Zero Latency VR: entertainment you can’t experience anywhere else (2024)

Looking for a fun afternoon with your friends and family? Maybe a bonding activity with colleagues, or just some good old video games to relax?

Say hello to Zero Latency VR, the latest cutting-edge tech company specialising in free-roam virtual reality gaming.

What exactly is Zero Latency VR about?

Zero Latency VR develops virtual reality systems with almost 60 branches across 26 countries — including a branch in Rotterdam and one in Amsterdam.

Zero Latency VR Rotterdam opened in 2020, and a branch in Amsterdam opened in July 2023. Here, participants can choose one of eight virtual reality worlds to join.

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The technology at Zero Latency VR Rotterdam immerses players in a completely wireless setup. You won’t have to worry about getting tangled in your or another player’s cables while exploring the virtual world!

Each player is suited up with a pinpoint accurate controller and the world-changing virtual reality headset, equipped with crystal clear visuals and impeccable audio for easy communication with your team.

Up to eight players can freely walk around a huge space, and it really feels like you’re being transported into a different world — trust us.

Motion capture technology tracks the players’ physical location in the play area, which generates the virtual location of each player. No wonder it feels like the real deal!

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You can create an account with Zero Latency VR, where you can put your gamer tag and email. If you want to visit again, whether that’s in the Netherlands or abroad, you’ll be able to log in with the same credentials and get all your previous game stats — neat!

Before virtual reality

Before you dive into the game, you may have some concerns — safety, etiquette, and staying grounded, for example. The Dutch branches have everything planned out to make sure you have the safest and most enjoyable experience!

Before each free-roam session, Zero Latency VR staff brief you with a handy video on everything you need to know. From putting on and taking off gear to avoiding collisions, and emergency situations, you’re always in capable hands!

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Zero Latency VR has proximity sensors that give in-game warnings any time you are a little too close to another player or a wall — extra important when you’re walking around such a big space!

Immersive gaming at its finest

While you’re enjoying the experience, Zero Latency VR staff will take pictures of you and your friends, so the moment is forever captured without sacrificing immersion.

We at DutchReview got to try two virtual reality games offered by Zero Latency VR Rotterdam — Far Cry VR and Undead Arena, each one lasting around 30 minutes.

Far Cry VR: vacation turned hunting ground

This experience is a VR rendition of the popular video game franchise Far Cry. Equipped with nothing but teamwork, your wits, and a prop gun, you have to escape a tropical island while being hunted for sport by a group of malicious pirates and their leader, Vaas Montenegro.

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You can explore this fantastical island all while engaging with unique scenery, exotic terrain, and intense shootouts for what feels like a whole day. The game has particularly impressive visuals and scenery, fully immersing players in the virtual world.

The gameplay is tense and exciting but not particularly scary — perfect for families with teens, groups of university friends, and even colleagues and coworkers!

Undead Arena: the post-apocalyptic gameshow

A lot less plot-heavy and a lot more trigger-happy, players compete as a team in the Undead Arena and see how well they can fend off waves of zombies.

You can trigger traps and move around an arena set up with moving platforms and realistic elevators. With a quick press of a button, you can even change the type of weapon you’re using — just in case you want to take out zombies with a crossbow, for example.

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Similarly to Far Cry VR, the gameplay is thrilling and lively but not so gory or scary for people who are squeamish (although, we can say, the excess adrenaline results in a lot of excited screaming and yelling).

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be in a first-person shooter game, these two games are the perfect match for you!

Virtual reality: perfect for any occasion

On the other hand, if cooperative first-person shooters aren’t your thing, no problem! Zero Latency VR Rotterdam offers six more games of different genres for one to eight players to enjoy:

  • Engineerium: a family-friendly VR scavenger hunt
  • Singularity: fighting robots in an awesome science fiction setting
  • Sol Raiders: a competitive player versus player shooter
  • Zombie Survival: defend your fort from zombies while waiting for help to arrive
  • Outbreak Origins: find a cure for a zombie virus while fending off the hoards
  • Mission Maybee: explore an enchanted forest and take down an evil scientist

Zero Latency VR Rotterdam only allows players aged 13+ to play their games due to the size and weight of the VR gear.

Apart from diverse genres and play styles, these virtual reality experiences make for a fun time with friends and family, but are also a great bonding and team-building activity, or a fun birthday or bachelor party!

Getting to Zero Latency VR 👇

Rotterdam Address: Vierhavensstraat 66, 3029 BG Rotterdam
Amsterdam Address: Meeuwenlaan 122, 1021 JN, Amsterdam
Website: Zero Latency VR Nederland
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered what virtual reality is like, now’s your chance to experience it!

Have you ever tried virtual reality before? Tell us in the comments below!

This article was originally published in June 2022, and was fully updated in July 2023 for your reading pleasure.

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Zero Latency VR: entertainment you can’t experience anywhere else (2024)


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