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Reichenbach´s Office, Reichenbach Castle, two hours before:

Hermann Carl Reichenbach was in a dark mood. 48 Hours had passed since the Confrontation with Christine von der Marwitz. He looked down at his bandaged hands. He had left the Hospital against the recommendations of his Doctors. “I am a cripple” he thought. That Bitch had crippled him and he was powerless to do something about it.

Christine von der Marwitz had it made abundantly clear what would happen if he touched Sophie ever again or threatened his Daughter in Law. And after what had happened 48 hours ago he had no doubts that she would do, what she had told him, dismembering him. He had made a serious error of judgement in underestimating that woman. And now he would pay the price.

And there was Sophie: The Change of his Daughter in Law´s attitude was remarkable. Gone was the rage, the fear. Sophie had told him in no uncertain terms that he would step down as CEO of Reichenbach Industries and that she would take over, or she would use her position as leitende Oberstaatsanwältin to have him prosecuted.

She had showed him a Hard Drive which contained all the information she needed to land him in Prison. He could retire or go to prison. Even Friedrich his loyal servant had turned against him and accepted the Position that Sophie had offered him.

“The King is dead. Long lives the Queen!” he thought bitterly. Sophie had given him 48 Hours to bring his affairs in order. So engrossed was Reichenbach in his thoughts that he did not register, that the doors to his Office opened and four Persons entered. A cold female voice brought him back to reality: “Good day Herr Reichenbach!”

He looked up: Two meters before him stood three women, a fourth woman stood next to the doors. All four were clad in black and wore body armour and sub machine guns. Their faces were obscured by Helmets with dark Visors. The leader had trained a gun at him.

“My Employer sends his greetings. He wants me to tell you why we are here: “You abducted and tortured the Grand duch*ess Anna Romanova: a close personal friend of Christine von der Marwitz. Christine von der Marwitz has a special place in my Employers heart and he will not tolerate, that you harm herself or anyone who is close to her.”

Reichenbach stared in disbelief at the Woman before him. Suddenly he was very tired. So this would be the end, he thought. Strong women were his downfall. He cursed the day; Christine von der Marwitz had crossed his path.

“Stand up!” The Leader commanded him. Reichenbach complied. What else could he do? He was outnumbered and outgunned. He went around his desk. “On your knees you piece of excrement!” the Woman ordered him. “No, I will die standing” he said defiantly.

“If you wish, have it your way then.” Brunhild replied unmoved

Brunhild positioned herself behind Reichenbach. Her gun pointed at Reichenbach´s. She pulled the trigger ….

Outside Reichenbach´s Office:

Sophie looked at her watch as she went to her father in law´s Office. She was a bit early for their meeting. So much had changed in the last 48 Hours. She still had difficulties to come to terms with the new situation. Her heels clicked loudly on the corridors. Sophie had no doubts that Reichenbach would give in to her demands. He was a broken man.

Sophie stood in front of the Doors of her father in law´s Office. Resolutely she entered the Code, something she would have not dared 48 Hours before. The doors swung open and she entered and stopped dead in her tracks.

Her father in law laid on the floor, a pool of blood was forming around him. Behind him stood a woman, her gun still trained at the lifeless corps of her father in law. So shocked was Sophie that she did not register the doors closing behind her. Suddenly she felt the cold steel of a gun in her neck.

The Woman who had obviously executed her father in law looked directly at her and spoke:

“Good day Frau Reichenbach. It is very convenient that you are present so we must not look for you. You may wonder why we are here. My employer wishes to talk to you in person and discuss your future.”

Sophie had regained her composure somewhat: “Who is your employer? And what does he want from me?”

The Woman told her: “I am not a liberty to say but let me assure you that all will be clear in due time. My Boss wants to tell you that personally. So you will come with us.” This was a statement not question.

She takes a step towards Sophie and continues, “We have no intention to harm you but it will be necessary to restrain you. You will be very comfortable though but at some stages of the journey it will be necessary to sedate you.”

“If you follow our instructions we will not have to sedate you now. But let me tell you: If you comply or not: you will come with us. But it is your decision how we do this. So, how will it be?”

Sophie weighed her options: She was outnumbered four to one. Her kidnappers had guns she did not. They were obviously professionals and had taken out her father in law effortlessly.

“I will comply” she told the woman, Sophie tried to project calm.

“A wise decision” Brunhild chuckled. Brunhild was impressed. She knew many people who would have panicked and attempted something stupid. Sophie did not. That told Brunhild a lot about the character of the woman. She knew when to pick a fight and when just to comply.

“Freya and Ranhild: Go and get the Enhanced restraining system." The two women followed the orders of their leader and left.

Obviously Brunhild had registered the questioning look on Sophie´s Face: “You will learn soon enough. Our Boss has a business connection with another enterprise. They developed a restraining system which is comfortable and safe and fool proof. I have been told that it is comfortable beyond belief and totally secure. Maybe I will give it a try at some point, just for the experience.”

Sophie kept silent, still trying to come to terms with the situation. Minutes passed.

“Here they are!” Brunhild told Sophie cheerily: The Women were carrying three very large compression sacks and several other items. In the meantime the third woman had rolled out a soft mattress on the floor.

Out of the compression sacks Brunhild´s Colleagues removed restraining bags, the third one the largest by far. Sophie looked in Horror on the contraptions which should hold her.

“No need to worry,” Brunhild reassured her. “They were especially developed for restraining people long term. The restrained person shall be secured perfectly, but as comfortable as possible. You will get used to it. You will spend longer periods of time in them from now on.”

“How comforting.” Sophie thought sardonically.

“But first things first, Sophie you will have to strip completely” The other woman who must have been Freya said. Sophie shook her head slowly, hesitated then sighed resignedly but began then slowly to disrobe.

She stepped out of her heels first and stood on her nyloned soles. Sophie unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it, and then she unbuttoned her blouse. Slowly and carefully she folded her clothes and laid them on a chair.

As Sophie was stripping under the watchful gaze of Freya, Kriemhild pulled a red down filled suit out of the one of the bags. In the meantime Ranhild pulled a large, thick adult diaper out of one of the other bags. Sophie rolled her hose down her legs and stood there in her red Bra and Panties. The floor felt cool under her bare feet.

Brunhild made an encouraging motion with her hand: “All the way Sophie, you will be restrained for long terms of time, so it will be necessary for you to wear a diaper. The other option is not recommended, you surely understand why.”

Slowly Sophie nodded. She didn't consider herself a prude, but undressing in front of those four women and the corpse of her father in law on the floor in a pool of rapidly congealing blood was unsettling. Brunhild seemed to sense her discomfort, went to a couch took a woollen sheet of it and covered Reichenbach´s body.

“We are no perverts and no sad*sts.” She pointed out, obviously she considered that important. “Carry on Sophie we are on a tight schedule. Sophie unhooked her Bra, let it fall to the floor and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, her face bright red.

Brunhild chuckled: “There is nothing to be ashamed of, Sophie. You have an impressive rack. Many women would kill for a body like yours.”

While she undressed Sophie glanced across and noted that the smooth external shell of the diaper was also red. “Nice that they were keeping it colour co-ordinated” Sophie thought.

Freya pointed across on the floor: There was a plastic changing mattress lying on it. Sophie lay down. The surface felt cold against her bare skin. Goosebumps covered her skin.

After a couple of seconds Sophie felt a tap on her hip and took this as a sign to raise her bottom from the Mattress. She then felt her bum and private area being wiped with a damp cloth and tensed before a cool cream was applied over her delicate areas and then talcum powered was sprinkled over her and then gently patted in.

“Good girl Sophie”, Frey cooed: “Don’t worry it is just to clean the area and help avoid diaper rash. You can lower your backside back down now” Freya said.

When she did Sophie felt her behind land on the centre of the soft, thick diaper. She lay perfectly still as Freya finished the process of putting on the diaper by bringing up the front and securing the sticky tabs to keep it in place. The sensation of the diaper was one Sophie was not used to, when she had worn a diaper the last time? As a child? After that process was completed Sophie was helped back on her feet.

Ranhild handed the down filled suit to her. Sophie looked at the suit for a second, before taking it from Ranhild and slowly putting it on. It had built-in feet. First the left leg then the right before slipping her arms through the smooth nylon arms and shrugging the suit over her shoulders and zipping it up fully to the neck. Despite her current predicament Sophie couldn’t help but run her hands over the smooth surface of the suit and admire how comfortable it was.

Brunhild who seemed to read her mind said: “Comfy isn´t it?” Sophie returned nothing, just raised her eye brows.

“Hands out front Sophie.” This time the instruction came from Freya who produced a pair of finger control mitts and proceeded to put one on of each of Sophie’s hands. The mitts had a small buckle at the wrist section which Frey tightened to lock the mitts in place.

Sophie winced as the buckle was secured and tried wriggling her fingers. The mitts were thickly padded and severely limited the movement of her fingers.

That combined with the silky smoothness of the fabric on both the inside and outside of the mitts meant that trying to pick something up almost impossible, rendering her hands useless.

Then Sophie watched as Freya placed padded cuffs on her wrists, just above the end of the mitts, locking them together with not much of a gap, restricting independent movement severely.

“Open your mouth” Sophie jumped slightly then did as instructed. Freya picked up what Sophie recognised as one large padded Panel Gag with a ball in the middle. The large soft ball at the centre of the gag was forced into her mouth, almost completely filling it.

Sophie instantly reacted and closed her mouth around the ball as the pad was pushed against her lips. She felt it push down on her lips as Freya used the buckle at the back of Sophie’s head to secure it in place, Ranhild kindly held Sophie´s hair out of the way before the buckle was tightened completely.

“Is there any need to make it so tight” Sophie thought. Obviously due to the heavy gag nothing more than a mumbled whisper could be heard. Sophie concluded that the pad was made of the same material as the mitts, thickly padded and smooth to the touch.

“I can hardly make you out. Say that again.” Freya said cupping a hand to her ear. “On second thoughts, don’t bother. There isn’t any point.” A smile crept across the face of both of the other women in the room. “Yes a very effective gag Frau Oberstaatsanwältin and definitely required” Ranhild chipped in.

“MHUPH WIHTH” Sophie protested from behind her gag. “I can’t understand what you are saying but I am guessing it wasn’t complementary” Ranhild said.

Whilst this exchange was taking place Brunhild had grabbed a bag and produced six padded leather straps. She approached and used two of the larger straps to bind Sophie’s arms tightly to her body, she grunted into her gag as each buckle was tightened. Freya then indicated for her to sit on the edge of the Chair next to her.

Once Sophie had sat down Freya quickly used three more straps to bind Sophie’s legs together at the ankles, just below the knees and around the thighs, leaving her securely bound. Sophie noted surprised that there was less discomfort around her groin when the thigh strap was buckled when she had thought it would be. The sixth strap fastened the insteps of her feet together.

“Now let’s get you into the restraining bags and comfortable” Freya said. Since Sophie’s movement was extremely limited by her bonds Ranhild helped her into a standing position whilst Freya manoeuvred the internal bag into position, running her hand over the nylon shell to check the smoothness and loft of the bag.

Brunhild produced a heavily padded sleeping mask and ear buds. “These are noise cancelling buds, but you will be able to hear still for the time being.” Sophie´s world went black as Brunhild fastened the sleep mask across her eyes.

“Surprisingly comfortable”, Sophie mused. She felt first one bud in her right then in her left ear. Indeed she still could hear clearly. Brunhild flipped the hood of the suit on and fastened it´s flap around Sophie´s face. So that only her nose and covered eyes could still be seen.

Once the bag was in position Frey and Ranhild manhandled Sophie into position and sat her on the floor and onto the centre of the bag. Without having to be told Sophie swung her legs up, round and slipped them into the bag. Freya quickly folded the top of the bag over onto Sophie and zipped the bag all the way up and closed.

Taking the opportunity whilst the external bag was prepared Sophie had a wriggle around to get comfortable; she knew there was no chance of getting free. She noted that the thickness or filling of the sleeping bag seemed very strong.

“Sophie, please do not struggle whilst we put you in the second restraining bag.” Freya admonished her. Sophie certainly wasn’t going to help them and just lay still as she felt her legs get lifted as they were slid into the second bag.

She heard the sound of the two nylon surfaces against each other as the women went about the business of slipping the rest of Sophie’s nylon and down encased body into the larger, second bag. Finally getting the hood under Sophie’s head with some assistance from Freya managed to bring the two halves of the external bag together and fighting against the loft of the internal bag managed to get the centre zip up to the top before locking it off.

“Just hold still and no squirming for a minute whilst we make you secure.” Sophie wondered what that comment meant but found out when she felt tugging at the sides of the bad around where her elbows would be located.

Freya put the third massive compression sack on the ground and unzipped it to reveal the mass of fabric contained within. She had managed remove the bag from the compression sack and the restraining bag wasn’t just very, very large the bag was gargantuan like a very large red snake.

Lifting Sophie in her cocoon of two restraining bags into the third took all the Power the four women possessed.

There were some sounds of exertion as Sophie felt the down cocoon that she was in be shifted first one way then the next as the massive restraining bag was slipped under her. Then she felt the top of the bag be flipped over and held in place as one of the guards started to zip it up.

Immediately Sophie felt the compression of the down around her legs as the bag was secured, the feeling gradually worked up her body as her captors struggled to get the bag closed over and fully zipped up. It took them a while to complete the task and then Sophie heard Ranhild “Enjoy the Ride. I am sure that you will be most comfortable.”

It must have been pressure of the additional bag as despite knowing that it was useless Sophie found that she was trying to fight against the soft, thick down filled restraining bags that she was confined in. The down loft was smothering Sophie’s entire body, squashing against every part of her It felt that here entire head and body was engulfed in a massive down cocoon.

Then she heard Brunhild speaking: “We will transport you now down to the Van. There you will be strapped to a bench. I will tell you more when we have you secured down there.”

“Secured” Sophie fumed. “More secured than now? Those women have a strange sense of humour. She felt that her Cocoon was lifted and put down on some kind of Trolley. Then she was wheeled to the large elevator that would bring them down into the Entrance Hall of Reichenbach Castle.

The “Journey” went on in silence. Obviously her captors wanted to keep her in the dark. When they had reached the floor, Sophie felt that she was wheeled out of the large Entrance Doors of Reichenbach Castle. She felt a whoosh of cold Air on her face when they came into the open.

With much effort, grunting and swearing the Valkyries lifted the cocooned body of Sophie into the very large van and onto a bench where she was stripped down with six broad straps, to prevent her from rolling onto the floor.

Despite the thickness of the Cocoon, Sophie could feel the straps tighten around her body. Coming to terms with the all engulfing pressure of the restraining bags was not easy. But Sophie had to admit grudgingly that Brunhild had been right. Despite the heavy restraints she was as comfortable as one could be under those circ*mstances. She heaved a sigh, and chewed on her gag

Brunhild’s voice rang into her ears: “Listen Sophie during the first and the final stage of our Journey you will be sedated due to security reasons. I will put a chloroform doused cloth on your face now. Take long deep breaths and do not fight it.”

“When you awake you will be still restrained but be unharmed, believe me, but you will hear nothing because of the buds in your ears. There is no need to panic. We will not harm you. We just want to keep you save during our trip. Nod if you understand!” Sophie tried to nod.

Obviously Brunhild was content.

“I will put the cloth on your face now. Just relax. “Sophie shuddered as the chloroform soaked cloth was pressed gently on her face. She took long deep breaths and inhaled the drug. It took not long till she succumbed to the fumes of the drug.

Brunhild held the cloth some more seconds on Sophie´s face to be sure, that she was totally under the influence. When she was satisfied Brunhild told the Freya: “Time to leave!” I will keep the first watch.

Her Boss would be very pleased. In her opinion she had rendered the world, certainly any women a favour when she terminated Reichenbach. Many women would sleep better now, Sophie for instance. She looked down at the sleeping woman. She stifled a yawn and sat down and fastened her safety belt.

They would be on the road for quite a while.

Two hours later, the Van, exact location unknown:

When Sophie woke, all was dark around her. She was compressed from all sides. She could not see, she could not hear, she could not speak. What had happened to her? Waves of panic washed over her. With all her power she fought against her restraints. Her breathing accelerated. Her pulse raced.

Brunhild and Ranhild watched fascinated how much the tightly restrained woman fought inside her triple cocoon. Then they exchanged a concerned look: “A panic attack!” Brunhild realized first. “We must calm her down, before she hurts herself!”

Suddenly Sophie heard a clear warm voice in her ears, stopping her trashing around for a moment: “Calm down Sophie, you are safe, nobody will hurt you. You cannot speak because you are gagged, you cannot see, because you are blindfolded, you cannot hear, because ear buds are in your ears. You cannot move because you are in the restraining bags.”

She pauses to give her captive the chance to process what she is saying, “Take slow deep breaths, will you do that for me? Breathe: In through the nose, out through the nose.” Over and over again Brunhild repeated that Mantra till Sophie´s breath frequency had returned to normal.

“Listen to me Sophie: I need to tell you what is going to happen now. We will set you upright. We will remove the gag and give you something to drink and something to eat. The sleep mask and the ear buds will have to stay in place. When you are refreshed, you will be gagged again and we will do something to help you relax. One hour before we reach our destination we will put you to sleep again, but I will tell you early enough, so that you have time to adjust.”

“But first: Nod if you need a diaper change.” Sophie shook her head. “Good. Then let us get you upright.”

Sophie felt that the bench she was strapped too moved into an upright position, so that she was in a sitting position. She felt that the flap that covered her face from chin to nose was removed.

“Sophie, I need you to move your head forward, so that I can loosen the gag.” Sophie complied. Gently Ranhild removed the gag.

“That feels so good,” Sophie thought as she tried to get some feeling into her aching jaws.

Ranhild continued: I will now hold a tube with water against your lips. You will take small sips.” As the cool liquid ran down her parched throat Sophie recovered somewhat.

Brunhild told her: I will feed you now some soup with a spoon, one at a time. You must be terribly hungry.” The soup, chicken soup obviously smelled and tasted delicious and helped Sophie relaxed even more.

When they were finished, Ranhild told her: "Now the gag will go back in again. Open your mouth when you are ready!” Without hesitation she accepted the gag. This time it was pulled tight, but not as tight as before. “They show me, that compliance is rewarded.” Sophie mused. “Clever”

Her wardens did not put the flap back; instead Sophie was lowered on her back again. “Now we will help you relax.” Sophie recognized the sounds in her Ear buds: “Whale songs.” Sophie gave in to the music, she relaxed visibly. Then she fell asleep.”

Ranhild and Brunhild looked at Sophie´s relaxed, calm angelic face, “Isn't she a beauty?" Ranhild chuckled. “That she is, but I suspect a core of steel beneath her angelic façade. Otherwise Reichenbach would have broken her.”

Two hours later:

Brunhild´s voice woke Sophie out of her sleep. This time she did not panic. “Sophie we are nearing the last leg of our Journey. We will chloroform you again, but when you wake up this time, you will be not restrained in any away. I promise you that!”

“Now I will put a chloroform saturated cloth on your face again. Take long deep breaths and everything will be fine!”

Sophie felt as the cloth was again pressed gently on her face. Slowly she drifted into darkness.

The Files of Art. Inc.: The Hunt for the Weinstein-Collection Special Update (05.05.2024)  (FFMMM/F) - Page 17 (2024)


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