Pet Insurance Ireland | Cheap Cat & Dog Insurance Quotes (2024)

Cheap Cat & Dog Insurance Quotes

Cheap pet insurance quotes Ireland. Dog and cat insurance benefits include accidental death, kennel fees, veterinary bills, accident cover, third-party liability, holiday cancellation, and lost & found adverts!

Pet Insurance Ireland | Cheap Cat & Dog Insurance Quotes (2)

If your pet is injured or ill, veterinary treatments and medical costs can be expensive. It’s only natural to get upset; dog and cat insurance will give you peace of mind and remove the financial strain should your pet require treatment for an injury.

Like humans, mature pets are prone to long-term illness, such as arthritis, heart problems or diabetes. So whether your pet is a crossbreed or a pedigree, insurance can make stressful situations and decisions a little easier to handle by removing the financial burden.

Make sure you understand the difference between Lifetime Cover and Annual Cover; this criteria can make a massive difference to the type of benefits and coverage your pet receives. We recommend that you shop around to get the best value policy.

Pedigree pets are generally more prone to illness, so you must get the right cover suitable for your dog or cat. The older the pet, the higher the premiums, and remember, if you are purchasing a new policy, pre-existing conditions will not be covered.

Get Cheaper Pet Insurance

It’s essential that you keep your dog or cat in good shape, ensure they have a healthy diet and get exercise.We would also recommend that your pet gets vaccinations and boosters as advised by your vet. We have outlined some cheap pet insurance tips below:

  • Some providers may offer discounts for policies purchased online.
  • Pet insurance companies generally provide a more competitive quote if your pet is microchipped. This chip will help identify the owner should your pet stray.
  • Discounts for multiple pets are usually available.
  • Shop around for the best valuepolicy; you may be surprised how much you can save.
  • Always read the policy wording carefully and ensure you understand the exclusions.
  • The cheapest plan is not necessarily the best.

What Does Dog & Cat Insurance Cover?

Pet insurance benefits vary, so it’s important to compare like with like. Prices will depend on your pet’s age, location and whether your pet is a pedigree or a crossbreed. There will be limits on your pet’s age, for example, dogs and cats over eight years. See the main benefits of dog & cat insurance in Ireland below.

  • Cover includes medical expenses up to a limit outlined on your policy schedule.
  • Some policies include advertisingcosts for missing pets with certain restrictions.
  • Third-party liability: this benefit will cover you in the event your pet causes injury to a third party.
  • Holiday cancellation should you have to cancel your trip due to your pet becoming ill.
  • Death benefit.
  • Emergency boarding fees.

Pet insurance exclusions:
Ensure you understand what the insurance policy will cover and what is not covered. Pet insurance providers usually exclude pre-existing medical conditions when taking on new customers. See exclusions below:

  • Breeding or pregnancy-related conditions
  • Worming, flea control and castration
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Medication or treatment not recommended by a vet
  • Animals registered under the government’s Dangerous Dogs Act 1991/97
  • Puppies and kittens under eight weeks old are not covered

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Pet Insurance FAQs

What is the difference between Life Time and Annual Cover?

Life Time Cover
This policy will generally cover your pet for life if renewed annually. You can claim up to the total amount outlined on your policy schedule for vet fees in the event of an ongoing illness, such as arthritis or heart problems. This type of policy will be more expensive than the annual cover; terms, conditions and limits may apply.

This type of policy will not contribute to vet bills for an ongoing illness after the first 12 months. Premiums vary, so make sure you understand the criteria, terms and conditions.

What are pet age limits?

Generally, you can purchase a pet insurance policy for dogs and cats from the age of eight weeks up until six years of age. If you renew the Lifetime plan yearly, it will cover your pet beyond the age of six years. Always read the policy wording carefully.

What is a policy excess?

Excess is the initial amount you must contribute towards a claim; this amount will vary depending on the type of policy you purchase.

Will pet insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Pet insurance generally excludes pre-existing medical conditions for new customers taking out a policy.

If I purchase a policy today, when will my pet be covered?

Policies will generallybecome valid after 14 days from the purchase date.

What does the complementary treatment cover?

Depending on the type of policy, some insurers offer complementary treatments such as acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic care. The vet must carry out these treatments, and it must be due to a valid claim for an injury or illness; terms and conditions apply.

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Pet Insurance Ireland | Cheap Cat & Dog Insurance Quotes (2024)


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