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Seniors on low, fixed incomes need internet access for many things, from telehealth appointments and entertainment to keeping in touch with family and friends. In some areas of the country, internet prices are higher than average, making it difficult for seniors on a fixed income to afford home Wi-Fi. Read on to learn more in this internet discount guide for seniors and find low-cost internet for seniors here.

Internet companies with senior discounts

Several companies and government programs offer senior discount internet deals for older adults. Internet service providers (ISPs) like Spectrum, Xfinity and Verizon have plans for qualifying low-income households that can help seniors reduce their internet bills.

Here, we’ll break down the best providers and plans that offer affordable internet for senior citizens.

The best internet for seniors

  • Xfinity Internet Essentials: Home internet with Wi-Fi for $9.95/mo.
  • Spectrum Internet Assist: Home internet for $24.99/mo.
  • T-Mobile Go5G 55: Mobile phone with unlimited data for $45/mo.
  • Verizon Forward: Free internet for six months, then starting at $49.99/mo.

Xfinity Internet Essentials – Starting at $9.95/mo.

Xfinity Internet Essentials is high-speed internet for senior citizens. The no-contract internet plan includes free equipment and free self-installation. The equipment is mailed to your home for free, or you can pick it up at an Xfinity store.

Eligible households are also qualified for Xfinity’s computer discount. Get a new Dell laptop (or Chromebook) for $149.99 plus tax.

  • Who fits this plan? Seniors searching for the cheapest internet plan or needing an affordable home computer are the best fit for this plan. The 50 Mbps plan connects around five devices and supports streaming music or video content, browsing, and email. Read our full Xfinity review.
  • Eligibility: Customers must have proof of participation in one of the following — Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, WIC or other assistance programs. Find the full list of eligible programs here. Must not have had Xfinity service in the past 90 days. No credit check is required for service.
  • Cost: $9.95/mo. for 50 Mbps or $29.95/mo. for 100 Mbps.
  • How to apply: Apply online or by calling 1-855-8-INTERNET.

Access from AT&T – Fiber internet starting at $30/mo.

provides fiber internet up to 100 Mbps with home Wi-Fi. These flexible plans do not have contracts, and you do not need a deposit to start. Installation and equipment are also free. Access from AT&T also has plans for $5–$10/mo. in areas that don’t have fiber but instead have copper, or DSL internet.

  • Who fits this plan? AT&T Fiber is best for seniors who want faster internet speeds for streaming, gaming and uploading files. This low-cost plan is good for homes with around 10 connected devices. Read our full .
  • Eligibility: Households taking part in SNAP, SSI (CA residents only) or the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). You can also qualify based on household income. Find full eligibility information here. Recertification of eligibility is required annually.
  • Cost: $30/mo. Speed varies based on the maximum speed available at your address.
  • How to apply: Apply online.

Spectrum Internet Assist – Starting at $24.99/mo.

Spectrum Internet Assist includes unlimited internet with speeds up to 50 Mbps, a free modem and no contract. The Spectrum senior discount internet plan also comes with free parental controls and antivirus/spyware protection.

  • Who fits this plan? Spectrum Internet Assist is perfect for light to medium internet use. Bundling TV with this cable internet deal is also an option. Read our full Spectrum review.
  • Eligibility: Participants must be 65 or older and receive Supplemental Security Income.
  • Cost: $24.99/mo. for internet (costs may vary based on location). Add Wi-Fi for $5/mo. or buy your own router to get wireless access.
  • How to apply: Apply online.

T-Mobile Go5G 55 – Starting at $45/mo.

The T-Mobile Go5G 55 is different from other senior internet plans because it is a cell phone plan with unlimited data, talk and text. The Essentials Choice 55 plan is $45/mo. for one line, or $30/mo. per line when you get two lines of service. However, if you need Wi-Fi service for other devices in your home, it’s better to get a standard home internet plan, such as Optimum internet plans for seniors that start at $40/mo.

  • Who fits this plan? This plan is best for minimal internet use or using internet on the go, as it will not provide Wi-Fi for other devices in your home. Read the full T-Mobile review.
  • Eligibility: Must be 55 or older.
  • Cost: $45/mo. for one line, $60/mo. for two lines.
  • How to apply: Apply online or in store.

Verizon Forward – Free for six months, then starting at $29.99/mo.

Verizon Forward is a $20/mo. internet discount that can be applied to Verizon Fios or Verizon 5G Home Internet. Verizon internet is unlimited and contract-free, plus equipment for Wi-Fi is included on all plans.

  • Who fits this plan? This plan is great for seniors already using Verizon internet or who currently have Verizon cell phone service. Bundle your Verizon cell phone with Verizon internet to get a multi-product discount, and then apply the Verizon Forward discount for the cheapest rate.Read our full Verizon Fios review and Verizon 5G Home Internet review.
  • Eligibility: Households that qualify for Lifeline, SNAP or Medicaid are eligible. Individuals who received a Federal Pell Grant within the last year are also eligible.
  • Cost: Starting at $0, then increasing to $29.99/mo.
  • How to apply: Apply online after your Verizon internet service is installed. Ensure that you are eligible before starting service.

Government assistance for internet for senior citizens

  • The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) supplied a pathway to free internet for seniors and low-income households over the past several years. Unfortunately, that program is on pause indefinitely unless it acquires new funding.
  • Lifeline offers internet or phone subsidies for qualifying households, including seniors. Senior internet discounts include $9.25/mo. off your internet bill by applying for Lifeline.

Other discount internet for seniors

Not all the best internet plans for seniors include age or income requirements. Cheap plans for seniors are also available from various internet service providers for under $60/mo. For seniors who need more flexibility from their internet plan, prepaid internet is another option to consider.

PlanSpeedPricePrice guarantee
300 Mbps$55/mo.No scheduled increases
Cox Internet Go Fast100 Mbps$35/mo.24 months
Frontier Fiber 200200 Mbps$39.99/mo.12 months
Kinetic by Windstream300 Mbps$39.99/mo.12 months
Optimum 300300 Mbps$40/mo.12 months
Spectrum Internet 300300 Mbps$49.99/mo.12 months
Xfinity Connect More200 Mbps$25/mo.12 months

Internet for seniors FAQs

Can senior citizens get free internet?

Internet plans for seniors will still have a small monthly fee. However, free Wi-Fi for seniors and others is often available in coffee shops, public libraries and restaurants.

What is the cheapest internet for seniors?

The cheapest internet plans for seniors include Xfinity Internet Essentials for $9.95/mo. or Access from AT&T with a DSL connection that starts at $5/mo.

How can seniors reduce their internet bill?

A few ways to save money on internet include lowering your internet speed, removing optional services and using your own modem and router instead of renting equipment.

Does AT&T offer senior discounts for internet?

Yes, Access from AT&T is a discounted internet plan for seniors and other households that qualify based on household income or participation in select government programs.

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Internet Providers for Seniors | Top Discounts of 2024 (3)


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