Sesame-Brown Butter Udon Noodles Recipe (2024)



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did anyone add fish sauce at the end? To round out the flavor?

Fishy sauce user

I added some oyster sauce at the end and it made the flavour sort of oval?

Fish sauce skeptic

After reading the comments and contemplating the roundness of the udon, my deep, round noodle bowl, and my general suspicion of fish sauce, I thought I would ignore the growing clamor for fish sauce. But I was wrong. That stuff is magical. Complimented with little pork meatballs (in lieu of egg) . . . a perfect sphere!


Dear Josh,I added some fish sauce at the end, but found the flavor rather angular. I prefer to make it the way my grandmother made it, which is just actually an entirely different recipe. Try it.


Cut the amount of butter in half and add some sesame oil.

Amy Friedman

Here's what I did for this recipe... I boiled the udon noodes, browned the butter in another pot, added some sage (which I removed later and added to the udon water). To the browned butter, I added oyster mushrooms and onions, let those cook up, then added the spinach and black sesame seeds to that along with some of the pasta water. After letting that hang out for a while, I added the udon noodles, some of the water and soy sauce. I must say, this is one of the best things I've ever made!


No fish sauce! Sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, pepper (black, white, or red flakes) vegetables= dreamyUdon noodles = so delicious


Delicious! I added fish sauce at the end to round the flavor.


I'm surprised at all the nattering on about adding fish sauce. The recipe makes it quite clear that this is buttery - you know: Sesame Brown Butter noodles. Made the recipe exactly as is, cutting it down to one serving and it was perfect. Nice and tasty, smooth, butter compliments the spinach, with the sesame adding a gentle touch of flavor. I'd go so far as to say sublime in both texture and flavor. The hit-your-head-with-a-board flavor of fish sauce is not necessary here.


Miyoko’s has worked well for me in a similar application. I find it’s just like dairy butter.

John G

Maybe fish sauce is what I needed. That and lime and cilantro and whatever else would change this recipe . Too buttery... and I used only 5 tbl spoons of butter. Used the whole 1/4 cup of pasta water hoping it would dilute it some, as well as additional soy sauce after it was served, but to no avail. My family and I all disliked it.


I added a tablespoon of miso when I added the pepper. It was wonderful. I’m thinking of adding shrimp next time for a little protein.

Fish Sauce Curious

How is this with fish sauce at the end? Does it round out the flavor?


Ghee is not at all like browned butter. It has no milk solids and thus will not brown. Completely different flavor profile, although in ghee’s favor, it has a much higher smoke point. I’d go for the nutty flavor of brown butter in this recipe, which relies on just a few ingredients.


Has anyone tried this with Vegan butter? Like Miyoko’s?


Pretty good. I added a splash of sesame oil at the end and topped with fried eggs.

Rachael R.

I added garlic and shallot to my browned butter and fish sauce at the end. Topped with crunchy chili oil. Divine.


Followed the recipe exactly. Very disappointing, greasy and bland.


I chopped up the baby spinach that I had and added some chopped garlic. Really good and really easy--going into regular rotation!

great concept; add miso and use less butter

Very easy to accompany seared salmon. I added a teaspoon of miso and swirled it in at the end. Next time, I might use 3-4Tbsp of butter instead. Not sure pinch of sugar is necessary; depends on the soy sauce and miso.

Claire Gunter

This was EXCELLENT! I doubled it for my family of 4 and will triple it next time as everyone wanted more. I put a little white miso on my serve and that gave it a great depth.


I added red pepper flakes and did not use the sugar. Love this recipe!!!


It was under-flavored for me.

Uh Yum

Very butter forward. Tried it because it sounded tasty but agree with other comments. Rounded this out with some bok choi grilled with a garlic ginger soy marinade.


Subbed Mirin for the sugar and cut the butter and added some sesame oil. Still bland. added some oyster sauce on my own plate, which helped. Added shrimp for some protein. Meh.


I doubled the udon (used same butter amount and it worked out well with 2x noodles) and also added sautéed mushrooms and garlic chili sauce for heat. The spinach clumped together when strained with the noodles; next time I’ll add to butter instead. Overall, very delicious and will make again!


I added a little sesame oil to the boiling water and a clove of garlic to the browning butter and pepper. Substituted half the pepper for ‘lemon pepper’ blend. It took a really good recipe to fantastic.


Subbed gochujang paste for the black pepper and it turned out great.

Kate W.

This was good! Simple, but it really hit the spot after a long day and cold weather. I made a half batch. It needed more soy sauce, and I added a little toasted sesame oil at the end. Yum.

Carla in California

Made this. Butter no bueno.

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Sesame-Brown Butter Udon Noodles Recipe (2024)


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