to get you any drinks or snacks."

"That's fine, i'm sure Kiyoomi will be too busy cleaning to really notice. Do what you gotta do." Your hair was ruffled slightly before you entered the plant room. Inside you had a calendar, it marked a very important, but devastating date. Since you had enough lights and humidity control in this room you could grow nearly anything, on this day you plant a variety of lilies, mostly red ones and white ones. You had tried to grow spider lilies but they're always tricky to take care of. The dirt you used felt oddly cold, an image flashed in your head of a closed, white casket being covered. Of course it had to be closed. The dryness of the dirt lead you to look over to an urn, was... It cruel to put them to rest apart from one another? The bulbs were covered and ready to be watered and put under the lights, the pots were heavy. The ******** was heavy too. Where did he even get it? A business trip? From grandfathers? The watering can took awhile to fill up, it felt like forever. You had waited so long in the wardrobe, but that's what she said to do. The bulbs are watered, and ready to be left on their own.

Ennosh*ta's POV

We've been here for a good half-hour, Y/n hasn't come out of that room. There's an ominous feeling creeping up on my that I can't understand. If she had heard the ruckus going on then surely she would've come out. Kiyoko didn't give us any details, but maybe she didn't know everything either. I had knocked before opening the door, everyone else instantly quieted. Kneeling before a few bright lights, and some wide pots, Y/n's motionless. As if in a trance, she got up and put a watering can away, bringing back an urn to place among the plants to be. The next item a photo of a woman, part of the picture was torn off. We flinched when she turned towards the door, but instead of calling us out, all she did was stare. The eyes that normally held a light sparkle had grown misty and blank.

"Y/n...?" Opening the door she nearly stumbled into the closest person, Komori. Without much though he embraced her, it's like she's numb. I've never seen someone upset like this, i'm used to crying and self blame, not whatever this is called.

"Should I text Kiyoko?"

"Probably, i'll message her too." It's weird seeing Tanaka so serious. The always upbeat Noya was quiet too, he closely followed his fellow libero.


Hey, is she normally like this?

Like what?


Did she plant something?

Yeah, what's that about?

You can figure that out, i'm surprised she did it with you guys in the house. Her distant behavior is normal for this, trust me that she'll be okay as long as you guys are there to take care of her. She'll wander around aimlessly otherwise.

Got it, thank you.

Komori got the blank-eyed Y/n to the couch, the cat, Tabitha I think, was on her lap.

"What did she say?"

"We just have to keep an eye on her. Did she say the same to you, Tanaka?"

"Yup, but she said we can try to cheer her up as long as we're not too 'extra'. Not sure what she means by that." Everyone but Sukusa sweatdropped. He's too busy cleaning anything he deems dirty, which is mainly where the cat has been.

"-Sigh- Let's act like we'd normally act, put on a show or movie. I'll see what she has in the kitchen." I trust the guys to a point, they don't need supervised constantly, at least I hope.

Komori's POV

This is sadder than I had imagined, I thought she'd be bummed out and maybe cry a little, not this. From what i've been told she doesn't speak when she's upset, does the same apply to her now?

"Y/n, do you need anything?"

"..." Guess it does, but maybe she'll write.

"Hey, you two, keep an eye on her for a minute." I got up and headed into a one of the rooms, there has to be something to write in- Here! It's a notepad that was beside her bed, from what I can see it was used last time she had a breakdown. Coming back into the living room I honestly should've expected this... Nishinoya is somehow vertically cuddling her, while Tanaka keeps looking for a movie. Sitting back down next to them I handed her the notepad and pen.

"In case you need to say something." There was a small nod, progress! If I can break her out of this that'll be amazing, maybe she'll stop bottling things up. That's a stretch but there's always a chance!

"Hey, put it on volleyball, even if Y/n's spaced out she still might learn something about it!" World traveling libero is right, if she's going to be a medic it'd be good for her to know about the sport.

"I wish those teams would hurry up and choose who they're recruiting, it's not that hard."

Nishinoya's POV

"They have to bid over a player ya know, it's not as easy signing a paper and joining." Resting my head on Y/n's shoulder I watched the game he found, it's not any super popular teams but enough for her to understand the basics.

"So, Y/n, the best position in volleyball is wing spiker, obviously!" What?!

"No, libero is the best! Right Komori?"


"We win! That guy in the back with a different colored jersey is the libero, he saves the ball when no one else does." She gave a quiet hum to let us know she's listening. Even when she's disassociating she's cute! Nuzzling into her shoulder, I hugged her a little tighter. She doesn't need to be this sad! The game progressed and I noticed her focusing on the middle blockers.

"Middle blockers are defenders, they're a mix of someone who blocks and spikes. Shoyo is a middle blocker, that bastard cat captain was one too, and Daichi also was a middle blocker." Stupid cat captain, letting his teammates put her in a nekoma hoodie... The game went on and she kept her eyes on how the team was functioning, whenever their ace would spike she tensed slightly but always relaxed just as fast.


"I brought some tea, I hope you don't mind that I was in the kitchen." Chikara set a tray down with several cups while the kettle was on a hot plate.

"What type is it?"

"Kukicha, it's low in caffeine."

Ennosh*ta's POV

I had to make sure it I grabbed a low caffeine variety since the last time Noya had a large amount of caffeine wasn't good. Albeit I wasn't present for this as he was overseas, quite literally. He wrestled a marlin onto a boat, no fishing rod, no harpoon, just sheer energy and chaos. If I gave him that excess now, he'd probably do it again and drag it back here like a proud cat presenting prey to its owner. I think Y/n stocked up her kitchen on purpose, the amount in there is a lot for one person and since we've been coming over i'm sure she's been going through food a lot faster. Honestly I don't get how the others didn't connect the dots, Y/n is perfectly aware how this day effects her, and if Kiyoko hadn't told us... She'd be here by herself. I don't want to make her condition worse but I feel the need to ask her something.

"Y/n... How many times have you done this? The plant thing I mean." I have to avoid being too direct. On the notepad she scribbled out.


"And you reuse the same bulbs?"


"That's cool, I didn't think flower bulbs came back to life." Tanaka stated this while Noya nodded. It's a miracle they graduated. Tabitha got up and decided to lay on my lap now, why is this cat so big? Sukusa showed up and instantly started to lint roll Y/n's lap like she had been contaminated.

"Filthy creature..." To our surprise and shock, Y/n reached out and grabbed onto his sleeve.

Sakusa's POV

I had gotten most of the fur off when I looked up from Y/n's lap to meet her emotionless gaze, and a tug on my sleeve.


"I think she wants you to sit down."

"I will if that parasite on her back moves." Said parasite was about to get violent but his germ friend stopped him and pulled him away. Once I was sure the area was clean I sat down next to her, instantly her smaller form leaned against me. I looked to Motoya for help.

"Hug her, you cyborg." Carefully I wrapped my arm around her, subconsciously I pulled her closer.


It's been at least an hour and a half and Y/n hasn't shown any signs of moving, everyone else is preoccupied with cooking or watching TV. Right now those two leeches have it on an action movie, an intense stand off was playing when I suddenly felt her start to tremble. Her still distant eyes are starting to water.

"Turn it."

"Huh?!-" Their irritation vanished when they saw how she's reacting. Quickly the channel was changed to some program about animals. Turning, she now clung onto me tightly, hiding her face against my torso. She's silent but I can feel tears starting to soak through my shirt.

"You're safe." I'm not the best at comforting people...

"Yeah, we won't let anyone hurt you!" The parasite and his friend seem to be though.

"And if someone does, we'll fight for your honor!!"

"I doubt anyone would want to hurt you anyway, you're probably the most genuine person we've all met."

"Yup, you're super kind, and understanding. Think about it, you made friends with Mad-dog in record time, and this germophobic introvert. That's an achievement that took others years." Despite Motoya being a germ himself, he's right. I still don't entirely tolerate my own cousin, yet I can withstand her tears on my shirt. Tears are salt water anyway, basically saline.

Back to your POV

Why? Why do they stay with you? Kindness is human nature, not a rare trait, not something worth praising. Why is it so hard to blend in?! Why is so hard to speak right now?! To tell them you'll become nothing but a burden to them! It's not like you're strong enough to push them away either, emotionally or physically... If you're alone, no one can leave you... No one can take from you... You can't get hurt like that by yourself.

Third Person POV (experimental)

Unbeknownst to Y/n, small whimpers of her loud thoughts made it out of her mouth. Stunning the young men around her.

Chapter 7

Chapter Text

Sukusa's POV

I held onto her tighter. I guess it's true that the brightest people are often the ones hurting the most. Someone as genuine as her shouldn't have this pain. The parasite looked at me with a serious expression. In any other situation I would deny him but I nodded. He quickly got onto the couch, sitting on the other side of her before turning and latching on. He's tearing up too... With all the cleaner I sprayed him with he should be tolerable.

"I don't know if you can hear me right now, Y/n but you're not a burden. You're not going to bother us. Just... Stop putting yourself down like that! I'll remind you everyday how great it is to have you around if I have to!"

"Yeah! We won't let our Queen think so lowly of herself!" He might've said something smarter if he wasn't bawling.

"Y/n, no one thinks you're a burden, you're always helpful, if anything some of us are the burdens." The tea germ is right too.

"I never thought you'd think that way... Let us help you! Let us protect you! Whatever you've gone through before, we'll make sure it never happens again." It's rare to see Motoya this emotional, normally he'd try making light of the situation. Y/n shifted a little, grabbed the notepad and pen.

'It can't'

'They're gone'

"Don't rush yourself. Tell us what happened when you're ready." She nodded, burying her face into my shirt again.

"Let me reword that for Komori. We won't leave you, not permanently, and we surely will not forget about you Y/n." Tea germ, crouched in front of us and put a hand on her shoulder. She started to write again, this time a few of her sobs were audible.

'Don't deserve you all' The parasite held on a little tighter.

"Don't say that! If anyone else tells you that, then they're wrong! We make our own decisions, we choose to stay by you." He must be thinking about Y/n's fear towards other women, I can imagine them telling her something along those lines... But did her friends before listen to them?


Nishinoya's POV

"Man, this trip has been heavier than I thought it would've been."

"You handled it like an expert!" Ryu ruffled my hair before getting shushed.

"Wake her up, you die." We forget about Sukusa's yandere tendencies that he denies, he probably wouldn't kill anyone but I have no doubt he'd throw someone.

"Sorry, sorry... Should we tell the other guys?"

"No. Then they'll treat her differently."

"That might be a good thing, cousin. At the very least we need to tell them she has depression or some type of trauma, in case it ever gets worse."

"I agree, we don't need to disclose every detail of what happened but they should know for Y/n's safety." Chikara is as level headed as ever. There's something bugging me though... I'll bring it up after they move Y/n to her room.


"So, now that Y/n's situated I have a serious question."


"Shut it, Ryu! Anyway, it's pretty obvious that we all like Y/n, even if it's only been a few weeks since we all met. Well, Inouka and Goshiki haven't met her yet but let's be honest, they'll fall for her too."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Uh-huh, real convincing.

"Bro, you know i'm dedicated to Kiyoko, i'm not saying I dislike Y/n but i'm not giving up my pursuit!"

"Makes sense, but the rest of you totally do like her, a couple of you are even blushing! Don't lie to yourselves. The issue is, what do we do about this? The protection group whatever's are a way for each of us to get time with her, but a few guys are going to be a problem."

"A problem in what way? Everyone we know is a good guy, even the perv. Which by the way, has been with less women as of recent."

"I'm not gonna ask how you know that, Komori. But I mean there are flirtier and more direct guys, like Kuroo or Oikawa, they have a higher chance stealing her away!"

"Tch. Ultimately it's Y/n's choice, but I don't think she'll be swayed by looks and flirting. She's very analytical remember?" There were nods of agreement.

"-Sigh- How about this, the old coaches are going to be stopping by in a couple of days, and they have a betting problem, that however can be a point system that they'll keep track of if you want a rough guess."

"Right! How could I forget?! Those geezers could map all of it out in a single hour."

"Yep, they have nothing better to do, so let's leave it to the professionals! Good thinking Chikara!"


"Whose phone was that?"

"Mine, I was messaging your previous manager, she's surprised we got Y/n to write in her current state. Other than that she needs us to assign the next shift as Y/n won't be able to attend her courses tomorrow."

"I have the perfect pair! Our former kohai's, Shoyo and Kageyama! Perfect for cheering her up and doing stupid things unintentionally to make her laugh!"

"Hmm... I agree. We've taught them well."

Komori's POV

Are they posing like monks?

"I have a suggestion for the remaining two. Numai and Hiroo. Hiroo is a sleep expert that could help her rest, and Numai can keep everyone in check."

"Yeah he's like Daichi." From what i've seen of him, he is strict but not to the point of being a pain. Speaking of, didn't Y/n treat his thumb? Or tried to anyway.

"-sigh- This whole ordeal is exhausting, no wonder Y/n passed out. We should've tried to get her to eat before hand, then again we only finished the curry a few moments ago." At the mention of food, everyone remembered how hungry they are and filed over to the kitchen. I'll just set hers aside for now. Wait, we're missing someone... Where's Ennosh*ta? Truthfully I didn't know his name until today, but yeah, him. The door to the greenhouse- Or green room? The room with the flowers, is open again.

"Hey, I don't think you should be in here. It feels kinda private." He's crouched down, looking at the picture she sat by the pots. It's of a woman, she looks happy but beside her the page is torn away, with that tear the little Y/n is ripped in half.


"I- Don't think so... There's an urn but the placement isn't setting right with me." I can see what he means, the picture and the urn are purposely on opposite ends of the makeshift shrine. The incense have different meanings too as far as I can tell.

"Peace. Love. Forgiveness. Warding?"

"We've looked long enough, let's get out of here." I only nodded. Whatever happened is shaping up to be darker than we thought.


Back to your POV

Crap... Your eyes hurt from crying so much. You expected someone to be in the bed with you but there's no one here... Did you finally scare them off? Better now than later-

"Be quiet dumb*ss! You might wake her up!"

"You're yelling too!" Huh?

"Both of you are being too loud. Hiroo, get up, at least make it to the guest room." Did they change shifts without saying anything? That stings... With blurry eyes you checked your phone for any important messages.


Whenever you wake up you'll probably be confused.

We didn't leave because of you so stop thinking that.

Everyone had classes or other things to do so we swapped out a little earlier than usual.

Stop beating yourself up!

That's a threat!

The way he shows his affection is truly unique. At least he tried to explain the real reason. Back to the current situation, it sounds like Hinata is getting mauled by either Tabitha or Kageyama. Getting up you realized you never got to change last night, locking the door you changed into a long sleeve nightgown. Since your eyes ache you tried your best to navigate with them closed. You made it to the hallway before stumbling and catching the others attention.

"Told you dumb*ss! You woke her up!"

"Y/nnn, Kageyama and your cat are being jerks!" He's being mauled by both.

"Tabitha, get off the tangerine. Where's Numai?" Heavy steps behind you were your answer.

"I was putting Hiroo in the guest bedroom. Are you okay?"

"Emotionally, sure, why not. Physically, my eyes are pain."

"You sound like you're still tired, it's okay if you need to sleep more. I'll keep those two quiet." Both of the trouble makers paled considerably.

"I'm alright for now, I need to eat something before going back to sleep. I don't remember if I ate dinner yesterday." Shuffling to the kitchen you zoned out the strict scolding happening in the background. In the fridge was a serving of curry with a note.

'Made this last night, hope you like it.'

'P.S Noya is the one who took a bite of it.'

'P.P.S He lies!!' That sounds like them alright.


It's no surprise that the curry was excellent, Ennosh*ta and Komori seem responsible enough to cook well. Before you could get up from your chair a set of arms wrapped around your waist while Numai got your plate.

"I'm your sleep specialist, basically, if you'll let me I can cuddle you until you pass out. Or you can cuddle Hinata since he's smaller than me and the other guys."

"That's not weird for you guys...? I mean, you don't have to..."

"It's all good, you relaxed really quickly when you were in my sleep cave."

"You mean when you kidnapped her?" Hinata was the one to go in after you, and he seems to be the most innocent but at the same time, he's blushing.

"Kind of a harsh way to word it but sure." Freeing yourself from his arms you walked over to the tangerine, at least he's easier to identify with your blurry vision. Kageyama and Hiroo look alike right now.

"Hinata, you won't freak out or think i'm weird if I pick you?"

"N-No, it's not that at all-!"

"Dumb*ss you're already a wreck!"

"So are you! You weren't even mentioned!" They were at each others throats again, but he had a point, the blueberry haired man looked offended.

"Did... You want to be an option? I had the impression you didn't like physical touch." Your puffy eyes failed to see the blush on his face but he muttered something under his breath that you happened to hear.



That's how you ended up in your room with a very rigid Kageyama, he's behind you and frozen solid.

"-Sigh- You don't have to be here if you don't want to be."

Kageyama's POV

What do I do?! She was right, I don't like physical contact, because I don't know what to touch! It doesn't matter if it's that dumb*ss since we're both guys and i'm normally throwing him! Where is it safe to place my hands? If I mess up she'll think i'm a creep!

"Do you not know how to cuddle?"

"I know how...!"

"Give me your hand." I did and she pulled me closer, setting my hand on her side.

"Now act like you're hugging me." We're so close! I wrapped my arm around her anyway, but it's like we're a couple! This is a thing couples do right?

"Is- Isn't this intimate?"

"Yes and no, friends can lay together if they want to. It's to make each other feel safe..." Is she already falling asleep?


"..." She's asleep. Do I not move? I'm supposed to sleep too I think. This is nice though, Y/n is soft and warm. I know i'm not as outgoing as the other guys, and not as smart, but she doesn't treat me differently. She's never called me stupid or pointed out my awkwardness. She wasn't afraid of me either, my permanent glare has made others avoid me in the past, but she's never looked away. Holding her tighter I noticed a few tears on her face, probably a nightmare. I wish I could stop her pain, even if I don't understand it.

"I'll keep you safe, Y/n..."


Back to your POV

Huh, this is a predicament. It's roughly around five in the evening now, however your bed is fully loaded. Your face is in Kageyama's chest, you must've turned around. Hiroo is behind you, properly cuddling you. Hinata is on top of the pile, trapping you between the black haired males. Numai is laying across the foot of the bed, on his phone, likely supervising.

"Um... Good morning?"

"Hi, need a hand~?"

"Not if it'll strain your thumb." Narrowing your eyes at him, you saw that his thumb wasn't as swollen but still irritated.

"Touché. I doubt I can move Hinata off anyway, he has insane grip strength." Makes sense, him and Nishinoya aren't easy to get away from. Looking up at Kageyama's face, you smiled a little seeing him look this peaceful. Your attempt to look back at Hiroo didn't go well, since you moved too much the tangerine nuzzled his head against your shoulder more. His normally messy hair grew even messier, and he pouted in his sleep. He's in the wholesome group in your eyes, when around so many people it's better to know their similarities to others. Not to mention their differences or past disputes. Oikawa has a lot of enemies from the past, maybe not enemies but people he dislikes. While Hinata is friends with everyone, Sukusa mildly tolerates him, which is a lot apparently. The dynamic of the group, in whole, is fascinating, the many personalities and interests, all getting along... That must be the reason they welcomed you into their lives, they're used to accepting outcasts. Pity. That makes sense. Why else? Their fans are beautiful, you're average at best. They've had past relationships as well, surely with women, or men for all you know, they loved at one point-

"Hey~" A dull voice in your ear broke your spiraling chain of thought.


"You're very tense right now, I can pretty much feel your bad thoughts. Cut it out."

"That's easier said than done..."

"Well, what are you thinking about?" It's not like you didn't want to talk about it, but your mouth won't move no matter how hard you try. You could only shake your head.

Hiroo's POV

She's trying to talk, is this similar to what happens with Aone? Except his is all the time.

"I won't force you, can you maybe give me one word?" Y/n stayed silent for a minute before speaking up.


"Pity? I don't understand." She's rigid now, as tense as i've felt her.

"You guys... Pity me...?" Kageyama's awake, he's been awake, but up until now his eyes were closed.

"Tch. Dumb*ss, why would you think that?" His key phrase was stirring Hinata awake.

"Why else?"

"Huh? Why is Y/n crying again?!"

Hinata's POV

I just woke up and she's already crying again! Did Bakayama say something?! I'll ask someone else to set for me if he did!

"If none of us wanted you around we would've ran you off. There's a reason none of the fangirls enter the gym, we've banned them." When did Numai get up, and what're we talking about?

"We don't pity you, so stop thinking that way, idiot."

"Yeah, I wouldn't call you an idiot though... We all like you for the the person you are, you're helpful, respectful, and more importantly, a good pillow~"

"Mhm! Hiroo's right!"

"You guys... What did I do to deserve you?"

Back to your POV

You buried your face in Kageyama's chest, not wanting them to see you cry like this. Hinata wiggled his hands in between the other two in order to hug you directly.

"Y-You deserve everything!" Is he crying too? His arms tightened, hurting your ribs but you're not going to ruin the moment.

"I agree with this dumb*ss for once... Quit thinking so little of yourself, moron!"

"I will cuddle you every night if I have to~" How the hell did that sound like a threat?!

"That's it, i'm joining in."

"Wait-" Numai T-posed and, somehow, carefully laid on top of you all while partially standing. The added pressure wasn't too much for you but the tangerine wasn't doing too well.

"Orange? You good?"

"He'll be fine, he's been at the bottom of a dogpile before."

"Numai, I don't think he's breathing..." The largest of the group got up, and lifted the partially passed out decoy with him. Once Hinata was at the foot of the bed, he repeated his action, leaning onto the lot of you halfway.


It took a solid half hour for the guys to untangle themselves from you. It was surprising to learn that the two, more stoic, guys of the group could be affectionate. Since it's time for dinner and you get the feeling that Hinata can eat enough for five grown men, the general consensus was to order out, maybe to a different place this time around.

"This place delivers ramen, that good for everyone? Any allergies or anything?"

"Nope, i'm good."

"I'm good too!"

"No allergies, are we all chipping in with costs?"

"I'm the host shouldn't I pay for it all?"

""""No"""" Wow, in sync this time. You sighed, knowing it's useless to argue, sitting on the couch you pet Tabitha as she laid on your lap. You noticed that Hiroo wandered off, probably going to be the one to find a poem next. It's a tradition at this point. Pretty sure they've cataloged your poems too, probably in a hidden group chat. Dorks... Dorks you've come to care for... At this rate you're going to get emotional again!

Hiroo's POV

The poem rating groupchat is waiting for an update. That last one really got to us. There's even a few textbooks in here, they're marked 'read' on the sides. This one is about speech impediments- Oh, there's a poem in this one? They really are scattered.


When stress reaches its highest peak

My tongue retreats and I can't speak

When thinking of things of the past

It becomes real all too fast

In doing that tears then streak

Once again I can't speak

Feeling pain and straining breath

Ones first thought is that of death

Panicking and feeling meek

Once more I can't speak

That explains a lot, especially how she froze up earlier. This is probably why she studied all of these things, trying to understand her own emotions. What else does she have in here anyway? Those plushies are cute, never seen a snail-cat before, there's books back here too?


Back to your POV

Hiroo's been gone for a decent bit, he might've fallen asleep again.

"Numai could you check on Hiroo? He's been missing for the past twenty or so minutes." He nodded, doing his best to creep up to the guest room, which won't really work since the floor is creaky in the hallway. He disappeared into the guest room and came out about five minutes later with a poorly hidden blush. Hiroo followed soon after.

"-sigh- I'm not even going to ask at this point, just keep what you know to yourselves..."


The food showed up, several Styrofoam containers arrived in plastic bags, for the sake of trying to be a good hostess, you poured everything into proper bowls. Everyone had nearly ordered the same thing, except for Hinata who ordered spicy sauce packets, this would be fine if him and Kageyama weren't looking at each other competitively. Knowing it's nearly impossible to change their minds you poured a couple glasses of milk ahead of time. The f/fl broth and the semi-firm noodle were perfect, while you enjoyed your meal, several hot sauce packets were being emptied. There were around twenty but now two normal bowls were stained a dark red from the harsh pepper mix being added in.

"One, two..."

"Go!" They both got around four bites in before turning red, Kageyama tried to hide his discomfort but Hinata instantly began to pant with his tongue out as if that would cool it down.

"I poured some milk in the fridge, please try not to puke because it'll hurt more." Really, they might have to go to the hospital but telling them that now wouldn't be ideal. They looked at each other and raced to the fridge that was maybe ten feet away. Out of curiosity you sniffed the over spiced bowls and nearly coughed. Unless you're taste buds are dead and your stomach made of iron, they weren't edible anymore. Salvageable, maybe? Setting your own bowl to the side, much to Hiroo and Numai's confusion, you got a box of broth, putting it to cook and a strainer ready to rinse the spice away. It might not work entirely but it could get the noodles to a bearable state, you also had to get additional spices out to hopefully return the flavor of the original broth.


Hinata's POV

That was horrible! I knew it'd be spicy but that was torture! It was bad enough that me and Bakayama have a truce for a few days. Hm? What's Y/n doing?

"What'cha up to?" She's standing in her kitchen with an apron on, and her hair is pulled back a little, i'm not sure why but she looks cute like this.

"Trying to salvage the noodles you two turned into a volcano. It shouldn't be too much longer."

"S-sorry we didn't think it'd be that bad!"

"Yeah... You didn't have to do this for us..."

"Its fine, I need to get better at cooking anyway. You two might want to eat some crackers or bread for the time being, to help with the spice in your stomach." Me and Kageyama did just that, Y/n is super smart so we didn't have any reason to doubt her. While we munched on bread she served the saved noodles, it looks better than it did before!

"The toppings were a little too contaminated even after I tried to rinse them. Hope you don't mind the uneven cuts."

"I don't mind at all!"

Back to your POV

They're sparkling somehow! Maybe because they were still hungry until now? Or did the spice make them delusional?

"Maybe I should study them..."

"Please don't, you'll catch their disease of having endless energy." Hiroo had heard you and draped himself over your shoulders.

"I wouldn't call that a bad thing, I wouldn't know what to do with it though."

"By the way, you look good in an apron~" A hot blush spread across your cheeks, his monotone voice so close to your ear while his arms are ghosting around your waist. Dipping away from his grasp you watched him stumble before he caught his balance. Numai quickly dragged him away before he could say anything else embarrassing.


That night you bonded more with the guys, especially Hinata since he latched onto you that night and refused to let go. That was maybe three days ago? Knowing the group they probably have another squad set up to stay with you. It's a little odd when you think about in depth but, honestly it's comforting. A few of them are flirty but that's okay, no one has crossed a line and you doubt they will. You'd trust these guys with your life-

"Hey." That voice, isn't male. Getting your voice ready to be a little deeper you answered.

"Yeah?" Turning around you faced a group of around four females, a couple looking familiar. The prejudiced one, the okay one, and the one that could be friendly if she stood up for herself. The other was new, but looked aggressive.

"What's your name? I haven't run into you that much." That's intentional.

"Y/n. I don't like using my last name."

"Y/n, huh... You're clothes are kinda loose, any reason for that?"

"Do I have to answer? I don't question your choice of clothes, that would be rude."

"I'd like you to answer." Her tone hardened, taking a step closer. You found yourself surrounded in a matter of seconds.

"It's comfortable, don't you wear a baggy hoodie every now and then? When i'm learning I don't feel like having on a tight outfit." A couple of the women agreed.

"Tch, let's just get this over with! Take the hoodie off!" Actually, the aggressive one reminds you of someone... When she grabbed your collar you sputtered out your theory.

"Wait- Are you Kyotani's sister?" She paused.

"You've been around my dipsh*t of a brother?"

"Y-Yeah, we're friends actually. He's a bit prickly but he tolerates me."

"Huh? A friend of his, is one of mine. You f*cks can back off now." What? That simple?! Ignoring the other Kyotani, the main woman harshly shoved you against the wall, eliciting a rather high pitched grunt of pain from you.

"Listen you little rat, I do not want you being around the guys. You're worthless, ugly, and a nobody. Probably a wh*re too. If I see you around them, i'll find someone else to send the message, okay?" Gritting your teeth, you looked her in the eye.

"Don't act like you know them! If they wanted to get to know you, they wouldn't have banned you from the gym! You're a manipulative, petty, b*tch!"


A stinging pain filled your cheek, she has one heck of a slap.

"What do you even do?! Sleep around with them, like the skan* you are!? They will leave you- **** **** ******* ***" She leaned in and whispered the rest in your ear, what she said made you feel numb.

Kyotani (sister) POV

Sh*t. What did that b*tch say to her. Y/n is sliding to the ground now, crying pretty hard. I don't know what to do in this situation! I'm normally the cause!

"I- Uh- Sh*t. Can I text someone for you?" Shakily she handed her phone over.


Salt: The name keeps getting worse

BowlCut: So does mine, I don't have a bowl cut! It's slanted!

Sunshine: You don't have to to type right

BowlCut: I choose to.

ChibiY/n: Ew wtf is this name

GuitarHero: That doesn't sound like Y/n

NotArson: Yep Yep, who are you mysterious stranger?

ChibiY/n: Where's Kentaro this girl knows him right

Iwaizumi: I'll contact him, what happened?

ChibiY/n: He can fill you guys in I hate the names here

-ChibiY/n is offline-

That groupchat is so cringe. My own phone pinged a minute later, I sent him our location and crouched beside her. I should've asked those nerds how to comfort someone.

"You know whatever she said is pure bullsh*t right. She's jealous of you and it shows. I put my number in your phone in case you ever need backup."


"Took you long enough."

"Not now Kaida!" Skidding to a stop he leaned down to look at Y/n, getting her to raise her head, I don't think he's this gentle with anyone, besides maybe his dogs. Where that skan* had slapped her was bruised and bleeding.

"Her shoulder might be bruised too."

"Why didn't you do something!?"

"Hah?! You want me to get kicked out or what!? The harlot is related to the dean! I was on their side at first until Y/n said she was friends with you, which you have very few of, so I changed sides!"

"Shuttleco*ck and giant are coming, they can help out better than I can." The hell are those nicknames?

Hoshiumi's POV

Crap, crap, crap!

"Run faster you tall bastard!" Is it humiliating to be riding on Sachiro's back? Yes. Is it for the greater good? Also yes. Both Kyotani's are kneeling by her.

"-Hup- I brought a medkit how bad is-" There are four bleeding scratches on her cheek, Kaida is looking at her shoulder, which also has a nasty bruise.

"Damn, here i'll clean the wound." He is more qualified. I squatted down near Y/n, she has a vacant look in her eyes.

"Y/n, you're okay, we're here for you. We'll figure this out."

"You- You can't... She'll get you kicked out..."

"Tch, don't forget to mention she threatened you! She never even mentioned hurting these idiots."

"Is that true?"

"It's a predictable move... I care about you all more than myself, Tabitha too. I won't ruin things for you by staying..." Slipping away from Sachiro, she got up and fixed her clothes. Quickly walking off, not listening to our words, no matter how loud. It's not like we can physically stop her, that'd be harassment.



CampusCop: So Y/n locked herself in her house?

Shuttleco*ck: Yeah, she moved the key somewhere else so we can't get in.

Paparazzi: Leave it to me, this is for her safety after all~

Goddess: She wouldn't do anything drastic, but I doubt she's taking care of herself.

Princess: We need to have a girls night out... Maybe we can talk about things better...

Paparazzi: Her lock is tricky so it'll take a good minute, and once I get in i'm immediately laying down.

GiantVet: I'll come with, I didn't fully check her injuries, working on a person versus a dog shouldn't be too different.

CampusCop: Please don't compare her to a dog...

GiantVet: The second I hit send I regretted it.

CampusCop: So, Hoshiumi, Suna, Hirugami, who else?

ZZZ: I guess I could join, i'm kinda like Hiroo in that I could help her sleep.

EnergeticBean: Who are we talking about?

CampusCop: Right you haven't met her yet, Inouka.

You have a kind personality and good energy, plus you're not as troublesome as the others.

Despite the current situation it might be good to get a fresh face involved.

Salt: TLDR

EnergeticBean: Okay! I'll tone it down just in case

Tangerine: Daichi what did you mean by troublesome?

-CampusCop is offline-

Suna's POV

This lock is a menace, I hate this but it's for the greater good. I've broken at least four disposable picks, and had to bring out the solid one.

"Can't you do this faster?" There's goes that attempt.

"Akira, sleep on the porch chair, I need to concentrate."

"Whatever, looks easy enough to me, let me have a go." I know he won't give up any time soon, giving him the Swiss-army pick I waited. He chose a basic design and simply, jiggled the f*ck out of the lock. Idio-


"Got it~"

"If you talk about this, I will get you canceled." Sticking his tongue out he walked inside, immediately a cat rushed to us and meowed loudly. It trotted to a door and started to scratch at it. I did plan to flop onto the couch but i'm too annoyed at this point. Stupid Akira. We opened the door and the tabby cat ran inside, kneeling in front of a few pots of sprouts was Y/n, the lighting honestly made the atmosphere creepy.



"Tch, I wonder what that a*shole said to her." Its clear this room is partially a shrine, the other part being a greenhouse. Akira crouched down next to her, flinching a little seeing the normally mellow woman completely disheveled. A constant stream of tears ran down her face, her previously bright eyes, dull and blank. Swallowing nervously, I put a hand on her shoulder, no reaction.

"What do we do in this situaton? I'm not used to this sort of thing..."

"Neither am I, if you stay with her i'll do my 'research'." I may or may not be able to hack into the campus security cams. If I can't get the dirt I need through legal means then this is the next best thing.

Hoshiumi's POV

The door was unlocked, me and Sachiro entered to see Suna typing away at his laptop.

"Already breaking the law?"

"Shut it." He's snappy, that can't be good. He tilted his head towards an open door, inside Akira was seated next to Y/n, if he looks worried then surely something isn't right.

"How long has she been this way?"

"Since we showed up, and probably before that."

"I'll get a wet towel, for now try to get to sit instead of kneel." Guess he does know a thing or two about treating people. When he lumbered off I got a closer look, dull eyes, and endless tears.


"She hasn't said anything to us."

"Y/n, c'mon, say something. You know we're here right? We won't leave you like this, no matter what that brat says or does." I pat her head, but still nothing. Not entirely nothing though, I think she started crying harder.

"I'm back- Did you make her worse?"

"Not intentionally! I only said positive things!"

"-Sigh- Too positive, go read up on one of her psych textbooks."

"If you knew then why didn't you say something!" Again with sticking his tongue out! By the way, Inouka is supposed to be here isn't he? I don't know him that well but he might be lost. I was about to message the groupchat but heard the door creak open.

"Hello? Is this the right place? If not i'm so sorry!"

"You're good Inouka, come in, everyone else is in the plant room." He poked his head into the doorframe, not sure if he should come in or not.

"Y/n's kinda unresponsive, i'm not sure if now is a good time yet..." Ignoring me entirely, he sat next to her and leaned against her shoulder wordlessly. We had no choice but to watch in silence, the first movement was her changing her position, now sitting like Sachiro wanted.

"Contact?" Akira followed suit, laying his head on her lap. I draped my arms over her shoulders gently.

"Don't think I have room to join in, but i'm glad you're getting responsive Y/n. You're doing good." Sachiro combed his hand through her hair.

Suna's POV

Dammit, the footage for that hallway was already wiped, if anything else happens i'll have to record it manually. That means letting them rough up Y/n again... I'm normally too lazy to care but this isn't a situation I can turn my back on. Y/n was getting her happiness back, Kiyoko and Yachi said this was the happiest they had seen her. All it took was a few words from a girl abusing her status to rip that all away. I'll dig up all I can to make her regret laying hands on our Y/n!

Hirugami's POV

I left the others to comfort Y/n, and happened upon a glaring Suna, whatever he's doing on his laptop has him intense! If he types any harder the keys will fly off!

"S-Suna, I know you're in the zone but please calm down." His harsh, hazel eyes narrowed, the cat-like glare now directed at me. Chills are running down my back like crazy!

"Don't interrupt."

"Sorry!" I let out a breath as he finally looked away, maybe I should put some tea on while everyone's busy. The tabby from earlier leapt onto the counter, making a 'mrrp' sound as I approached. This cat has to weigh at least fifteen pounds if not more, but it's healthy, not too chubby and not thin. Structurally large for a female, overall a fine specimen. The cat headbutted my hand, and began to purr, maybe she can tell i'm studying to be a vet.

"Y/n treats you well, huh?"


"-Sigh- Someone so kind shouldn't be hurting so badly." A slow blink showed some semblance of agreement.

Chapter 8


Sorry these take so long, I would guess it takes around a month for each part? I've been stressed out lately and the changes of overall genre from MHA to Haikyuu is vastly different.

Chapter Text

Back to your POV

Through your blank state, there's warm pressure surrounding your body. It's pleasant. Then why can't you stop crying? It's not the same warmth, it's not their warmth. Why did he do that? Why do they hate you? Why do you attract people, just for them to leave or be pushed away? It's a sick joke and you're the punchline... One day even Tabitha will grow old and leave you, although that's natural, you'll still be alone again. You've studied the ins and out's of the human mind, of torrential emotions, and nothing has given you answers. Studies on hormones, and social pressure were worthless too. Maybe you really are cursed... Visiting shrines offered momentary relief, the priests have to stay with you, it's their job. Same with a therapist, that saw nothing wrong, but will charge you anyway. Pay the charge, get nothing in return, become alone again. The warmth around you feels nonexistent, it has left you as well.

Hoshiumi's POV

We had to take a break from comforting her, and Suna is too busy to take our place. Sachiro would but he's making dinner and tea.

"Hoshiumi... Is Y/n always this sad?" Inouka doesn't know her that well, no wonder he's a bit confused.

"No... Or not on the outside anyway. She's really kind and caring but recently a few women didn't like that she was close with all of us and... Threatened her, among other things... Which is why Suna is in hacker mode over there." He really is going at that laptop.

"Oh. I'm not sure why but she looks familiar... I think her mom might've been my teacher in middle school. The resemblance is spot on."

"Do you remember her name?"

"Not at all." Akira sighed in the background, having thought the same as me, that we'd get definitive answers.

Kunimi's POV

Sitting next to Rintaro, I looked at what he was working with. So far he's found the student file of the main woman, it's spotless. Of course it is. Same with her social media's, nothing too out of place or insulting. He dug deeper, checking her friends profiles, and their records, same result, but one of them, who honestly looks too timid to hang out with such a crowd, left a link buried in the comments of a popular shared video. An alternate account. An alternate account filled with hate, insults, doxing and even videos. The videos are blurred at the face though. Her followers support her trash content, she's done this before clearly, each time she calls it 'cleaning out rats' a.k.a women she feels threatened by. Rin connected the IP's and even the emails, he'll likely get this information ready in order to cancel her a*s. Better yet, tell her dean of a father. I think it was her dad anyway? Whatever.

"This still isn't enough."

"... What?"

"We need clearer evidence and I hate it. We'll need to catch her in the act."

"Tch, put Y/n through that again? I don't think so."

"It's necessary, plus we're not teenagers anymore! If I can get a little, clear cut video then she'll be charged. Not to mention the doxing charges."

"-Sigh- Why does this have to be so complicated. Won't you get charged for hacking?"

"No, the information was all there and I could always say it was from an anonymous source."

"Good job, I guess? Let's get Y/n out of the green house and lay her down. I'm tired from this sh*t." She's still sitting in front of the makeshift shrine, gently putting a hand on her shoulders I guided her to stand. With a numb obedience she did, I hate seeing her like this. In her room I got the bed ready, and Rintaro grabbed a couple extra pillows. She laid down silently, it feels weird, it shouldn't feel forced, it's not by any means but... Screw it.


We're on either side of her, hugging her tightly, it took time but her hand twitched and she latched onto me, saying something that's too muffled to make out as she cries into my shoulder. I don't know what she's saying but it's repetitive, and her broken sobs tell me this is something that's truly tearing her apart. Looking away from her I nearly flinched, Rintaro is normally a chill guy, i've never seen him this angry. I don't think anyone has seen him this angry, even the twins or Kita. It's not obvious either, but it's his eyes, if they could light up with fire they would. At the same time his expression is cold enough to make me shiver.

"Akira, can you tell what she's saying?"


"Do you want to know?" By now the tense atmosphere had attracted the others except for Inouka. I nodded.

"She's saying 'why' and 'I don't want to be alone' over and over..."


Back to your POV

Why do your eyes hurt? Cracking your eyes open you saw a head of white hair in front of you.

"Korai...?" Your voice was soft, your throat hurt too. It didn't take long to understand what happened, after the altercation you probably had a breakdown, it's foggy on what happened exactly. Breakdowns vary but you feel like yours usually consisted of crying and disconnecting.

"Y-Y/n?!" Blurry vision or not you could see his blush, he didn't plan for you to wake up while he was holding you it seems.

"Since when did you two get on a first name basis~? Thought he was Hoshi~" Well that explains the massive presence behind you, despite changing professions Hirugami is still rather strong. His arms are firmly around your waist and it's safe to assume he's mockingly looking at Hoshi, or rather Korai if that's fine with him.

"W-well i've known her the longest, aside from Gawa so- That's why!" Rarely has he been this flustered in front of you, around the other guys his temper runs wild but for you he's calm mostly.

"Cute..." The brain fog is really messing things up, it feels like a hangover and being drunk at the same time. A dull, throbbing headache, and the sensation of being somewhat distant from your own body. The eye pain sucks though. Mind you, saying 'cute' out loud wasn't the plan. The white haired male practically combusted, sputtering out random incoherent words and eventually hiding his face in the pillow as he let go of you.

"I'm glad you're with us now, Y/n. Even more that you're already teasing Korai, he's been pretty tame and that's a bit boring." He pulled you closer now that you weren't tethered to another person. The teasing lilt in his voice had you blushing, normally Hirugami is somewhat proper but a teasing nature comes out in private or around those he's close with anyway.

"How long was I out of it?"

"Maybe three or so hours."

"A lot longer than I thought... Sorry you had to see me that way. It must've been scary." The giant huffed a sigh, resting his head on top of yours roughly.

"Don't apologize, none of us are scarred from seeing you zone out and cry." Suddenly a new face popped through the doorway, he looks confused.

"Is she 'awake' now?"

"Right, this is Inouka So, he's like a bigger Hinata but not as loud." Probably a member of the innocent squad.

"Sorry- Or rather, nice to meet you? I'm Y/n."

"Why're you so sad?" That felt like a shot in the heart, he's very forward too.

"Don't pressure her!" Korai is no longer smothering himself in a pillow, that's progress.

"He's not pressuring me, let's just say that bullying still exists in college."

"Oh, that explains the bandages. The guys say you're a good person, I hope things get better for you." There's another arrow, this one is heart shaped at the tip.

"T-Thank you, Inouka... You're very honest, that's a good trait to have." He's looking at you with wide eyes, is he okay?

"Inouka, are you caught up over a compliment?" As far as you know most guys hold onto compliments like it's a life-line of sorts.

"A core memory." Or that, that phrase sums it up too.

"Pfft- Of course you two would react this way, especially you Korai~"

"I'm pretty sure nearly every guy that shows up to campus would feel that way, it's a guy thing." Seeing someone you don't know blushing this much almost makes you feel guilty. It stirs up a fuzzy emotion, then again all your emotions are fuzzy right now. Like your vision.

"I need to get up, I have eye drops in the bathroom, they'll help clear things up at least."

"Right, do you need me to get you some pain meds out?"

"Please do, they should be in the cabinet above fridge." Once you were released you went inside the restroom, opening the medicine cabinet the eyedrops had immediately caught your attention since you had colored the bottle to make it brighter. A silly little habit you developed when this first started, since then you had also become a pro at actually getting the drops in your eyes. Given how sensitive your eyes are right now, it burns like you've stared at the sun. Not that you ever have... Point is, it hurts an unreasonable amount for a liquid made to soothe your eyes. Gritting your teeth you tried to wait for the intense sting to stop, maybe it's time to get a different brand. While you were blinking rapidly, the bulky form of Tabitha leapt onto the counter, she promptly headbutted the hell out of your arm.

"Ow... Sorry I made you worry, I guess you didn't sign up for this, huh?" That earned you another harsh headbutt. Through the dim hallway you caught a glimpse of hazel eyes staring at you through the cracked open door.

"Suna?" He came closer, cupping your cheeks gently, and peeled your bandage back enough for him to see your injury.

"Tch. The scratch is worse than I thought..."

"Hirugami took care of it, and I have rubbing alcohol so don't-"

Suna's POV

Even now Y/n has a soft smile, there's a deep scratch on her face and a bruise on her shoulder, and she's still smiling. Before she could finish her sentence I pulled her into a hug. Her words muffled against my chest.

"Stop being so damn selfless. You don't deserve to be assaulted by some stuck up b*tch for no reason. Let us take care of you." My words felt harsh but I don't know how else to make her understand. The nice approach wasn't working, the subtle approach didn't either, maybe we need to scold her into caring for herself.

"And before you ask why, it's because you're a good person. The sole reason you're at the college is to learn how to help others in your situation, you've even helped Hinata and the chaotic duo with their core classes. These are all selfless choices, choices you made to make everyone else happy. What have you done lately to make yourself happy?" I loosened my hold but kept her close, Akira and Hoshiumi are watching from the den.

"I- I brought in Tabitha...?"

"Mow!" The large cat jumped onto her shoulder, batting at her head a little.

"-sigh- Did you bring her in, or did she decide she lives here now?"

"Both?" Another hard bap from the tabby made her pout.

"When did this become 'bully Y/n day'..." Akira came up and patted her head.

"Poor thing~ Aren't you being a little harsh, Rintaro?"

"Shut up, you're just too lazy to talk sense into her. Don't act like a hero now." I tightened my grip on her again, shielding her away from his coddling.

"You both have opposing views on how to help, but are the exact same when it comes to teasing Y/n!" Teasing? I know I pulled her onto my lap awhile ago but what am I doing now? I mean, my hand is pretty low on her back, that alone shouldn't do much. The fact that i'm holding her face to my chest might be overdoing it.

Back to your POV

Why does Suna's cologne make you dizzy? Or is it his body heat? He must've noticed you zoned out because the hand on your back suddenly gripped the side of your waist making you squeak in surprise. Looking up you spotted a lazy smirk on his face.

"If scolding you doesn't work, maybe we should try a different method~" An unexpected savior arrived.

"Why is Y/n red?" Inouka slowly connected the dots. Upon the realization he pried the two of you apart, now he's shielding you from Suna, this is being turned into a cuddle pillow all over again. At least you're not wrapped up this time.

"I don't think Y/n consented to being flirted with!" Eh? His voice is a bit higher, looking up, once again, you noted that Inouka is blushing more than you are.

"Why are you blushing?" The innocent question made him hold you tighter- Oh, that's why. The fact he's holding you in general...

"W-well i've never really- Had contact- Physically-"

"If it makes you uncomfortable you don't need to protect me." The unknowingly soft gaze and tender smile made his embarrassment much worse.

"No, no it's fine, totally fine!" It's Bokuto all over again, you're starting to notice a pattern. The more innocent the tighter they hold on. Unless of course they decide to do it on purpose. This isn't the case. While you're being constricted you can't really see the others, if you had you'd notice the two schemers sharing a glance before turning things into a group hug. None the wiser Korai joined in, as well as a confused Hirugami who thought everyone was having a moment. Aside from feeling your back almost pop again, you noticed that Inouka was fuming. Given the force of the group hug, your body is firmly pressed into his, meaning of course your chest to his. They're really the only thing stopping your ribs from snapping.

"G-Guys-!" Korai noticed the poor guys condition and let go, the others followed. Inouka is limp in your arms, practically steaming from where he blew a fuse. It's cute in a weird way. Hirugami took him when he realized you were struggling to keep him upright.

"At least we know that he'll never get too handsy with Y/n."

"Which can't be said for these conniving snakes~" Since he had laid the innocent red head on the couch, he had time to put his hands threateningly on Suna and Kunimi's shoulders. He pushed them down until they were half their height, then a timer in the kitchen went off.

"Good thing you're awake, dinner should be ready." Like nothing had happened, he walked away from the crouching duo that were rubbing their, now sore, shoulders.

"-sigh- If we ever make you uncomfortable you can punch us you know, we don't want to creep you out."

"What Akira said." Is this their way of apologizing? It's not necessary but it's still sweet.

"It's okay, I can tell you two aren't pervs or anything, even if you're very... Direct?"

"Tch, you don't consider Terushima a perv either! Can you really tell?" The white haired shuttleco*ck ruffled your hair aggressively, not wanting to be too physical but still making his point.

"Don't act like i'm clueless! You try reading the psych textbooks!" You responded while fixing your hair, it's a miracle it's not tangled. While you and Korai bickered the table was set and what looked like udon noodles were poured into some bowls.


"It's comfort food, felt like you'd need it."

"Wow Sachiro, really pulling out all the stops, huh~?" Now it was the dark haired pairs turn to get their revenge on the teasing giant.

"Yeah, don't think you ever cooked for me when I was sick." Korai got involved too, but genuinely seemed offended.

"I don't think me having a meltdown counts as sick..."

"If you're unable to function, then you're sick." Inouka had woken up but remained on the couch due to a certain tabby, but he's sort of correct...

"Since you're being held down by a cat does that make you sick?" Also a good point.

"Yesn't." Nevermind.


Dinner wasn't too chaotic, at least in comparison to how it went with the others so far.

"You guys don't have to stay the night if you don't want to, I know it can be a little boring here..."

"It's not boring, you have a cat!"

"And countless books."

"And a TV."

"Plus you're here~"

"The internet speed is great." That almost ended in a wholesome way. Korai had the TV on a volleyball match, whether it was recent or not you weren't sure. Seeing the players move so quickly amazing but concerning at the same time, you can't imagine moving that fast for so long. The guy in the back, the libero you think, took a harsh fall but jumped right back up, but...

"He shouldn't be playing."

"Huh? What do you mean?" The player kept going like nothing was wrong.

"His pinky finger on the right side is likely sprained or broken. It bent back too far on the slide, and didn't dislocate. It's hard to tell since the camera is focused on the ball he didn't save."

"That didn't stop some of us from playing." You gave him a blank look.

"Don't look at me like that! We have to keep playing!"

"-sigh- I really need to get my medic permit from Po." As the match continued, a particularlly harsh spike was saved by the same libero, only for him to clutch his hand after he sent the ball up.

"Now it dislocated." The cameras cut away from that side of court until the player was rushed to whatever medic or nurse they had. Rarely do the broadcasters show the injury in a replay more than once. That one time played out and the guys around you had visibly paled.

"H-How did Numai keep playing?"

"Well a thumb wouldn't be as, for lack of better terms, floppy as that since it's shorter and has more tissues connecting it to the hand." Inouka, who had been watching just long enough to see the injury, put a hand on your shoulder.

"M-maybe don't say the word floppy..." Oh, he's practically green with nausea.

"Sorry about that, I can be a little blunt when it comes to injuries. What about the word 'loose' instead?"

"Yep, that's better."


"Your sports medicine professor messaged you by the way." Checking your phone hasn't been your top priority considering everything that happened. Suna was the one to hand it to you. You're not going to question how he got passed the pattern lock, he probably used a black light and traced your finger prints or something. Po had pretty much said he'd give you the permit the next time you came in, and that he'd be around if you had questions, but he's not going to really hold mandatory lectures anymore. How does he still have a job? However this brought up another issue, your psych professor was understanding and didn't require attendance but would like a reason, but professor Yuzuru was another story. He'd want a good reason, like being in the hospital reason, actually that might not be good enough either. You'd video call him tomorrow to explain things, when the guys leave. Yes, he wants to be video called if you're absent, probably for those that fake illness. If he lets you miss out, he'll probably want a fifty page essay or a whole thesis... The assignments he gives out aren't easy but you wouldn't say they're impossible to do, challenging moreover. So far you had gotten high marks as well, but a professor like him doesn't consider that impressive.

"What are you stressing about?" Inouka, who you didn't know long but found him easy to talk to, noticed your tenseness. By now he had passed Tabitha's vibe check so she left him alone.

"Professor Yuzuru. Unless you're dying he doesn't tolerate anyone being absent."

"Jeez, he sounds stuck up." You chuckled slightly.

"Yeah, he's rather proud of his accomplishments and so are his other students."

"Oh, are his other students super smart?"

"Probably, a lot of them are already enrolled in medical school. They came to this college just for his lectures. He had the audacity to test me in front of everyone the first day." The red-head? Brunette? It's hard to tell, tensed up himself.

"A test the first day? In front of everyone? I take back what I said, he's hardcore."

"Yep, I think he scared Nishinoya and Tanaka the other day."

"They told us about that! They said he looked like a demon!" For effects he wiggled his fingers in a creepy manner.

"I wouldn't go that far... He's strict for sure."

"What about your other teacher? The sport doctor?" You had to hold in a laugh at how he worded that.

"He really doesn't like teaching, everyone else is in his class for the credit, not to practice sports medicine. He has tenure so he can't be fired, even though i'm pretty sure he wants to be."

"Couldn't he quit?"

"He probably doesn't want to deal with getting another job." Your discussion on professors was ended abruptly when Hirugami came by with a few straws in his hand. Tilting your head in curiosity you watched as the guys collectively drew a straw.

"I win." The lazy drawl came from nonother than Kunimi. What were they drawing for?

"Then you're the first shift."

"Yep, come on Y/n." An arm wound around your waist before dragging you towards your room.


"Sleep time. Get your mind out of the gutter~ I'm too tired for that anyway."

Kunimi's POV

She's a stuttering mess, it's cute. I pulled her down into the bed the moment we got in the room, she let out a short yelp as I did.

"-Yawns- Sorry if i'm doing too much, I really want to sleep." I didn't want to go too far, I held her loosely as I pulled the blanket up, in case she wants space. It's hard not to cuddle Y/n, despite all those 'muscle building sessions' she's rather soft. The bed shook as she turned over, she's still blushing but looked up at me anyway. Her once blank eyes now held that familiar spark, and addicting warmth.

"You're... Not doing too much, but I try not to get too comfortable-" I really hate that she has these abandonment issues.

"How many times do we have to tell you-" I held onto her tighter, contradicting my earlier actions.

"-We're not leaving you. It's true some of us have work or live somewhere else, but we won't be gone forever."

"It's hard not to be afraid... I get attached easily, I care too much, then I end up alone."

"Your guy friends from highschool, they don't talk to you?"

"No. They tried to at first but they got busy with their own lives. I'm pretty sure they're all professional athletes too."

"All of them?"

"Maybe, they were on the basketball team but i'm not sure how things turned out since they were at odds I last saw them."

"It's still sh*tty they didn't check in on you, some of us are pro's, but we wouldn't ghost you. Well, Tsukishima might, Bobata, I don't think Ushijima messages anyone first... Well, we wouldn't ghost you on purpose." She giggled quietly at that, leaving us in a comfortable silence.


Back to your POV

You woke up slightly disoriented, you didn't plan to fall asleep that fast. You were alone in your bed, but not alone in the room. In a chair nearby was Inouka, clearly uncomfortable.


"..." Heavy sleeper?

"Inouka!" Very heavy sleeper. With a sigh you got up and stretched a little, deciding to call professor Yuzuru before the lesson started. Going to the guest room you locked the door and made the call. It rang a few times before he answered, he looked less than enthusiastic, his salt and pepper brows furrowed.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I'm afraid I can't make it to your lecture today."

"For what reason?"

"It's... Hard to explain, in a way this is a hands on series of research..."

"On what exactly?" His tone had gotten more venomous with each question.

"I- I had a breakdown yesterday, and was mentally vacant for a few hours. Awake but not present..."

Yuzuru's POV

I already had doubts about this one, but unlike other in the past, she isn't faking anything or acting outright ill. At least, nothing was obvious at first. I hadn't paid much attention at first, expecting a poor excuse. Looking closer I saw a bandage poorly concealed on her face, and the puffiness of her eyes. Despite being an expert on the functions of the brain, I normally wouldn't accept this excuse...

"Ms.Y/n are you safe in your household?"

"Hm? Yeah of course I am, I live alone and have friends over frequently to be safe. There's nothing wrong here." She made purposeful eye contact, someone on campus did this to her.

"I'll let you miss todays lesson, you've always kept your grades up and seem genuine. Though I don't think anyone in class will provide notes, from the books in the background I assume you could brush up on a few of those as you calm down."

"Thank you. I won't take up more of your time." The call ended. Is this place really so lax on its security? They were rather excited to have me lecturing here but if the students are at risk I want nothing to do with this place. I'm only harsh on them because I know the world will treat them worse. Although I suppose... Some of them may already know that, far too young.


I locked the door to the auditorium and could already hear chatter about the vacant seat.

"It's not my place to speak about the absence of Ms.Y/n. Nor is it yours. I'd like to address a not so apparent issue that has just now come to my attention. This is a college campus, not a middle school playground or daycare. Bullying is not to be tolerated, and since you're all over eighteen, it's called assault. If any of you have seen anything related to this, speak up, tell me or the dean. That will be all." Everyone is dead silent, having her in the class really wakes them up to the problems of others.

"Professor if I may ask, why do you refer to her with her first name? Are you related?"

"No, she doesn't say what her last name is, likely for a private reason." The stern look I gave them brought back the silence. However, i'm the curious one now, her last name is on my student roster but I didn't think anything of it since i'm not from this area. As her professor I have the right to know if it's affecting her safety on campus, right?


L/n Y/n. Nothing special that comes to mind, not like she's a criminal or celebrity. Therefore it must be a local situation. A simple search with the her last name and this towns name brought up a tragic news article.

Meanwhile, back to your POV

You had thought this miscalculation could be handled, that surely these pairs could get along. Alas you didn't know of previous confrontations and should've known better. Once Inouka had left and you straightened the house up, and unexpected duo knocked on the door, Kuroo and Kenma. They balance each other out, and as stated before, Kuroo is a dork. A flirty dork, but a dork nonetheless. Kenma instantly gravitated towards Tabitha and a unspoken pact had been made, you could tell from how they stared into each others soul. Kuroo had started using cheesy pick up lines and had roped you into watching Bill Nye on the TV with his arm around your shoulder in a more than friendly, but not uncomfortable way. Then the door unlocked and you were met with another pair. These two also balanced each other out but meshing their balance with the others balance, didn't end well. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Salty and sweet. You and Tsukishima had these teasing thing going on, add that Kuroo to that and... Well, you'll see. Yamaguchi is also introverted like Kenma and too awkward to approach you if Kuroo is around. Plus he also likes cats. Meaning the extremes of both pairs were left with you while Kenma showed off his games to Yamaguchi. So here you are, on the couch with the salty tease and the flirty dork.

"What're you thinking about, chibi-chan?"

"My life choices."

"I often reflect on mine as well. Mainly the ways I could've insulted people but at the time didn't think of it." That makes sense, you do that sometimes too but the stockpile of insults he prepares must be massive. By the way, they both have their arms around your shoulders, and occasionally you feel them fighting behind you. However well they can fight with one arm that is.

"C'mon we're not that bad, besides-" He leans in close to your ear, devilish smirk on his face.

"-You're hotter than sulfuric acid and sugar, and you smell twice as sweet~" It's a stupid pick up line, but the way he says it and how close he is, you couldn't stop a blush.

"Pfft- You call that a pickup line? How lame." To prove his point he got closer as well but carefully grabbed your chin to make you face him. Too close...!

"They say that kissing is a language of love, mind starting a conversation~?" Your blush worsened, you tried to pull back but then you're back in the arms of Kuroo.

Kuroo's POV

Tch, so the megane wants to play dirty. Y/n backed into me, I decided to grab her by the waist and pull her to my chest, essentially she's sitting between my legs. It's a long couch, okay.

"Is that all it takes~? Being a little seductive~?" Tsukishima got close again, he knows not to cross any boundaries but at the same time he's persistent. Chibi-chan went limp a little before calling out.

"K-k-k- Kenma!" F*ck.

Kenma's POV

Y/n knows I tend to be introverted so her calling me out made me look up right away. She's a steaming mess. Kuroo is holding her way too close and that blonde guy is close to straddling her.

"Tsuki!" I simply glared their direction while Yamaguchi ran over and pulled his friend back.

"Tch, I was about to lay off, Tadashi."

"Tetsuro." He hadn't let go of her waist yet, normally when I use his first name he stops whatever it is he's doing.

"If I let go she'll fall over!" Sighing I came over to them and took her out of his arms. For once i'm glad he makes me keep fit. I set her down on the recliner nearby, she's still too flustered to move.

"How does this even happen?" Yamaguchi is trying to make sure she's still breathing, which she is but if it makes him feel better then so be it.

"Basically she got too embarrassed by whatever those pervs were saying or doing, and it KO'd her. If you've ever played a Pokemon game, the move attract does the same thing."

"That's how you explain it?"

"You don't get to talk right now, Tetsuro. I'll have Yaku talk to you later."

"Hah-! You think i'm still scared of that shorty after all these years?"


"Yes I am, please don't say anything." I looked to Yamaguchi, expecting him to threaten his other half the same way.

"I- Uh- I'll tell Daichi?"

"Okay? Was that a question or a threat, hmm~?" Freckles took a breath and looked the skyscraper in the eye.

"I"ll tell Akiteru." There was a short sound of surprise before the blonde scoffed.

"Tch- Whatever." Now that things are winding down, I can get back to shiny hunting- Or not, Y/n snapped out of her dazed state.

"S-Sorry about that, Kenma..."

"-Sigh- It's okay, i've been dealing with this dumb*ss for years."

Back to your POV

Your face still feels hot but it should fade in a few moments.

"Who's Akiteru by the way?" Tsukishima looked away from you, refusing to answer but Yamaguchi being the pure being he is, answered right away.

"Oh! He's Tsukki's older brother, he'll be visiting soon if you wanna meet hi-"

"Shut up, Tadashi!"

"Sorry Tsukki..." A lot of first names being used today, huh. At least it's not full names.

"I see, is there anyone else I haven't met that's coming for spring break?"

"Well the coaches are gonna visit, they're a bunch of geezers though. Even your guys coach is pretty old."

"Then there's Udai, he's actually a little shy at first but i'm sure Shoyo will get him over it. He's around Akiteru's age, pretty sure they're friends now."

"Udai... That sounds familiar... Isn't he an upcoming manga artist?"

"Yep, I haven't looked up his work but whenever Shoyo talks to him he repeats everything to me the next day... I swear he has an obsession with the guy even if he's not playing anymore."

"Isn't there another current player we're forgetting? I feel bad that I don't remember who they are..."

"That would be, Tsutomu? Tsu- Goshiki! That's his last name. He used to play with Ushiwaka in highschool." Out of everyone Kuroo is the one that remembered, you vaguely recall the others saying something about him as well. Mainly Satori wondering if his hair is the same. While they tried to think if they were forgetting anyone else, your phone rang, which is unusual. Why would professor Yuzuru called you back? It's not a video call at least.

"I have to take this, be right back." You walked into the guest room again, leaving the four somewhat confused, well, three, Kenma was too preoccupied making a sandwich for his pokemon. As you shut the door you heard him quietly yell out when the tomato rolled off...


"Yes I assume this is you, Ms.Y/n?"

"Yes it is. What do you need?" There was an unsteady silence before he finally spoke up again.

"I must say I do respect peoples privacy but I looked up your last name."

"What...? Why-"

"To better understand why you're emotionally hurting, which now that I know what occured I can say that this day off is indeed necessary. What isn't however, is the physical injury you sustained while on campus. I have to ask if it's any of my students, your classmates, that did this." A numb sensation took over, your hands were shaking ever so slightly. You trusted that he wouldn't tell anyone else your last name but it still unnerves you that the knowledge is so easy to find.

"It's not one of them... If you're wanting me to tell you who, i'm afraid I can't for multiple reasons. I don't know her name, and she's related to the dean. He's probably allowing these actions for the sake of not dealing with her."

"You're aware you've practically told me who it is, yes?"

"I know... I can't control what you do, professor, just be cautious if you decide to speak up."

"Will do, I wish you well, Y/n. I will spare your name from the conversation, is it okay to send you updates?"

"Yes..." After brief goodbye's he hung up. Leaving you shaken up, and overthinking. He's smart, clearly, but intelligence can't work against abuse of power.

*knock, knock, knock*

"You okay in there?" The door cracked open, dark hair and warm eyes peeked through.

"I- I'm not sure." It's hard to lie and say you're fine to these guys, especially someone like Yamaguchi.

Chapter 9


There's some heavier topics discussed and I apologize this took so long, been having more stress as of recent. My dog has some health issues going on and it makes it kind of hard to focus.

Chapter Text

Yamaguchi's POV

Y/n looks pale, a look of confusion on her face as she shakily set her phone down. Her e/c eyes looked up at me, so much pain and... Guilt, swirled in them. Before I could really think things through I had wrapped my arms around her. I didn't have time to be nervous, or to feel flustered, she needs me.

"Who was on the phone?" I asked in a soft tone.

"Professor Yuzuru... The neurology professor that scared Tanaka and Nishinoya. He figured out what happened and he plans to speak to the dean. I know Suna has been collecting evidence but it probably won't matter... Everyone is going to get in trouble and it'll be my fault..." She's not crying but the heaviness in her voice tells me how upset she is.

"Please stop blaming yourself... I know it's easier said than done, trust me. Tsukki had to reassure me for years before I stopped feeling unnecessary guilt." She looked up at me, looking a little shocked.

"Tsukishima helped you?" I couldn't help but laugh, everyone thinks the same thing about him, and he wants them to. That way no one bothers him.

"Yeah, he can be caring in his own way, he'll warm up to you."

"I think he got a little too warm..." I was trying to forget about that.

"He w-wouldn't go too far! Once he gets the reaction he wants he'll stop, if you are really uncomfortable though I can talk to him."

Back to your POV

His nervousness is coming back, it's endearing in a way. When he let go of you, you didn't push it by holding on, his anxiety probably made it hard enough to approach you to begin with.

"It's okay, i'm sure he knows now. Speaking of, i'm surprised the others are quiet. Do you think Kenma is handling them?"

"Maybe we should go check, i've got a bad feeling." Surely Kenma isn't that bad right?


You wouldn't call this bad, but it's surely unexpected. Kenma is still sitting at the kitchen counter/table but he has a spray bottle, a broom stick, and a rolled up magazine. Not to mention that Kuroo's hair is wet and flat.

"Um, what was the broom for?"

"To separate them." No further explanation?

"And the magazine?" Yamaguchi asked this time, it was one of the thicker ones you had lying around.

"To smack them, didn't need to use it. In case you can't tell i've had to deal with this kind of pettiness before. Normally it was Kuroo and Yaku." Ah, he's had years of experience then... You weren't aware but you were smiling a bit.

"It's nice that you've all stayed together after all this time."

"Nice? It's more like a curse. I don't mind Tadashi but having to hear the king and the orange dumb*ss at least once a week is annoying."

"I guess you're sort of right, having to deal with Kise all the time would get tiring. Not to mention Seijuros intimidating persona he had developed."

"Kise? Like the model?" That's where Kuroo stopped listening, huh.

"Yeah? I thought I told you guys who they were? The generation of miracles, or whatever they're going by now. Things got rocky and then I changed to homeschool, things didn't end well. They never contacted me so I figured they moved on..."

"The friends you had in the past, the group of guys, are famous basketball players?"

"Are they famous now?" The group deadpanned, more or less answering your question.

"Wait, the purple haired one, isn't he like six foot eight?!"

"Last I saw him he was around six foot six. If you add puberty then yeah, I wouldn't doubt it." Murasakibara, he'd absolutely tower over you, Lev and Tsukishima are roughly as tall but somehow that purple haired giant seems taller still. It nearly made you dizzy thinking about it.

"What did you mean by an 'intimidating persona'? He's the pink haired one right?"

"It's red? Red or hot pink, I honestly can't tell, but... Before I left he had developed a secondary personality, I suspect it had something to do with the pressure his dad put him under. Mix that with his skill and he could make anyone feel like they're lower than dirt." A light smirk formed on Tsukishima's face.

"Another king?"

"No, an emperor. He doesn't see it as an insult, trust me. He'd make Kageyama look like a jester." The zealous expression made the blond rethink his opinion real fast. The more you thought about your old friends the more you began to appreciate the ones around you. Then again, you wonder why they never reached out.

"Do you miss them?" Yamaguchi brought up what the others were thinking.

"Sort of? I understand that they've moved on though, they chose their passion. I can't say it didn't hurt but... I have you guys now, right?" The soft smile on your face meant the world to them, for the past few days you had been distant or crying, today you finally showed pure happiness.

"Of course, chibi-chan~ You're stuck with us now~" Kuroo hugged you, purposely letting his wet hair soak onto yours.

"Tch, how many times do we have to tell you-" Tsukishima pulled Kuroo away so he could flick your forehead.

"-If we didn't like you we would've ditched you ages ago." Yamaguchi came up and checked your, now sore, forehead, simply smiling with a slight nervous blush.

"I sent you my friend code in your messages. I don't do that with just anyone." Kenma is still seated, but was looking over until you made eye contact.

"Did you get that shiny Silicobra?"

"Not yet... Sneaky bastards, and stubborn eggs." He eyes narrowed and a subtle but cute pout could be seen as he went from intimidating cat to cute squishy kitten in under a minute. Taking the seat next to him you rested your head on his shoulder, in his PC box there were- So. Many. Eggs. Since you've played pokemon games before you knew the struggle. Still you grinned at his misfortune, you had used the Masuda method before and still have to go through three-thousand eggs. While you watched Kenma play, you failed to notice a certain captain feeling left out.

Tsukishima's POV

That sneaky rooster head is trying to sneak up on Y/n, probably to pick her up.


"Gah-! What-?! Megane!?" I took the spray bottle and set it to a single stream, it hit him in square in the back, it's ice cold too.

"Nice catch, Tsukishima."

"Kenma?! The betrayal! I only wanted to hug chibi-chan again..." Kenma looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

"After what you pulled earlier you're lucky I let you stay here, Tetsuro." As someone that tries to remain expressionless I couldn't help but shiver. He's scary when he's mad.

Back to your POV

The whole room got colder, that is until Kenma got frustrated when another batch of eggs turned out to be normal.

"Why isn't the method working?! It's a stupid little snake I need, not a damn mythical deity!" Kuroo snickered.

"This reminds me of when you got pissed at gravity~"

"Don't bring that up. This is different." You guess even Kenma can get angry, however he's pouting again, and it's adorable. Pushing those thoughts aside you remembered to ask something that was brought up awhile ago.

"Kiyoko had mentioned something about spending spring break in a cabin? Or rather a bunch of cabins?"

"Yep~ We have everything sorted out, we're just waiting for spring break. I think your cat is smart enough to bring, right?" Cue Tabitha going for Kuroo's ankles.

"It's kinda scary she understands everything..." Yamaguchi stepped closer to you, watching as the large tabby tripped the former captain and sat on his back. Not a dull moment around these guys.

Meanwhile with Professor Yuzuru

"To what do I owe the pleasure, professor?" It's difficult to gauge if he's aware or not, he's used to putting up a facade.

"I'm afraid it's nothing good. Are you aware that there's 'bullying' on campus? Or rather assault at these ages."

"I assure you the security team knows how to handle any situations. The cameras are monitored closely."

"By whom, may I ask?"

"No you may not, if a student is having issues with another, I encourage you to tell them to see me personally. Will that be all?" I pressed my palms on his desk and stood up.

"Tch. Listen, Kanaye, this is a game of chess, not checkers. I won't teach lessons at a college run by an elite cretin that refuses to punish their own offspring. If nothing is done soon, i'll be putting in my two weeks notice, causing you to lose one-hundred or more students, or to you, paychecks." I got up to leave, but stopped in the doorway, not looking back.

"Also, if you choose to make my student the martyr, i'll still take my leave." From the side, my hazel eyes drilled into, wide dark grey ones before the door closed. I didn't fly here, get an apartment, and shift my entire schedule to deal with a moronic hypocrite.


Back to your POV

The next few days were nerve-wracking, you had avoided a majority of the guys and they understood, most of them. A certain few would still approach you on campus, mainly Hinata, Nishinoya and a few others. The most surprising was Konoha since you hadn't spoke much, same with Shibaru and Yahaba. From what you could gather they were another mom friend, another salty guy, and a pretty boy that lacks in being flirty. At least on the surface. The, thought to be second mother of the f*ckorodani team was actually quite mischievous. The Shiratorizawa version of Tsukishima was more understanding than you'd think, and very intelligent. While Yahaba had more loyalty to his friends than one would expect, even if it means giving them a reality check. Right now you were with Semi, he was running out of music based nicknames to call you and it really bothered him.

"I don't want to sound cringey but at the same time I want to include music somehow..." He's very mellow, unless Satori is around... They have some sort of history?

"It's fine, I understand you want to include your passion in conversations but a new nickname every time is a little hard to pull off."

"True. What kind of music do you like?"

"That's a tricky question, I guess it depends on my mood. If i'm annoyed or mad, i'll listen to rock or metal, if i'm sad, of course i'll listen to soft rock or certain pop songs. Have you ever looked at a chart of in depth music genres? There's so many!" Remembering the absolute mess of a diagram you dramatically leaned on Semi's shoulder, it's very exhausting to think about it.

"Haha, yeah it's pretty crazy-" Speaking of crazy, when you were at the gym doors, you weren't going to enter at first, a blonde man suddenly flew by... That doesn't sound right but he did get some air. Who would be strong enough to throw a- Actually many of them are strong enough but why would they throw a grown man?


"I think the old coaches have arrived. You should be safe to visit with them around, c'mon." Thus you were dragged into the gymnasium. The blonde man was still on the ground, considering your soon to be roll of a medic, you headed over to him, despite Semi's protest.

"Are you alright?" You crouched down next to him, hesitantly poking his shoulder since you don't know if he's awake or not, or if you should be randomly touching someone who was just in a confrontation. Slowly the man turned his head to face you, still prone, his eyes widened a bit before he answered.

"-Sigh- Yeah, i'm fine. Not the first time the old man has thrown me. Besides his distance has gotten shorter." Ah. He's like Hinata, used to being injured frequently.

"I see... I'm their medic, it didn't feel right not checking on you." He stood up, making you realize how broad he is, what 'old man' threw him?! He extended his hand.

"Ukai Keishin." Taking his hand you returned the gesture.

"Y/n." Before he could ask any questions, a gentle, albeit wrinkled, hand turned you around.

"L/n Y/n... It's been awhile hasn't it."

"Yasufumi Nekomata... It has. Can you-"

"You still haven't told them I take it?" You shook your head.

"That's okay, I understand it's hard for you. I wish I could've been around more but-"

"I understand, you had your job and family. Is Washijo here too?"

"Yup, he'll probably keep his 'demon coach' persona up though, he can't let his former team see him all soft~" This much was true, both him and Washijo were family friends, they held just as much shock when the incident happened. Aside from well wishes they couldn't really stick around and help you since they had their own lives. They'd call when they could but you lied, telling them you were fine. Honestly though, their calls kept you grounded when you felt yourself starting to slip. Another older man approached, he had a resemblance to the blond.

"Who is this young lady?"

"This is Y/n, I was friends with her father and mother."

"Ikkei Ukai, you didn't have to check up on my wuss of a grandson, my throws aren't what they used to be." How. How did his guy, who's probably in his seventies, toss a grown man!?

"As Yasufumi said, i'm Y/n. I was only doing my job as a medic."

"A medic huh, that's good. That munchkin is still receiving with his face." As if he summoned the occurrence, a loud 'pong!' resounds, you then see Hinata laying on the floor. The server or spiker(?) being Sakusa. Yeah he needs checked. Rushing over you crouch down once again, his somewhat dazed eyes focus on you.

"Do you remember where you are?"

"I, um-"

Hinata's POV

I knew I shouldn't of touched his water bottle earlier... But now I get to have Y/n check on me~ She's so sweet and nice, not to mention she tries to teach me stuff! I've gotten passing scores!

"Hinata?" Right! I should probably answer.


"Then where are you?"

"The gym, Sakusa got mad at me." She helped me up and turned my face, gently cupping my cheek. If I could feel her touch i'd probably be blushing.

"Does it hurt a lot?"

"Nope! Can't feel it."

"I'm honestly not sure if that's good... I should probably get an ice pack-"


"There's no need." I only touched his water bottle! Why is he still throwing stuff at me!?

Back to your POV

Sakusa threw the ice pack... Directly onto the red mark on his cheek. At very least his aim is incredible.

"Come here." You went over to the germaphobe and were immediately hosed down with some type of antibacterial spray.

"-Sigh- Can you not throw things at the injured?" He hummed in acknowledgment but didn't say he'd stop. All the while the others were catching up with their old coaches and a few new guys were around them too. A rather large hand landed on your shoulder suddenly, making you jolt.

"I did not mean to startle you, coach Washijo wishes to speak to you." Of course it's Wakatoshi... How can someone his size sneak? Walking through the throng of people, you found the old man talking to someone new. New to you, anyway. He has straight bangs and dark hair, he also looks terrified of Washijo despite him not being his coach anymore.


"Tch, took you long enough to come here. You haven't grown at all, huh?" His words sound harsh but he means well, surely.

"You're one to talk, glad to see you didn't shrink." The newcomer paled at your retort.

"I- Uh, w-who are you?"

"I'm Y/n, Tanji here is a family friend. Who are you?"

"Goshiki Tsutomu-! I used to be the ace of Shiratorizawa!" You'd think he was saying this confidently but he's still petrified. He half-screamed this while standing straight, eyes darting to the former coach every now and then.

"Yep, still a coward though..."

"Is this what everyone meant by 'demon coach'? You'd insult these guys?"

"To help them grow a spine, yes!"

"And he'd run us into the ground with his training~ Don't forget that~" Satori wrapped his arm around your shoulder as he showed up, his cat-like grin ever present.

"Y-yeah... It paid off though!"

"Of course it did, cool bangs~! Let's go and let the others know you're here." That seemed oddly intentional, not that you had to be around Goshiki to know he's a nervous ball of anxiety.

"Y/n!" Within the next few seconds you found yourself being dragged excitedly by an orange blur, also known as Hinata. You've seen him hyped up before but this time is more extreme, you've nearly tripped five times in fifteen seconds. This explains why he goes through his shoes like clockwork, being with him when they nearly disintegrate is surreal.

"Shoyo, you didn't have to run back!" A guy that's roughly Hinata's height, with black hair, is trying to scold him but it's not working too well.

"This is Y/n! She's so cool! I'm not failing anymore, and she's nice, and-" A hand covered his face, Tsukishima had put a stop to his rambling, which you're thankful for.

"Stop complimenting her, she'll develop an ego."

"I don't think I can..." That's the truth.

"Tsukki, I don't think he can breathe."

"He can't lose more braincells he'll be fine." Another blond of a slightly shorter height had been the one to try and stop him.

"While they're busy, i'll introduce myself, Udai Tenma. Shoyo is a fan of mine, I think?"

"He already told you my name, I didn't think he'd drag me here at mach speed. He's mentioned you before, you're like his idol." Udai tried to laugh it off, denying that he could be anyone's idol by shaking his head and muttering several excuses. Hearing a soft thud, you looked over to see both Tsukishima and Hinata on the floor, separated. Tsukishima is holding his hand out for some reason.

"Did you seriously bite me?!" Good reason.

"What else was I supposed to do!"

"Anything else, you rabid chihuahua!"

"I'm so sorry about him... I'm his older brother, Akiteru Tsukishima."

"It's alright, I guess I have my work cut out for me." Crouching near the disgusted blonde you sighed upon seeing that Hinata had actually broken the skin. You're going to have a talk with everyone later, human bites are the worst if they get infected.

Meanwhile back with Yuzuru

Kanaye actually has his daughter in his office, from what I could gather someone had submitted a mountain of evidence. If this person is smart they gave him copies rather than the originals. As of right now i'm waiting by his door, if she walks out happy, then i'm submitting my two weeks notice.


A young man showed up, he stood around the corner, his phone ready. I said nothing as it's safe to assume they're the anonymous source. The door jerked open and the young lady stomped out, muttering various curse words and statements.

"You! You're the old f*cker that brought this up?!"


"Why couldn't you just mind your own damn business!?"

"You assaulted someone for no reason. If this college doesn't do anything about blatant assault, then I will not teach here. Besides, i'm sure you got off with a slap on the wrist anyway. A verbal warning from you own father."

"Tch-! Whatever, I have somewhere to be, feel free to quit anyway. Or i'll find a way to ruin you, it's quite easy for a young female student to do." She's a narcissist, and delusional. However she's right. An allegation, false or not, can tank any professor.

"Go ahead, I have money to spare and in the end you'll only dig yourself deeper."

"I don't get why everyone swarm around L/n, why everyone already calls her, her first name! It doesn't make sense, is she using her tragedy to get guys?! Is that it?!"

"I'm no therapist and honestly I despise you, but as far as I know, she hasn't spoken a word about her past to those boys. Honestly you have a sh*t personality, to the point that Y/n's dull one is better." I walked away from her before she could spout any more nonsense, i'm fairly certain she punched the wall, which didn't end well.


Back to your POV

As of now, you were trying to calm down Shirabu, who was getting after Goshiki for still being spineless. Not the best method to fix that problem, but it has probably worked before... Something odd happened, nearly everyone's phones went off. You checked yours and didn't have any emergency alerts, and you didn't mute the group chat. The coaches looked confused too. Suna came through the gymnasium doors, looking a little disheveled, however he kept his phone pointed towards the stage like he'd do if the twins were fighting. Speaking of the stage there were a few thuds from behind the large curtain, as well as a few swears and metallic clanking sounds.


3rd person POV (experimental)

They all turned their attention to the stage, a tall, young woman with an expression filled with rage and envy had the microphone. Before anyone could move the woman spoke.

"Wait! I'm only here to make an announcement. One i'm sure you'll love to hear~ Afterall it's about your- Perfect. Little. Attention wh*re." A couple of the guys climbed onto the stage, only to be stopped by a can of mace being pointed at them. A, clearly shaken, Y/n looked mortified, knowing what was to be revealed. The air in the large building had grown tense, the unease making some shift uncomfortably in their spots while others were curious against their own morals.

"You're sweet, kind, L/n Y/n, is probably as crazy as her father! Who, years ago, committed a murder-sui*ide for no reason. For all we know it could've been because of little miss perfect, who came out unscathed! That's suspicious isn't it~?" The woman on stage looked delirious, anyone could see that as she had a deranged grin. Her words brimmed with venom fell on concerned ears. The most concerned one, however, was Y/n. She looked at the woman, not with disgust, fear or anger, but with a semblance of understanding.

Back to your POV

You left the protective barrier that had been formed in front of you, and climbed onto the stage, a few protests and yells didn't stop you.

"Up here to tell me off~? Show your true colors~?!"



"You're enough."

"Huh? What bullsh*t are you spouting?!"

"You are enough. I'm sorry if I ever offended you, but you can't control others...! I'm not denying that I could have something wrong with me, and i'm not denying what my dad did... But i'm sorry for whatever made you this way-" You inched closer to her, the hand holding the mace was shaking.

"-You can't keep doing this, and you can't threaten everyone and get away with it!" You thrust her hand upwards, and pushed her back with all your weight, causing her to fall on her back. Those videos you watched for self defense had really helped. Banging her hand on the cold floor you managed to knock loose the can of mace, it rolled away but not before getting a single blast out.

"Gh-!" While wiping the burning irritant off of your face, you stayed in your position, pinning the woman down. The pain in your eyes made it hard to stay focused.

"W-What's your name?"


"I feel like I deserve to know, I mean, you did just mace me."


"It suits you... You're enough, Naomi. You're beautiful, you're charismatic, don't let your beauty be skin deep." You would have preferred to say all of this through un-gritted teeth and eyes not feeling like they're on the sun, but what matters is that you tried to help her. It might mean nothing in the long run, but you got the opportunity to try. You didn't have that before.

"Y/n, can you move?"

"I'm not dying, but I can't see and am in immense pain." You tried to keep things light, not everyone appreciated it as a harsh chop was delivered to your side, making you fall over as someone else moved Naomi.

"Now- I can't move- Oww..."

"Don't scare us like that! What if she had a knife!?" Not learning from your mistake made two seconds ago you had to speak up.

"It would've hurt less- Ack-!"


For safety reasons, you were taken to the hospital, and Naomi was being questioned by the police. You didn't want to press charges but some law didn't let you decide, rather it was up to the police(s) discretion. To get you seen faster, you were brought in by three of the most intimidating of the guys. Wakatoshi, Sakusa, and Aone. The little old lady that was the nurse, didn't care at all. Luckily they weren't too busy at the moment and got you tended to. After a few eye flushes and special drops, as well as an examination, you were cleared to go. Now you had more eye drops and needed to make an appointment with your optometrist to make sure there was no change to your vision.

"Tch, that hospital was filthy."

"Sakusa, you've said that already, many times. I'm sure they have more to worry about than dust in the corner."

"Perhaps." He's not convinced.

"I'd uh, like to thank you by the way, for coming with us. It's got to be difficult with your phobia." You're not the best at thanking people personally, you're much better at apologizing for no reason.

"It's fine, I've dealt with worse." The lot of you were waiting for Wakatoshi to bring his car around, blurred vision or not you noticed that Aone has been staring.

"Is something wrong-" His much larger frame enveloped yours, his hold wasn't popping your bones this time though.

"I was worried." Doing your best to hug him back, you let him take his time, you get the feeling a certain chaotic duo might do the same thing later. Or at least try, the more protective of the group might have them locked in a room or closet.


Once you returned to the gym, there was an immediate swarm around you.

"Are you okay?"

"Can you see?"

"What did that feel like?" Terushima was then smacked by Bobata for asking.

"Are you blind now?!" But one question made the others go silent.

"Is what she said true?" It'd be too hard to avoid the topic now, you were about to speak when Tanji and Yusufumi interrupted.

"Give the girl some time. It's a sensitive subject, besides i'm sure she's tired from the whole ordeal."

"Bring it up again and I won't hesitate!" What is he even on about? He can't make anyone do laps or serves anymore, then again he does have a cane that looks pretty sturdy.

"I'll answer the basics okay? Yes, what she said is true, if you're really curious you can look it up online... But I didn't want any of you to be friends with me out of pity, or to take advantage of my issues... Gah-!" You got flicked on the forehead, by three of the guys, and Daichi is holding Suga back.

"Didn't think bowl-cut and second place mother owl would flick you too." Tsukishima had flicked you the hardest.

"Shut up, it's not a bowl-cut!" Shirabu at least tried to hold back.

"We're getting off topic, it was smart to try and protect yourself but you know we wouldn't do that right? At least by now." Konoha ruffled your hair, probably feeling bad for flicking you at the same time as the others.

"I know now." You smiled up at him, the moment you did however you were quickly embraced by a nearly sobbing Bokuto.

"S-sorry, we couldn't hold him back anymore-!" Akaashi, Numai and Inouka looked exhausted, they had probably drawn lots to figure out who was going to try stopping him.

"It's so sad! I'm never letting you go now, i'm going to get a pouch and keep you!" You'd laugh if your face was being pressed into pecs, mind you, they're softer than you'd think. As of recent you'd been admiring their muscles more, and the loveable owl is quite ripped. The muscles in his arms flexing around your form nearly makes you blush, the feeling of his abs against your body is what turns you into a blushing mess. Your glad that your face is hidden even if it means you're slowly suffocating.

"Okay, big guy. It's my turn~"

"Nuh-uh." You swayed limply as he turned away from Satori.

"B-Bokuto, I know you're not holding her as tight but she's looking a little red..." Even Asahi is trying to intervene.

"He's right bro, we've worked on your grip but you practically need a bra for your guy boobs." Finally you were allowed to tilt your head back, the damage was already done as you began to have an out of body experience.

Third person POV (experimental)

Everyone watched a small outline leave the poor girl.

"Are you serious!?" This was the collective outcry, Bokuto was detained and Y/n laid down on a bleacher. It didn't help that the chaotic duo had returned either, but they would make good police officers with how quickly they took down the six foot, wall of muscle and owl-ness. The coaches and guests all seemed to come to a realization as soon as they saw how much everyone cared. The former 'Demon coach' scoffed.

"Those punks don't deserve her." The man clad in red slung an arm around his shoulder.

"Relax~ I think anyone from my team would be excellent for her, they're all good, young men."

"Can I throw Tenma here into the mix?"

"Huh?! Ukai, I don't even know her that well!" He waved him off.

"No matter, look at the crows care for her. I'll bet my pension that she ends up with one of them." An intense gaze met the other coaches as the eldest there made that hefty bet.

"-Sigh- I'll get the cork board. You know the drill, no bets you can't keep and no meddling beyond reason." The bleached Ukai walked off to a supply closet.


Back to your POV

A couple of days had passed and you glad that nothing much had changed. The coaches of course had to go back to their families and such but surprisingly Udai and the nice Tsukishima were going to hang around for awhile. They'll probably tag along on the spring break trip. As of right now though you and a select few are in the gym since a team was interested in seeing how Sakusa, Atsumu, Hinata and Bokuto play. They're facing some random hot-shot team that you can't bother to learn the names of. Since you're finally the medic, you kept an intense eye on each of them. You would have thought that Hinata or Bokuto would be the first injury you'd treat. However you were wrong, it was subtle but upon a harsh spike, or serve, you never did learn the difference, his eye brows would furrow whenever he used his wrist. The temp coach they hired didn't notice. Nudging him you called for a timeout due to injury, basically everyone was confused, to be fair Sakusa is wearing a mask, making it very hard to tell he's in pain.

"Sakusa. Show me your wrist."

"I'm fine, I think i'd know if I was injured." To prove a point you lightly, but firmly grabbed his hand and tugged gently. He audibly hissed from the pain.

"Uh-huh. Come here." Carefully you felt of his wrist, telling him to rotate it as he normally does, a soft pop could be felt.

"I'm fairly certain its a sprain, I can wrap it but i'm not sure if that will be good enough, i'll do my best."


One wrap later and the match continued, so far he's restraining himself although he's holding back to not irritate the sprain. It doesn't seem to be affecting the game yet.

Sakusa's POV

It's hard to limit the power but manageable, however the looks these germs are sending towards Y/n is getting to me- They're not even germs, they're like an entire disease. We were getting back into position when one of them spoke up.

"Man, that medic of theirs is cute!"

"Cute? I bet she's got a nice body under those oversized clothes~"

"Yeah, maybe I can get her number before we leave~" It's obvious what they're trying to do, but the last virus went too far.

"Since she's so short compared to me-" He raised his voice to make sure we'd hear.

"-She might not have to kneel to suck my co-"

"Shut yer mouth! Do ya use those lips ta speak to yer mother!?" Atsumu yelled before I could say a word.

"Yeah! Game or not, you don't talk about women that way!" Wow, Bokuto said something that makes sense.

"Exactly!" I stopped the hyperactive ginger from jumping across the court, and glared at the referee who had clearly heard. He called a timeout to speak with the opposing teams coach. Who happened to be a woman.

Back to your POV

What happened? You were too busy taking notes on their main stress points to really pay attention to anything being said. All you know is that their coach is extremely upset, if looks could kill there'd be four new graves.

"Um, what happened?" The temporary coach didn't answer you, instead he muttered something about a technical time out.


The game got weirdly intense after that break, but it didn't matter much since your guys team won!

"Good job guys!" You handed them their water bottles and double checked that the Sakusa was the sole injury of the match. Hinata almost made it two by slipping in his own sweat.

"Stop jumping around like an idiot." Luckily further injury was prevented by a fed up germaphobe. You opted to grab a mop from the supply closet to prevent any more accidents, Atsumu decided he'd help.


"Hm?" The golden blond hugged you from behind suddenly.

"Ya didn't hear what that f*cker said did ya?"

"No? Are you talking about someone on the other team?"

"-Sigh- Forget I said anythin' he was just bein' a jerk, that's why the coach got after them."

"Okay? If he talked bad about me, it's fine-" He held you tighter, which is a little gross since he's still sweaty but he's having a moment so you'll allow it.

"It's not fine! Tell us- No, tell me if anyone talks crap about you! If i'm not around I 'spose my idiot of a twin will do."

"I won't ask why this is setting you off yet, I know it probably runs deeper than annoyance or protectiveness. I'll do as you say, don't worry." You looked up and gave a reassuring smile, though it appears your absence was noticed as Bokuto showed up.

"Oh! Are we hugging!? Celebration hug?!"

"No way! Ya ruined our moment ya stupid owl!" You were being swung away from Bokuto this time, not that is stopped him from hugging you both.

Atsumu's POV

At this point i'll take what I can get. When she smiled at me like that I felt my heart beat faster than it had that whole match.

"Group hug?!"

"Not you too!"


Shoyo tackled us to the ground, where's Omi during all this mess?

"Alright you germs, get off of her before I hose you down."

"Where the hell did ya get a pressure washer!?"

Chapter 10


Filler mainly, but also bonding and such with some of the lesser loved characters. A proper explanation of what happened in a sense, and a surprise twist at the end.

Chapter Text

Heavier themes when the flashback starts.

Back to your POV

Thankfully no one had gotten pressure washed, mainly because you convinced Sakusa to lower the 'weapon'. Once he had pried everyone away from you he quickly threw you a spare jersey and a box of wet wipes. You'd shower later anyway but you couldn't leave until paperwork and assessments were completed. The jersey has his number and name, but is rather... Bright? In color. Must be from his highschool, it's too soon to start that nonsense again. Why are guys so enamored with this sort of thing, having a woman where their things? It's like a possessive thing, isn't it? You had finished wiping yourself down, stepping out of the bathroom you were met with Atsumu looking absolutely betrayed.

"And ta think we had a moment, I can't believe ya."


"Omi's jersey! Why aren't ya wearing one of mine?!"

"Do you even have a spare with you?"

"Not the point!"

"Well i'm not going to wear a sweaty shirt, that's gross." He set his sights on Sakusa, shouting his name then running up to him. This probably won't end well, ignoring the one sided fight you grabbed your paperwork from the bench and called the other two over. Since you're relatively new to being a medic, you have to complete certain assignments and check-ups to insure you're doing your job properly.

"Okay, Bokuto. I need to check your shoulder since you seem to put heavy strain on it through your constant hits."

"So many!" He's very happy about this, so happy in fact he doesn't realize you need him to sit down.

"Sit, please." When he sat down you gently held his arm up, which he aided in otherwise you'd be struggling, and had him rotate it while you felt of his shoulder. Unfortunately you had to press rather firmly to feel anything since he's very muscular. It would be a lie to say you're not blushing in the slightest. It's like seeing a massive Pitbull or wolf behave like a puppy. Shaking off these wandering thoughts, you finished your assessment.

"Nothing seems wrong, but if it ever suddenly hurts or aches be sure to tell me. Hinata, please take a seat." He looks nervous. He must be thinking of this as an actual doctors visit. Repeating your motions you checked his shoulder as well, once you were done he tried to get up but you put a hand on his head to stop him.

"I also need to check your ankles since you jump higher and more often." Thankfully for you he had changed his socks too, otherwise you'd probably be trying to suppress a gag or two. You had him roll his ankles and you gently pressed on the back of the ankle to see if it was painful or swollen in any way.

"Is everything okay?" Gosh, he's like that one hamster picture you keep seeing online. Pure cinnamon roll dyed orange.

"You're all good, Hinata. Same thing I told Bokuto, if you have any pains or aches that don't go away, please tell me." He visibly relaxed.


"Do ya need to check me out~?"

"Technically, yes. Are you going to behave?"

"Depends, what do I get from this?" Dead panning you turned to Sakusa who was glaring from the other side of the gym. He understood and took a seat over there, ignoring the whines from Atsumu you once again checked the aces wrist.

"Does is still hurt as badly?"

"It's slightly better. I assume i'll have to refrain from practice and ice it."

"Probably, unless it gets worse, then you should have a doctor check it." The icy gaze you've come to familiarize yourself with, directed itself behind you.

"My turn~?" On one hand, you're happy he's in a better mood than earlier, on the other hand, the he's clingy too.

"-Sigh- Yes, Atsumu. Please take a seat, once I finish this report I will be with you." He sat down and waited happily, patting his hands in an unknown rhythm on his knees. It's cute as hell but poorly timed. Setting down your papers you walked over to him.

"Lift your arms up." You bent his arm a little, feeling of the elbow, both are fine.

"Okay, now move your arms in the motion that you set." When you put your hands on his shoulders he tensed.

"Does that hurt?"

"Nope, not at all!"

Atsumu's POV

Her hands are tiny, I shouldn't be gettin' hot n' bothered by this. Its been too damn long since I've been with anyone! At this angle her breath is skimming my neck, how did those- Actually no, that makes sense. Shoyo's innocent and Bokuto is as dense as a rock.

"I don't feel anything obvious, like I told the rest, if you get any pain please tell me."

"Okay. Can I come over?"


"Omi, I didn't ask ya~" I don't follow those stupid charts in the group chat, I've no clue whose turn it is to stop by.

Back to your POV

You aren't opposed but at the same time the others have a schedule set up, it's not necessary but it calms them down.

"I don't mind, I know you'll probably cause some type of chaos but I trust you enough not to do anything more than that." The implication was clear enough, to your surprise he started to tear up.

"Did I say something wrong?!"

"You didn't, he's not used to anyone actually trusting him, considering he's a dimwit." Your phone went off, since it was near the end of the day you were told to wait in the gym for the guys that were going to accompany you home.

"Seriously though, if you want to come over i'm fine with it. Maybe go get whatever you need first? Like spare clothes and such." He booked it out of the gym, maybe this is a mistake...


You were met with an odd mix, Goshiki, who you had just met not too long ago. As well as Bobata and Terushima, you haven't interacted much with them, but the others, begrudgingly, said they're alright guys. Then add Atsumu to the mix, who isn't with his much calmer brother. This will either be utter chaos, surprisingly peaceful, or end up with someone being arrested.

"Alright, there is at least one rule. No smoking in my house, and no smoking anything illegal in or around my house." A gaze was sent at Bobata in particular.

"Fine, fine. I get it." He ruffled your hair, he has to be thinking about you like you're his little sister. He hasn't stopped ruffling your hair actually. Pouting a bit you tried to push his arm away, he ruffled it faster.

"You're gonna scramble her brain!" Goshiki didn't actually help you but was very worried.

"Cut it out, you can continue torturing her later." Terushima... Kind of saved you? He dragged him away but didn't tell him to stop entirely... This is going to be an interesting evening.

"Are you okay?! Dizzy at all?"

"I'm alright, Goshiki. My hair is probably a wreck though." Indeed it is, your hair is fluffed up to the point it's like cotton candy, before it's wrapped into a ball.

"I- I can help you fix it at your house if you don't mind- It's okay if you don't want to me, no pressure just-!" Placing a hand on his shoulder you stopped him from spiraling into an anxious mess. He tensed up more before looking at your reassuring smile.

"Calm down, i'd like you to help me." He nodded, red faced and looking away, you didn't address this. As the two of you walked towards your house, you noticed how dark the clouds in the distance were. Would you shut down again if the thunder is too loud? Everyone around campus knows your last name, and the events that correlate with it. A few people you didn't know even gave their late condolences. It would be a lie to say that having it out in the open didn't make you feel lighter, but at the same time you know that the trauma isn't going to magically vanish. Before you knew it you arrived at your house, surprised to see that Bobata and Terushima were already inside, and laughing at something, or rather someone.

"What's going on-" Atsumu is standing near the front door, three long scratch marks down his face.

"Yer cat lured me in, then attacked!"

"Tabitha?" Looking over to the tabby you watched as she flopped over, showing her belly, and giving you wide, cutesy eyes. She one-hundred percent lured him.

"-Sigh- I believe you, i'll help you clean the cuts since they're in an odd spot. Don't be afraid of her, she's basically my guard cat." You had to say this to a specific black haired man but didn't single him out.

"Did she get your eyes at all?"

"No, she missed. Ya need to get that thing under control!"

"Cats are very independent, me trying to teach her might make it worse. How did you get in anyway?"



"I may or may not have, picked yer lock."

"That why she attacked you, moron~ It does sound fun to fight a cat though..." Terushima had followed along it seems.

"You're not fighting Tabitha, she took down Kuroo on her own. She'd probably rip out your piercings."

Terushima's POV

"Eh? That cat took down Tetsuro?! What did he even do?" Y/n, or L/n? I'm gonna keep calling her by her first name, looked away, since that day with Naomi she's been more expressive. It's f*cking adorable, but I know she can slap the hell out of me if I push my luck. Not that I would... Not anymore, anyway, i've changed in the last... Two weeks? Month? Point is i'm not a pushy jerk now!

"Kuroo was being a bit too touchy is all..." Atsumu is smiling but the irk mark on his head says different.

"Touchy how?" I nodded, leaning against the doorframe. I'm not letting her out of here until she answers.

"Um, well, he was sitting on the couch with his legs up on the long part, and I backed up and managed to find myself sat between said legs, while he held me there..."

"Ah. Anythin' else?" Y/n shook her head.

"It wasn't that big of a deal! He didn't mean any harm, and Kenma sprayed him with a water bottle, it's fine!"

Back to your POV

They both went still for a solid minute, before poorly containing their laughter. By poorly, you mean not at all.

"Ha- Ha- Ha-! Kenma did that!? Didn't think he had it in him!" You get the feeling that Kenma might avoid Terushima altogether, their personalities aren't really compatible.

"-Wheezing- Should try that on Samu- -tea kettle sounds-" Actually, you think Kenma avoids a good eighty percent of the guys, especially these two. While they had their laughing fit you managed to duck under Terushima's arm and get to the living room. To be met with a rather peaceful, but odd scene. Tabitha is laying on top of Bobata's bag, splayed out. Goshiki is replicating her pose, same with Bobata.

"Um... What is going on?" Goshiki looked up, anxiety still etched into his features.

"I tried to get your cat and she slapped me...!" The pose wasn't intentional then, at least for him.

"Your cat knows."

"What did I say about illegal stuff in my house?"

"To be clear you said 'no smoking' you didn't say 'no eating', your German Shepard cat is stopping me either way. I thought if I copied her position she'd trust me." Another stunned silence. To recap, Goshiki is laid out because he was punched multiple times by Tabitha, and Bobata... He probably had an edible or two before she stopped him.

"No illegal drugs in any form in my house, and Tabitha, don't attack at random or i'll take away treats for a week. Atsumu did break in, but I doubt Goshiki was going to do anything bad."



"Right, i'll grab the comb so you can help me with this mess, alright Goshiki?" You started to head towards the bathroom but before that, Bobata decided to ruffle your hair one last time for the night.


It took awhile but everyone settled down, a steady drizzle had built up outside and you hoped that's all it would do. The weather app says different. It's supposed to storm pretty bad for a few hours before turning into a heavy rain. This time you were prepared and could actually make dinner for your guests, the amount of food you've been going through in the days they simply 'stopped by' and raided your snacks is phenomenal. Good thing they didn't take any raw ingredients, or asked before they did. Kyotani had found an old looking pack of beef in the back of the freezer and asked if he could take it for his dogs. Hopefully it didn't make them sick, then again he's told you about his dogs eating dead animals in one bite. They're probably fine.

"Watchu' makin'?"

"Ginger pork, or pork if you don't want ginger I guess." The blonde twin rested his head on your shoulder from behind, watching you prep the ingredients. You're not the best cook, but you're not going to poison everyone. It wouldn't be too hard to excel in it but you don't really have much passion for it. Since you're lost in thought you didn't realize your other shoulder was also occupied.

"You know I can get you another apron, something less 'old lady' and more 'caliente'."

"-Sigh- Wasn't Tabitha holding you down, Terushima?"

"Yes, but she got off of me to go eat." Traitor. You tried to move to put the, now ready, ingredients into their proper bowls or pans, but found yourself stuck. The more you tried the more either of them would cling on.

"At least one of you get off..."

"Yeah! Scram! I was here first!"

"Huh?! What does that matter?! If anything that means it's my turn!" As they bickered you managed to, once again, dip under their arms to get where you needed to go. As the food finally starts to cook, you hear a distant rumble in the distance. The idea of having a breakdown is nearly making you panic. For now though, you focused on not burning anything.


At least Goshiki was generous enough to help you set the table. Everyone took their seat, said their thanks and dug in. No one has said anything and no one has outright stopped eating, must be average as usual.

"Sorry if it's not the best, I don't cook often, and I don't really have a passion for it." If Osamu were here he'd probably try and convince you otherwise.

"It's not a problem, it's cooked well and you have all the spices and sides ready so it's good." Bobata had been trying to snack the whole time you were cooking, even now he has the extra rice. Any food is five stars to a hungry person.


The lot of you were trying to find a movie everyone agreed on, needless to say that's not going well.

"Horror would be perfect for this weather! Y/n you can sit next to me~"

"Comedy, don't make things tense."

"Action! Who doesn't want 'ta see some bad*ss take down a bunch a' criminals!?"

"I wouldn't be opposed to r-romance..."

"Personally I have to agree with-" The lights flickered, making everyone go quiet. You hadn't prepared for this since you were busy cooking, thankfully everyone has their phone on hand.

"I have candles, they're all in the plant room. Wanna help me out again, Goshiki?"


Third person POV (experimental)

The more skittish of the two walked into the plant room, phone flash lights on and semi-frantic.

"Try to keep the light still, please."

"Right, sorry..." Y/n rummaged in the closet, finding the candles and matches rather easily. The closet itself is rather small, and not too messy. She handed some of the candles to her, still spooked, companion. That is until she caught something new in the corner of her eye.

"Could you shine the light on the lilies real quick?"

"Sure." The bright light illuminated the two pots, they were pushed rather close together for the sake of space, but it seems an odd occurrence took place. Two of the lilies had been facing each other, cross pollinating and touching constantly. Growing in the pot of red was a small sprout, all the other flowers were mature and going through their stages. There shouldn't be sprouts at this time.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, not really. Let's get back to the others before they break something."


"We'll set up the candles in here." Terushima took a few and handed them to Atsumu.

"Please make sure they're not near anything flammable." Y/n took the task of setting them up in the kitchen area, not wanting anyone getting a drink or snack to run into the counter. As she set the few on the counter a loud crack of lightening struck a lamp post down the road. The light from it was bright enough to make it look daylight out. That loud crack and bright light sent her into a flashback, one of the life altering tragedy that plagues her.

~~Flash Back~~

Back to your POV

Things weren't perfect in the L/n household but they weren't bad by any means. That being said, father has been out of business more, and mom has been rather friendly with the neighbor. At your age at that time you weren't blind to what was happening, maybe if you were naive. The day it all came to a peek was rather normal, father got home early for once and mom was surprised but happy. You were in your room, doing homework, unaware of the loud thuds and yells in the den. Your mom had rushed into your room and quickly dragged you to theirs, locking the door and pushing you into the wardrobe. There wasn't time to ask questions, there was hardly time to breathe. Barely a second later the door was kicked in and your mom was thrown to the floor. The bed had blocked part of your vision, preventing you from seeing the whole scene. The loud bang made your ears ring, and the flash illuminated the dark wardrobe for a split second. Blood splatter and viscera coated the walls and your father. Without a second thought the gun was turned on himself, and another bang made you cover your ears. The ringing wouldn't stop, you couldn't hear the thud of his body falling to the floor. You couldn't hear the police busting down the front door, and you couldn't hear them calling out for you. The neighbor had heard the arguing and called the cops, when they showed up the gunshots rang out. That same neighbor knew you were home, and he was very devastated as well, too devastated. You didn't speak for quite some time, they found you but you felt nothing. The medics tried but you couldn't really feel anything. The detective understood the effects of shock all too well.


You didn't know the full story until you read the news report, and the reports that were given to you by those that had worked the case. They deemed you competent enough to handle the truth. Your father snapped under the pressure of his job, and what must have been some underlying mental health issue. Mom had been intimate with the neighbor to the point you were going to have a sibling... That part hit you harder than you would have thought. Fathers stress came from his clients not hiring the company, most clients would meet at bars or clubs, sharing drinks and even partaking in... More explicit commodities. Mainly women that offer their 'time' and 'services'. He tried his best to impress them, then would be rejected. His job was at risk before everything happened, he couldn't close any deals. Really, those could-be clients were testing him, they saw his wedding ring and found it disgusting that he'd actually cheat on his wife. Mom was just lonely, lonely and unsure of her choices. Neighbor truly cared, not enough to check in on you, but enough to help you sort things out for the cremation and your inheritance. You never saw him again after that. Your father had found the pregnancy test in the garbage bin before he had snapped. Everyone was guilty and innocent at the same time, trying their best to provide and be happy. It only lead to tragedy. As for where the gun came from, it's hard to tell, it was a heavy weight revolver. No wonder it was so loud. Not to mention the weight was more than you would have thought. Out of morbid curiosity you ask an office that had it in an evidence bag if you could hold it. He allowed it for a moment, you nearly dropped it right away. You told him to keep it, or destroy it, whatever they do. Why didn't father take y-

~~Flash Back End~~

"/n- Y/n- Y/N?!"

"Huh...?" The lights are still out, your vision is blurry again. Whoever is in front of you is holding you now. The blur with black hair is crying in the distance.

"We didn't know what to do! You weren't responding!"

"Was 'bout to smack ya."

"I thought you got into my bag of totally legal snacks."

"Sorry..." Terushima must be the one holding you.

"Don't apologize, everything's okay. We found you in here, crouched down and crying. Its only been a few minutes."

"Still... I thought I was getting better..." This thought had started to bring back the tears, which is technically a good thing to treat your mace incident.

"You are, think of all the people you've helped out already, me included. Try to think about the present."


You had kept crying for a solid five minutes. Eventually you got up and shambled your way into the bathroom to get your eye drops. The once colorful bottle had been replaced with a white, medicated mixture. Your eyes are still sensitive, the mace had left them burning on occasion. It's an uncommon side effect but thankfully it's treatable.

Bobata's POV

"You really have tried to change, huh?" I've never seen him that sincere with a woman before, the last time one got emotional around him, he casually left mid-way through the date. Then never contacted her again.

"Yeah, I've been trying. Can't say it's been easy though..." Right, about a week ago he said he tried to have a fling but didn't feel the same rush he used to get.

"Eh? The player can change?"

"Don't act all high and mighty, Atsumu. You're a player too."

"I know, but not as much as ya were, are? Ya get the point. 'lthough somethin' happened today that made me rethink how I've acted..."

"What? The dumb*ss can think?" Had to high-five him for that.


"Shut it! You don't understand... This guy on some sh*tty, hotshot team talked about Y/n. His buddies were jus' teasin' but this guy meant what he said."

"You guys still didn't tell me what he said." Oh f*ck-!

"When did you get in here?!"

Back to your POV

You had walked back in when they finished insulting each other, Goshiki had noticed you at least. He's currently trapped by Tabitha, it's like she's trying to make it up to him for freaking him out earlier.

"She's been here. I- I'm not sure if I want to know what that guy said, did you at least beat him?"

"Surely did! Twenty-five ta' thirteen! His coach chewed him out too."

"Then it's all good, don't do anything stupid like go after him."

"I wouldn't go after him... Alone." Sighing, you put your hand on his shoulder, shaking him slightly.

"It's fine, Po warned me that other teams might be d*cks and use me to rile you guys up. As long as no one acts on their taunts or threats then it's okay."

"... Still don't like it. Yer too sweet to be talked 'bout that way." You're used to Atsumu being flirty, but this sounds genuine. Looking away you hid your blush in the darkness of the house, the candles didn't light things up much.

"Don't flirt in front us!"

"Huh?! Who the hell said I was flirtin'?!" There they go again.


"You guys don't have to keep watch over me, I know it's been getting a bit weird for some of you..." Honestly you were disappointed when a few of the guys suddenly didn't want to share the bed with you. They insisted that you did nothing wrong but it's hard to believe that. Maybe they're in a relationship?

"I don't mind, but mainly because I don't trust those two." Bobata looks a little serious.

"Didn't you just commend me on my change?"

"I jus' told ya that i'm not a perv!"

"And? Old habits die hard, I would know." While they argued you turned to Goshiki who looks very spooked. He had been jumpy for awhile, he could be afraid of the storm or maybe of the dark.

"I uh... Wouldn't want to overstep, but i'm not saying that I don't want to lay with you- But I-" Goshiki was about to malfunction, already flustered at the thought of laying with someone he found relatively kind.

"You don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with." He took a few deep breaths, the harsh red on his face dimming.

"Alright, i'd prefer to use the guest room, or the plant room if those three keep fighting..." They're still fighting, well, if petty insults and childish antics count. Terushima pulled on Atsumu's hair, and Atsumu did the same with Terushima, meanwhile Bobata had Terushima's tongue ring hooked with... A paperclip? And Atsumu's ear pinched in the other hand.

"Don't worry, I've done this before. He can't say anything stupid if he can't talk."

"Please stop, I can't handle a dust-cloud brawl in my house..." Simultaneously they let each other go. You checked the main two troublemakers for injuries, thankfully there's only irritation.


"I'm not apologizing for keeping them apart."

"It's fine. I'm not mad, just disappointed." You had to hit them hard, both of them being the dramatic guys they are, dropped to their knees as if they've been stabbed. They even appeared to lose color.


"And Bobata, I can handle myself to a point. I know you're all strong and athletic but i'm not a defenseless flower. Besides, even if you're vulgar or flirty that doesn't mean you're a bad person. I doubt either of you have done anything illegal aside from maybe getting too drunk or something." Atsumu stiffened up at this and Terushima was trying not to laugh.

"Yeah, you're right. They've both been in a drunk tank before but never jail or prison."

"If you want to sleep in here with me, it's fine. If you get too handsy, i'll castrate you with a spoon. I'm tired and really don't want the thunder to send me into another flashback." That made the troublemakers fully go to the floor, even Bobata is wincing at the thought. Call it preemptive self defense, mental intimidation.


So, first shift is Bobata and he's basically in here to sleep in your beanbag chair... By that you mean he's already out cold. Goshiki actually opted for the couch with Tabitha as Atsumu and Terushima are causing a war in the guest room.


Atsumu's POV

I'm not gonna think about it, Terushima is on the bed, i'm willingly on the floor. That's all. It's about time for my shift anyway, I get the importance of all this, Y/n isn't stable emotionally. We don't want her to have nightmares or wake up and do something stupid. There's nothing intimate about it, not at all... I might be lying to myself, but it's not intimate, cute, warm, nice, all that doesn't mean it's intimate. Just two friends at a sleepover, except that friend is a woman and deserves the worl- F*ck. Okay, I caught feelings, that's not a problem. Getting up, I quietly walked over to her room, Bobata was sitting in a chair by a small fish tank, watching the bubbler.

"Oi, my shift."

"'Kay..." He's asleep in the chair. How many edibles did he eat? Anyway, I looked at Y/n, her h/c hair is messy and her lips are slightly parted. The most relaxed I've seen her. Sliding under the covers I scooted closer, I was about to close my eyes but she turned over and wrapped her arm around my waist, burying her face in my chest... Think i'm gonna cry. This is so wholesome! We were afraid she was breaking down for good earlier and now she's being a cute little sh*t!


Terushima's POV

My shift! Finally! I have to prove to those pricks that i'm not a womanizer! Go in, get in the bed, sleep. That's it. Maybe cuddle if she's having a nightmare or sad dream. Nothing more! Come to think of it, Atsumu isn't going to leave willingly is he? I'm not arguing with him, that bed is big enough for three. Peeking in, I saw that Y/n was being closely held by the blond sh*thead. I won't jump to conclusions yet, and why the hell is Bobata still in here? Was he watching the fish? To be fair they are pretty. I can look at them later, for now I need to show that i'm not a pushover! Skirting around the bed, I slipped in on the other side of Y/n, getting closer until I could comfortably fit without the risk of falling. There's still a few inches between us, now to sleep and not think anything lewd... Maybe a little but I won't do anything, I can't be blamed for thinking about it right?


Back to your POV

Huh. Can't say you're surprised. Both troublemakers are in your bed, but it looks like there was a miscalculation. Rather than being between them, Terushima got behind Atsumu by mistake somehow. Bobata had helped you out of the blondes grip, just so he can take pictures. When they wake up it's going to be havoc. Leaving that problem to Bobata, you went to check on Goshiki since he was in the living room all night. You noted that it's still drizzling out, as long as there's no thunder you like the rain. It does make you sleepier though.

"H-Hey... Could you help me out?" Tabitha has pinned the poor boy to the couch, loafing on his chest in pristine form. Ten out of ten loaf. No legs visible, no tail visible, top quality bread.

"Yeah." Sadly you had to return her to cat form, she made a 'mrrph' sound as you picked her up. At first she was ready to square up, but realized it was you and not one of the guys.

"Thanks... I was worried i'd be stuck forever."

"That's understandable, she's had me stuck for a couple hours before. She means well." A sudden shout and a thud sounded through the house.

"W-what was that?!"

"Atsumu and Terushima are awake."


"What's the big idea?! Huh?! Trying to start somethin'?!"

"Like f*ck! Yer the one that was touchin' me up!"

"I can see it."

"Shut up!/ Shut yer trap!"

"I agree." You chirped in, leaning in through the doorway. They are very alike, and honestly you could see either of them being bi or pan. A small smirk spread on your lips as you tried to hide your snickering. Your input had thrown them both off, leaving them stuttering various curses.

"Don't you start!"

"Can't believe ya!"

"You'd make a cute couple~"

"I already have proof~" Bobata showed you his phone, having snapped a few pictures of the two of them cuddling. Terushima's hands were on Atsumu's chest, to think that could've been you, is a bit embarrassing... In a switched position, Atsumu has his... 'Hips' rather close to Terushima's... There is a fierce blush on your face.

"Ne~? Wish that was you, darlin'~?"

"Like f*ck she does! You're disgusting!"

"Wouldn't speak so soon, bro." Bobata swiped, also looking a little miffed. Terushima's hand was now under Atsumu's shirt in this picture, the other dangerously close to being in his pant-line. You're out for the count.

Bobata's POV

"I gonna be sick!"

"Yer one to talk you pervert! F*ckin' disgustang!" They both ran to the bathroom, I looked over to Y/n, she's unresponsive. I get it, honestly.

"Guess their habits aren't gone yet, it's not like it was intentional but still... Glad is wasn't you." I got a small squeak as acknowledgement. I sighed and sat her down in the chair by the fish tank, she instantly grabbed the throw blanket and covered herself.

"I'm gonna check on the idiots, you calm yourself down, yeah?"

"Sure..." Good enough, at least she talked, or whispered. I walked into the bathroom, Atsumu is in the tub washing himself and his clothes. Terushima is doing the same but from the sink while cussing.

"Well? Want to say anything to me?"

"F*ck you."

"Yer an a*s."

"I'll take that as a 'you were right'. I'm not gonna expect you to change your weird sleeping habits but maybe don't bunk with Y/n until you're a bit closer." They nodded, still scrubbing themselves to feel less violated. I should check the group chat, they might be worried that I haven't updated them.


Weed?: She's fine by the way.

CampusCop: We've been asking for hours!

NotArson: Yeah, WakaWaka was ready to head over there.

ApplePi: Kuroo too, not that he could do much.

Onigiri: So 'tsumu didn't do anything stupid?

Weed?: -Attachment sent x2-

You tell me

Salt: Didn't know they swung that way. Guess it makes sense.

AngerIssues: I'm never letting Yuji live this down XD

Paparazzi: Same with Atsumu, i'll cherish these images.

Sunshine: I'm so excited! We're going to the lodge in a couple days right!

Milk: Don't forget anything idiot!

Sunshine: I won't!

Yams: What do we bring? Mainly clothes and some outdoor items?

ApplePi: Clothes and whatever electronics, there's internet and the lodge has outdoor supplies. There might be housekeeping there but other than that it's just us.

RussianTree: How rich are you Kenma?

ApplePi: You're one to ask.

RoosterCat: Now, now, I am also chipping in~

ZZZ: Basically anyone with a decent salary is helping out, you're not special

-************ has been added to the chat-

************: Is this where Y/n-chin is?

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